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We’ve all seen it in the local globo gym–day in and day out, week after week Jane and John plod away on the treadmills and ellipticals or pedal themselves into exhaustion in spin classes. I have never been impressed by any of these results. What exactly are the problems caused by training for long periods of times at high intensities such as what occurs during a marathon? One reason is the high level of carbohydrates consumed needed to sustain this activity leads to chronic inflammation.
You’ve all seen it–Sally and Johnny are running a 5 K so they load up on a big bowl of pasta the night before and chow down on bagels and juice immediately after their 36 min 5 K. The first relies on the slow burning of fats keeping us fueled while at rest yet allowing for continuous low level aerobic activity such as walking, gardening and day to day physical tasks. Fat is a very efficient fuel, stored and burned easily and cleanly when lots of oxygen is presentOur second primary energy system that evolved is an ATP fueled system that allows us to do intense loads of work in shorts bursts. And so is the weak and skinny appearance of the stereotypical endurance athlete.Many are finding that by incorporating strength and conditioning workouts into their training routine along with shorter more interval based training they are improving speed, power and overall performance along with reducing injury potential.

They have ab muscles and thigh muscles and lord, watching them run is like watching beauty in action. Besides, how many people look like the 25 year old other than college or professional football (American) players. April 30th, 2014 9:52 am Reply MeThe long distance runner is Janne Holmen and that picture was taken in 2006 when he was 28. I agree with you saying that logging loads and loads of mileage on in a training program may lead to injury, most of those injuries being doing too much too soon, but running and training properly for marathons is not bad for you. I think you should just do some more research in the area of marathon training and maybe run a few yourself before you write an article like this making assumptions and generalizing running and marathon training. April 8th, 2015 7:29 am Reply Lux Louisa via FacebookI watched a great set of videos by an isometrics expert and he was also talking about how damaging to the heart running can be. April 20th, 2014 12:32 pm Reply Kristin Kauffman via FacebookI do crossfit and endurance events.

I will tell you that I believe some of this is true but endurance athletes are a different breed and love what they do! There are always outliers but you can’t tell someone to stop an activity they love doing so much based on that. My bladder strength and control improved, I had no joint issues, and I was able to get pregnant within weeks of the race. I come back to that moment often to remind myself how strong I am after a life of doubting.

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