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I know I still have some toning to do but it really is a great feeling to feel this good in clothes!
In 6 months of only eating healthy (no exercise) and counting my calories I’ve lost 32 pounds.
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As mentioned in my previous posts, I've started on my quest to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. I had gained a tremendous amount of weight after Poly due to my unhealthy lifestyle of sinful suppers, binge drinking and the lack of exercise. I used to wear tubes, short skirts but after the weight gain, i started to feel very conscious of my body. As mentioned in my last progress update, I lost 6kg (technically it was 7 but i kept hovering from 6 to 7kg) in 4 months. I still dropped 3kg and by the end of the fifth month, it was a total of 10kg down from my initial weight. And Anti-Oxidant centre who had kindly sponsored Ganbanyoku therapy sessions to help soothe my terrible muscle aches.

While I may never be as slim as i was previously or have awesome abs (i still have a jiggly tummy), i'm now happy with how i look. And i'm grateful for the amount of support and encouragement given from my friends, colleagues, readers and of course, my loved ones. Thanks for this post because I am exactly in the same shoes as you and gained between 10 - 12kg after 10 years of not exercising. Having a desk-bound job and the many temptations of snacking only helped to add on more numbers on the weighing scale. Ching chong boy and i made plans to have our wedding dinner in 2014 and what better motivation is there but to look better on one's wedding day?
I cut myself some slack during the last two months but the first four months, i was really tough on myself.
Phillip Wain saw my blog post and recently kindly sponsored 24 x PT training sessions for me to help tone up. Tags: easy weight loss, exercising to lose weight, healthy snacks, healthy weight loss, how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, how to lose weight healthily, how to lose weight running, how to lose weight with a low carb diet, how to lose weight with a slow carb diet, jogging, losing weight the healthy way, low carb diet, nadnut's weight loss, nadnut's weight loss secrets, running, running to lose weight, singapore lifestyle blog, slow carb diet, Weight loss on June 30, 2012 by nadnut. Now u r my inspiration cos coincidently, this year like you, I want to lose all the weight I ve gained.

Really hope to find that motivation and then do a 100% effort try to really lose that weight. I had noticed that i gained weight throughout the years but at that time i kept shrugging it off, thinking to myself "it's just 1-2 kg.
Did a body analysis with them recently and when they mentioned i was healthy and in good shape, i nearly teared. Just wondering, for the first 4 months, when u said no potatoes, bread and rice, what kind of 3 meals were u eating? But i had eaten unhealthy food and i only lost 2kg which only served to demoralise me after all the efforts. I'll still continue with my portion control and exercising twice a week as i feel that a healthy lifestyle is way better than any diet.
The rd to losing weight is tough n there r many times I feel like giving up, but reading your experiences which I totally relate to, make me feel less alone!

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