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Jennifer Nicole Lee (1975) is an American fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. Zsalynn Whitworth is a natural beauty, with deep brown eyes and a captivating smile, but at nearly 500 pounds, she is so desperate to earn money for weight-loss surgery that she models for fat-fetish websites. Judy Sinclair lost 180 pounds after a gastric bypass operation, changing her hairstyle, getting stylish new glasses and taking up healthy eating and yoga.
But for Dawn Brooks, a yo-yo dieter in her 50s, gastric band surgery hasn't been a cure-all. After losing 100 pounds initially, she jumped back up to 288 pounds and resents Sinclair for her inevitable personality change as she becomes a thin woman. These "girls" -- all morbidly obese -- have been friends since the 1990s, first meeting in at the Austin, Texas, chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, and partying together in the Big Beautiful Women, or BBW, community. As some succeed, others fail and one friend dies, their relationships with one another -- and their husbands who married their wives as larger women -- change profoundly.
Director Alexandra Lescaze follows the group in a new movie, "All of Me: A Story of Love, Loss and Last Resorts," as they struggle to maintain dignity and friendships in a world that devalues and humiliates those who are fat. The documentary received some money from Chicken & Egg Pictures, a fund that supports women in film, and has its world premiere this weekend, June 15 and 16, at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Lescaze said she became interested in the topic when she met a woman who had undergone weight-loss surgery. About 220,000 Americans a year have undergone weight-loss surgery, according to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, a number that has jumped from about 16,000 such procedures in the early 1990s.

High-profile patients include television weatherman Al Roker, singer Carnie Wilson and most recently, New Jersey governor and potential presidential candidate Chris Christie. Surrounded by the temptations of Austin's fast food, ice-cream stands and drive-up food windows, the women are their own support group.
But Sinclair reassures her husband: "Someone without good self-esteem took anyone who came along.
The couple takes out a $19,000 loan to pay for the surgery, which is performed laparoscopically to reduce the stomach to the size of an egg yolk. Patients typically lose 2 to 10 pounds a week and can lose up to 70 percent of their weight in the first year, according to the movie.
Eating five pizzas in a sitting or downing a bag of peanut butter cups or a roll of cookie dough "takes away my feelings," she says.
Her insurance company will not pay for the surgery because fat is not viewed as a life-threatening condition, according to Whitworth. One, who is homebound by her weight, is found slumped over in her chair, dead among her cats. Now 490 pounds, Whitworth is still modeling for soft porn sites, saving her money and hoping someone steps in to help her or she finds a job with full insurance coverage for weight-loss surgery. She is known for losing 70 pounds and launching a career as a fitness guru after bearing two children. Back in 2008 Peter weighed four hundred and five pounds, had uncontrolled diabetes, dangerously-high cholesterol, and suffered from debilitating gout attacks in his legs.

While on a honeymoon at Disney World, she had to rent a cart because her joints were so painful from the weight. Lee describes herself as having "no athletic background whatsoever," and says she has struggled with her weight her entire life.
He could barely make it up a flight of stairs or around his block and was wearing a 5XL shirt and a size 56 pant.
She weighed 170 pounds when she got married, and continued to gain weight during both of her pregnancies, eventually reaching 200 pounds after the birth of her second child. So he started photographing himself daily and posting the pics on his blog for the world to see.After 84 days, Waters had completely transformed his physique. He started his fight alone by walking around the block every day and stopping his pizza and beer routine. At first, he struggled to make it just once around and every step ached with pain and guilt, but he soldiered on and, to his surprise, quickly lost fifty pounds.
Since then, his success has spawned a series of online "missions," where he continues to document his efforts to get as jacked and lean as possible. On August 1, 2008 Peter's friends took him to dinner where they made him an offer he couldn't refuse; they gave him two postdated checks for $5,000 and $10,000 if he could lose another hundred pounds by New Year's Day.

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