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Our friends at The Health Nerd have also made an awesome video on this topic, so make sure to check it out: How to Lose Weight Fast – 5 Simple Steps, Backed by Science!
2 out of 3 American adults are still considered obese despite the zillions of diet books out there (1, 2). Backed by actual science, if you go over your calories with ANY of these diets, you’ll still gain fat (3, 4). Being in a caloric deficit is, alone, responsible for any long-term weight loss you sustain (5, 6, 7, 8). A nutrition professor at Kansas State University lost 27 pounds on the Twinkie Diet just to prove this. Seriously… he just scarfed down deserts and chips all day, remained under his calories, and lost the weight. So bad that some of people underestimate their intake by 47% and overestimate their exercise levels by 51% (12). So instead of just guessing, it is a good idea to count your calories and just to practice it. The sweet spot is the place where you lose weight fast enough to stay motivated, but not so fast that you end up binge eating from hunger. You want weight loss to move fast because the quicker it moves the more likely you are to stick with the diet (14, 15). So if your goal is to weigh 130lbs, you would want to get in around 1300 – 1430 calories a day.
The easiest way to do this is to use a Fit Bit to keep track of the calories your expending and consuming daily.
When you sit down at EVERY meal you should be able to identify a source of protein and some vegetables. Diets high in protein have also shown to cut late night cravings in half, reduce obsessive dieting thoughts by 60%, and make you feel so full you just naturally eat 441 fewer calories per day (17, 18).
There is no evidence to support the idea that eating breakfast increases metabolism or will make you healthier in any way.
And since calories are the most important factor in losing weight quickly, eating a 600-calorie breakfast every morning is a pretty bad strategy if your goal is to eat 1430 for the day.

Fasting like this also provides a variety of health benefits including improved insulin sensitivity, neurological health, weight loss, and more (19, 20, 21).
Most girls hate the gym, so a great way to burn calories and prevent metabolic slow down is by circuit training! Remember: Good circuit training programs can vary almost every workout that you do, so it provides variety and excitement into every workout! If you’re interested in healthy tips to lose weight fast, our friends at The Health Nerd have made an awesome Youtube video on How to Lose Weight Fast – 5 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Fast! There are many ways to shed body weight and it is very easy to shed weight too quickly, but the quick changes you make on your body to lose the weight are very dangerous for your body and health. It is the fact that losing weight is really simple and everyone knows as what we need to do, but we don’t do anything that requires a slightest altered or modified work. The big companies use the facilities through internet, magazine and TV advertisements to catch like you who wish to lose the weight over the night. As already stated that all we know as how to lose weight fast, but we don’t want to do it and the simple thing is “eat less and do exercises and repeating the two”.
Drinking two glasses of water before your meals, will make you to feel less hunger and you will feel more full stomach which will make you to eat less and generally drinking water is best for your general health also by keeping the body hydrated. Self confidence and analyzing the reason that makes you to think about losing the weight is very important before beginning the weight loss program and this will enable you to keep you motivated. Eat and write all the snacks, drink and meals you take on a daily basis which help you to track the calories you take.
If necessary consult nutritionist and get information as how much calorie you need in daily life. You need not cut the high fat and high calorie food completely but reducing these things will help you to lose the weight fast. Many side dishes are having more calories and it may be replaced with vegetable side dishes. Taking more fiber is not harmless and it maintains enough water in the intestine and also helps in reducing the weight fast. Doing the moderate exercise is a must in your weight reducing programme and this will enable you to burn the unnecessary fat from your body and will keep you slim.

After successfully reducing your weight fast, you should maintain your weight loss permanently and ever lasting. When you are exercising you might consider some form of sports nutrition, such as drinking a protein shake after your workout to help repair your muscles. There may be affiliate links in the post you're reading to products we LOVE and we will receive a small commission if you purchase from them. Diet pills and fasting may help in losing the weight suddenly, but it may injure your muscle and internal organs like heart and lungs. But you or we want to take diet pills or a acai berry to melt down the weight over the hours or night. Even you may bet with your family members  and friends and tell them how much weight you will lose by which date. They continuously release advertisements for magical fitness machines and diet pills which are the things for them to make money and damaging your internal organs.
Don’t worry about losing weight and you should know that it is only a simple activity and instead of starving, cut down some of the food which will positively help you to lose few pounds quite easily.
Before starting the practice, you should have the time limitation and the amount of weight to be reduced. At least try to reduce 500 calories per day which will keep you to maintain the weight as you desired. If the time and weight loss is decided readily, you will have the enthusiasm which will keep you in the track to achieve the destination. So, fixing goal, time limitation, and the amount of weight to be reduced is the primary thing before starting the regime.

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