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Stubborn fat around your belly and abdominal region can be anĀ  embarrassing problem for anyone.
Moreover the excess belly fat can also have serious repercussions on your health causing problems like diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Along with a healthy diet, the quickest way to lose belly fat is through regular exercises. However, it is definitely possible to lose stomach fat without sweating it out in the gym or lifting weights. Though it may look simple and easy, this technique can greatly help to tighten up the abdominal muscles and reduce the bulge of an overhanging belly. Now in one fast deep breath, exhale strongly and pull your belly inwards towards your spine with all your strength. Hold your breath for few seconds then slowly breathe in and let go of the hold on your belly. As you slowly become used to holding your abdominal muscles tightly hold your breath and your stomach in for longer and longer durations. The good thing about this technique is that you do it virtually anywhere, when you are watching TV or when you are standing in a queue. Strawberries are also rich in fiber, contains very little calories and are rich in vitamin C. When you overeat, it crashes your metabolism and more of the food you eat gets converted into fat. Every time you drink or eat something sweet (like sodas and doughnuts) your blood sugar level spikes up and causes you body to release insulin. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

In fact excess fat around the belly is one of the most common fitness complaints of people around the world. The best belly fat exercises are a combination of cardiovascular exercises, abdominal exercisesand high intensity training.The best cardiovascular exercises for losing belly fat are swimming, running, walking, bike riding and jogging.
Let us look at some of the common as well as unusual ways in which you can lose belly fat without exercise. Before you begin, take a deep breath in and then breathe out deeply letting out all the air in your belly. Later on as you become more comfortable with you will be able to do even 100 repetitions effortlessly. You will be able to notice a reduction in your belly size after just a few weeks of practicing this technique.
It also helps to raise the rate of metabolism in your body and increases the speed at which calories are burnt.
Eating strawberries makes you body release hormones which make your stomach feel full quicker.
Olive oil contains mono-unsaturated fats which decreases the bad cholesterol in the body and improves the health of your heart. For these 3 meals your digestive system goes into full throttle and tries to convert food into energy.
This will keep your fat burning engine running all day long and help you lose tummy fat much faster.
People spend hours in the gym sweating it out to reduce the embarrassing love handles without any favorable results. They help in losing excess calories and getting a toned stomach.Along with cardiovascular exercises you also need to integrate certain abdominal exercises to lose excess weight around your abdomen.

Exercise can speed up the process of burning belly fat and can help to give you a flat stomach much faster.
It also boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat faster (how to lose belly fat in a month). Keep your hands by your side and then try to lower your upper body in such a way that your knees are bent at approximately ninety degrees. Exhale and resume position.A regular fitness regime incorporating these belly fat exercises and a low calorie diet is the key to losing belly fat fast.
Recent research has shown that just switching to olive oil without changing any other part of the diet or exercising can help to lose fat faster.
If you really want to reduce belly fat, then you need to cut back on fried foods and reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat with every meal. They help in kick starting your metabolism and burning the excess calories, thus fulfilling your desire for a well toned flat stomach.
Insensitivity to leptin can make you feel that your stomach is still not full and increases the tendency to overeat.
To stop gaining more belly fat and to start losing the fat you will need to pay more attention to all the foods filled with sugar you eat.

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