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Losing belly fat can be more simple than you think, all you have to do is follow the simple steps in this article and you are sure to see changes in your body within a couple of days!
Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult these days, it is important to remember that you are not alone in your struggle.
1  it is important for you to understand that your abdominal muscles are not made in the gym; they are made in the kitchen! If you are struggling to lose weight, here are 5 tips in how to lose 10kg in 2 months with exercise.
If you are consistent with the 5 below tips you will lose weight and never regain body fat again, guaranteed!
As you know obesity is a global problem; current statists suggest that one in four people are obese and these numbers are likely to raise unless we do something. Obesity causes numerous health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Many people think that skipping breakfast will eventually help to lose weight since its cutting down at least 500 calories a day.
Lots of people complain that no matter how much they exercise they never seem to lose weight and the reason behind this is that they do not drink enough water.
Studies suggest that having enough sleep at night helps to speed up that process of losing weight. Follow all 5 above tips and you will lose 10kg in 2 months (depending on your current weigh and age). In this article I will give you a fast weight loss diet plan that can help you to lose 15 to 20 pounds in 1 month. Water Consumption: The benefits of water and weight loss are too numerous to expand on in this short article but whatever you’re drinking now you probably need to increase it. Growing to love activities like the ones I listed above have enriched my life AND kept the weight off. For me Hydrofit is my social time, weights are my aggressive time, and walking is my relaxing time. While that can be somewhat true based on how much weight you want to lose, I firmly believe that the SHAPE of your body can only be improved when you exercise while you’re losing weight. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Well, before we start discussion on how to lose 20 pounds in a month, it is necessary to know why there is a need to lose weight. Find out your basic metabolic rate – Your body requires energy all the time, despite of the work you are doing, at a certain rate. Identify your physical activity level – A certain number is assigned to each tier of activity, which needs to be taken into account while calculating your daily calorie burn. Find out your desirable daily calorie burn – In order to determine your calorie rate, you need to multiply your BMR by your physical activity rate. If your BMR is 2500 and currently, you are doing moderate exercise, you can get the number of calories burned by multiplying 2,500 x 1.55 = 3,875, in order to maintain your body weight. If your body is very much out of shape, and you are thinking that you cannot work out, you are certainly wrong.
Use fatty fish in your diet, as it is rich-in omega-3s which reduces levels of leptin in body.
The fact of the matter is that many people do not understand why they have gained weight or gotten fat.

This article has been written to inform you that just a few simple changes to your lifestyle can produce some huge results!
You cannot keep telling yourself that sit-ups and crunches are going to give you the six-pack abs that you desire.
There is no secret for weight loss but it is required lots of effort and dedication from your part. However this is not true, skipping breakfast will cause a slowdown in your metabolism, which means your body will find harder to lose weight. Once you know your BMR have a well balanced diet, mixed with healthy green vegetables, fruits, proteins and fibre that is under 1800 calories in total. After several years of studies, medical professional finally found the magical properties of Raspberry Ketones.
When I had reached my breaking point about being obese I broke down and asked my doctor for diet pills. Health issues related to overweight include Coronary Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Heart Strokes, Type 2 Diabetes, Abnormal Blood Fats, Metabolic Syndrome, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Gallstones, and more.
Using BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator, you can effectively calculate how much calories your body burns, if you are doing nothing all the day.
Moreover, to reduce 20 pounds in a month, you need to at least reduce 2,000 calories in a day, using diet as well as exercises.
But, in order to gain more positive and effective results, you need to do cardio along with weight-training. If you are eating 400 calories of vegetable, your stomach will remain filled till the top; on the other hand, if you are eating 400 calories of oil or fried chicken, you will certainly want more to eat. For example – 4oz of lean chicken is fine for you, until you spread it with butter and Colby-jack.
The reason for this is that garlic lowers down your insulin levels; while ginger widens your blood vessels.
Eating 5-7 small meals in a day leads to weight loss more quickly than any other diet routine.
This belief is simply not true and if you continue in this mindset, you will never reach your goal. I have discovered how much a healthy diet and exercise can benefit my life, and am so excited to share with others and help them in their journey to feel great also!
Eating 20% less than your BMR will speed up the weight loss effects; however this should be done carefully and for short period of time only. DO NOT go out and pick a plan that can make you lose 30 pounds quick but is impossible to stick to. If you can’t afford a nutritionist to perfectly plan out your meal plans then it might come down to a lot of trial and error.
It was just like every other trashy magazine article claiming they have the secret to losing 10 pounds  a week! Looking back I can see a bit of over-training (training for Reach the Beach AND Hood to Coast) but it’s a general idea of my exercise routine. So, if you want to overcome from all these problems, there is only one way and that is weight loss.
With the help of this calculator, you can easily get the answer as how fast your body is burning calories, how much activity you should do in a day, and how many calories you need to bring down to meet your weight loss goals.
One concerning thing is that cardio can be done on daily basis, but weight-training cannot, as your muscles need time to restore to health.

Whatever the work you are doing at your home, like taking the stairs, washing the floor, cleaning home, etc. Fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains and lean meats are some of the low-calorie dense foods that will aid in losing weight to great extent. If you truly want to lose that bulge around your middle, you must change your lifestyle and you’re eating habits.
This takes around 90 minutes and it can burn 500 calories which is the bare minimum for a quick and easy weight loss. Sleeping more than the recommended time will cause metabolism slowdown and sleeping less will cause exhaustion. It would be better to find a milder diet that you can stick to that fits into your lifestyle and personality.
I cried and pleaded and said I couldn’t be 250 pounds anymore and nothing I was doing worked. In addition to this, there are other factors that contribute to imbalance of body weight or lead to overweight. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the BMR calculator does not take into account your age, gender and activity level. Running, biking, swimming, boxing, tennis, dancing, and other countless activities, all come under cardio.
Therefore, try to do cardio exercise on daily basis, but try to limit your weight-training exercise to few times in a week. It is also effective in improving bone mineralization and calcification, and in controlling obesity.
Unless you go under the knife, there is no way to “spot treat” the fat in just one area of your body. If you are 250 pounds and eat very unhealthy food and never exercise then following this plan it would be realistic to lose 20 or so pounds in a month.
Learning to do this has allowed me to even cheat sometimes and do things that you otherwise couldn’t if eating till you’re stuffed. If you want to eat low calorie food, try not to deep fry any food, even if you are preparing vegetables.
The fact is that your weight loss journey is going to take time and effort but you must not give up if you don’t see results right away!
BUT if you’re 180 pounds and only need to lose 15 or 20 pounds and you already eat fairly healthy then obviously its gonna be much harder for you to lose the weight that quickly.
If you have done something in the past that has helped you lose weight then just do it again and follow the additional tips in this article. Among all these, running, aerobics and rope jumping are the highest calorie-burning exercises.
You will feel full of stomach faster and therefore, there will be no room for more calories. The most important thing about a diet is to find one that feels like you aren’t even on a diet.

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