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They generally reduce fats from all sections of the body, especially the thighs and the buns. You can reduce weight from your quadriceps by practicing several forms of squats like barbell squats, parallel squats, etc. Some exercises like hip extension exercises like rack pulls, straight leg dead lifts, 45 degree hyperextensions, etc.
Hip adductor exercises like Romanian dead lifts, cable hip adduction help in reducing fats from the side portions of the hips. In fact, people especially girls love to flaunt these assets while they roam about in their bikinis or swimsuits. You will have to reduce fats from your entire body in order to reduce fats from thighs and buns.
Barbell squat is another important exercise, which helps in reducing fat particularly from the lower sections of your body. Barbell hip thrusts and glute bridges are excellent workouts for reducing fats from the bun as it exerts pressure on the gluteus maximus muscle. You should cut down your daily calorie consumption in order to dissolve fats from your body.

You should give rest to your thigh muscles for at least three days before repeating the exercises. Some of them include walking lunges, squats, extension and curling of legs, donkey style back kicks, etc. You should avoid certain foods like soda, red meat, oily foods, sugar containing foods, preservatives containing foods, etc. If that sounds like you then be sure to check out the 13 killer foods for fat loss that we’ve listed below. If you find a food that you don’t necessarily agree with then try to use a healthy alternative for that food. The turkey skin however can be high in fat and should be avoided.Oatmeal or OatsOne of the best things about eating breakfast is that it can really kickstart your day. One way to make this bland breakfast meal more edible is to mix in fruits with it to make it more flavorable.Eat More PeppersMost peppers contain capsicum which helps you burn more calories during the day. Grapefruit, like many other fruits contain many of the vitamins and mineral you’ll need each day and can really curb your appetite. Consider taking this fruit for breakfast.Get Fishy with SalmonEating fish like salmon is great for you.

Be careful with the seasonings you add however and when eating canned food be sure to check out the amount of sodium the cans contains.Eat Some BerriesSnacking is one of the most difficult times for some people. Although I think this saying was meant to teach kids to eat a fruit each day it stands for adults too.
They taste great and they are good for you.Eat Some WalnutsWalnuts contain the vitamin Omega 3 but be careful as many of the prepared nuts can contain lots of sodium and oils. Take a good look at the nutrition label when buying any sort of nuts for your diet.Enjoy Some Green TeaGreen Tea contains lots of vitamins and minerals that you need.
It is one of the more healthy beverages you can drink when compared to things like soda and other sugary drinks.Eat Some Whole GrainsGet some whole grains in your diet and get the fiber you need.
Even if you only cut out a few sodas during the day you can make a huge difference in your diet.

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