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I’ve come to realize through my personal experience that dancing can really cure illnesses — both physically and mentally.
With my bias against almost all diets, and with bias against a focus solely on weight, I feel a need to address the myth that eating less and exercising more always leads to weight loss. For example, let’s take the example of that patient who presents to the physician with complaints of weight gain, physical fatigue, and depression. Let me explain some basic information that relates to weight and the distribution of fat in your body.
But I am concerned how fat produces toxins that are bad for your health and bad for your brain (and its cognitive function).
Dancing for a few hours each week can really have a positive and powerful impact on your well-being and in your life. There are so many types of dancing you can choose from that you will never have to stick to a boring routine or a tedious cardio session. Music in general can make people feel better – by combining the effects of both music and dancing you get a double shot of happiness that helps get your mind off whatever difficulties you are going through.
When you are in a group class, the fun and positive energy of the people around you and the general atmosphere of the class will spread to you. You may be self-conscious at first when you start dancing but after a few twists and tumbles, you will get the hang of it and feel more confident about yourself.
People go out on weekends to dance, people go to concerts to dance and they are always finding ways to dance because it’s fun and exciting. Dancing can improve your posture and your overall body language, it also improves your balance. If you’ve been attending the same dance class, you start bonding with your fellow dancers especially if you meet up to dance after class!
Dancing puts you in a good mood and produces a lot of sweat that helps in detoxification of the body.

Dancing can help you get in touch with your inner creative and embrace your artistic and unconventional side.
We might have been taught that scenario in medical school, but it is a paradigm of an older era. Studies show that dancing can help you lose weight, improve your heart and lungs, increase your muscular strength and fitness and reduces stress. It also makes you feel better about your body and your movement in general which is sometimes the only confidence boost you need. If you dance on a regular basis you will be able to experience the same kind of fun without having to wait for a special occasion to make it happen. It helps you get rid of the harmful toxins in your body and helps you relax which can result in a better night’s sleep.
You can tell a lot about a certain culture by their dance, it offers you an inside look at different cultures and it can definitely open new doors for you to travel or mingle with people from different countries. People who love dancing are less likely to be judgmental or follow the rules which can inspire you to truly be yourself. Another physician might test the patient’s thyroid, determining that it’s low and starting a thyroid medication like T4. For me, our society is overly concerned about our physical appearance and our society offers too many wrong solutions.
For proper health and appropriate weight, we need to redirect our focus to the key factors that shape our health and weight, including the correct alignment of our hormones. Another physician might assess the patient’s depression as the key factor and start an antidepressant. Treating the thyroid will do nothing to correct the primary problem with the patient’s stress and cortisol level. The physician might even have written a prescription for the antidepressant, then recommended less eating and increased exercise.

In addition, for men and women, there are two other hormones of significance: insulin and leptin.
We can start viewing weight as part of a larger puzzle, which needs to be teased apart, carefully inspected, and then put back together. You don’t censor your body and there is no social pressure to worry about. It can also be a form of meditation – you can actually lose yourself in a dance or in a song and your focus becomes mainly on your body and your movement.
In the end the patient and the physician are faced with the same picture (the same symptoms of increased weight, fatigue, and depression), but now they have a much clearer view of what needs to be changed as you reassemble the pieces. Take stock of eating style and how it might be impacting your thyroid function and your overall metabolism. From my own vantage point, the solution does not lie with reduced eating and increased exercise. Maybe the person needs to talk to someone (therapy) and make some changes to reduce the level of stress. To tell the patient to eat less and exercise more does nothing to address the imbalances that might exist between these hormones. Eating less (or eating the wrong food in an effort to eat less) may further disrupt the hormonal balance, leading to weight gain, regardless of the fewer calories. The best treatment should aim at correcting the causes of the reduced thyroid with reduced stress, more sunlight (Vitamin D), and improved food selection with more nutrient rich, mineral rich foods.
So, once again, the patient and the physician are left with a wrong (and much too superficial) approach. Our focus will remain on health, not weight; and our solution will stay geared toward nutrition.

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