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Research has shown that, while you are eating,  it takes average of 20 mins (least) for your brain to realize that you are filling your stomach.
So if you can prolong the time of your meals and eat little bites of your meal for 20 minutes, you will actually end up eating lesser food that you used to.
Study has shown that drinking warm water with spoonful of honey will make you lose weight like anything. Many a times, you are just thirsty and not necessarily be hungry each time you get that empty stomach feeling.

What you have to do is, chew a small piece of cinnamon everyday after a meal or when you feel like. But most of us end up in either not going to the gym or not exercising, instead sitting in the house worrying about how shall we lose those extra pounds? In addition to losing the weight, it will detoxify your body and make your skin look younger.You can also add lemon to it for the good taste. Fat distribution actually shifts as we age, and as your shape changes you need to eat differently.

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