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So far, Weight Watchers is working for me.  Even with the last few weeks being difficult, I know that by watching my food intake and staying active, I can continue to lose weight. 39 year old Eau Claire resident, Jennifer Block has lost 95 pounds since setting a goal two years ago to improve her health. Jennifer works as a communications supervisor at Sacred Heart Hospital and was named one of Weight Watchers’ top 100 role models for 2010.

Her trainer, Dave Hildebrandt thinks 80% of how you look and feel is nutrition, with another 20% being cardiovascular and weight training. She thinks this journey is not over yet, she is still on weight loss mode, as she wants to lose 30 more pounds. She gave up pizzas, sundaes and she now eats small servings of lean meats, chicken breast and salad.

Exercising has changed Jennifer’s life and one other important thing is to have people around who offer support and help with keeping motivation levels high.

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