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Every client that I've ever worked with (hundreds of clients in the last 12 years) has a good set of fatloss health and fitness goals.
So how do you uncover these motives?  Do what mind body coaches suggest and peel the onion.
Trust me they are in there just waiting to be discovered and can be as simple as; wanting to attract a partner that loves and respects you for who you are or wanting to be an inspiration to a child who is struggling with a drug addiction, wanting to avoid getting diabetes like everybody in your family or wanting to stay out of hospitals as you get older (these are all underlying motives my clients have by the way). Most of us tell ourselves a completely made up story about our health & weight, because feeling good now is more important than the truth. The reality is that we would rather lie to a person’s face, than tell them what we really think of them. We would rather not look in the mirror or weigh ourselves, than continue drinking poison and eating junk. One of the biggest concepts in my book Master The Day was that in order to become successful at losing weight achieving other life goals, we need to become aware of our own inner narrative. Do You Want To Be Healthy, Happy & Fit – Or Do You Just Want Every Day to be Easy? Double her natural bodyweight, virtually given a death sentence by 40 by her doctor, already getting ready to be pumped full of meds at the age of 30. When I was 22 and had my first few jobs out of college, I was finally making a bit of money. Unfortunately, I found myself spending tons of money for the first time in my life too – since I had the money.
At the end of the day, we have two choices – we can choose easy, or we can choose to evolve. The easy path is being unconscious – about the food we eat, the money we spend, the words we say, and the state of our lives. The easy path requires little thought and just drives us into deeper levels of dissatisfaction, which we can then cover up with more food, alcohol, mindless drugs, TV, etc. And then doing something different on Monday, then Tuesday, and Wednesday, and every single day. GETTING UP after getting discouraged, and knocked down, seeing the scale go up two pounds instead of down two pounds.
Because I can sure as hell promise you that the easy, unconscious path today is the least fulfilling in the long run.
It may hurt to admit that we’re eating because we hate our job and our relationship, but in the long run, the fulfillment is well worth it. UNTIL your spouse tells you for the 50th time that this isn’t working, and they leave.
Do you want to FEEL damn good every day and look incredible, or just take the easy road and eat whatever you want… until? Master The Day is a book that addresses the real reason we struggle with health and living a really good life: habits. I’ll never forget, a few years back I was chatting with a girl in her mid 20’s and talking about my health and workout regime, and how I was looking to gain some weight to be more “normalized” and just look like I was a healthy weight for my height. Around that time, I was 6’2? and about 135 pounds – like a female supermodel– except I was a man. Now imagine my frustration when she said that, because I had been in the gym 4-5 days a week for FIVE YEARS at that point. Thousands of hours of hard work, and I still really didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, and to be perfectly honest I was more concerned that women didn’t like what they “saw” of me.
Ironically, later on this would be really useful – my own body image issues have really made it easy to connect with the struggles of some of the readers here and my own clients and students – who are 90% women. Most of the press we see in the news and on TV is about female body image usually, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that men suffer from this ridiculous body manipulation that the media does too – and men are having increasing levels of body image issues that are unprecedented. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing to have an idealized version of yourself, and although I think it’s important to “just love ourselves” even if things aren’t going great, I just want to point out just how much effort the media puts into making us feel inadequate.

He did a photo shoot for Calvin Klein magazine, and some time later his (actual) photo was leaked. In fact, when you think about it our entire consume culture is built on CREATING the feeling of lack – and the health industry is no exception. And the sad truth is that the narrative often determines how our life looks, and it’s all from a mostly made up story.
The real danger occurs when we really start BELIEVING them on a daily basis, where we just begin accepting the story as true. The main exercise I use for helping people overcome the narrative is TRACKING what your brain is saying. But if your brain is firing off self criticism and you don’t even realize it… how are you going to change anything?
So for a week, I want you to keep a brain dump journal on your phone, on a note pad, or on some other device. Just observe, do a brain dump, and you’ll SEE a very clear narrative regarding the way you respond to the events around you. Do the brain dump exercise this week any time you encounter that mental chatter, and see what narratives show up. When I first discovered this, I felt like what Einstein must’ve felt like discovering relativity, almost like I had figured out the underlying fabric of reality.
And in fact, this one daily habit has produced more success in my health, happiness, and life more than any other habit I’ve done before.
So how does the habit pyramid really work, and how does it help you really stay consistent? When I first started interviewing people that lost 100 pounds, I was stuck on this one paradox that I kept coming up against. Tom finally got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired – and changed his story for the better. The relationship is struggling because Billy is so insecure about his girlfriend leaving him, that he keeps sabotaging it. He tried to change all the external tactics: the strategies, without changing at his core, who he is.
We all *know* to save a few hundred dollars a month for retirement, but how many of us actually do it – even if we can afford to? And we do that by changing daily habits – so the habit pyramid I created to help figure this out and predict exactly where I would be in a year. So if I eat crappy today, I know I’ll eventually gain weight, then feel crappy, and feel emotionally crappy.
But if I eat well, I feel good, then I know i’m probably going to stay slim in a year. Then, break it down into a few caterogies: health, finances, spirituality, contribution, relationships.
I want you to specifically hone in on the weight loss habits (duh, obviously), but write out everything so you’re building an overall fulfilled life, not just a fit one.
Time spent in the gym (or not in the gym), when you go out for meals – are they cooked, or eating out? The reason for the coloring is that you can easily spot trends, for example, I’m sure for most of you, the middle of the day is going to be the same color and same thing (work).
Okay, so I realize I don’t have anything on the calendar (or enough) in my weight loss and health quadrant. If you aren’t happy with the way things are going with your health and weight, change the daily habit stack here. Can you time block a 20 minute walk directly after work to ensure that you really do it and get it done? Whether you do, or you don’t, now you already know exactly what your trajectory is going to be. Think about it – how much more likely are you to do something when it’s on your calendar?

This habit pyramid theory is the basis for my online weight loss course: Dream Body, which shows you how to lose your next 10, 20 or 30 pounds (or more) by changing tiny nutritional habits. It’s based off extensive interviews I did with people that lost 100+ pounds and kept it off years later.
The more healthy options you have to choose from the more likely you are to make better choices.
This promotes a more positive can do attitude when it comes to changing those other unhealthy behaviors.
We ignore the aches and pains, we ignore the sleepyness after eating, we ignore all the little join problems and fatigue.
You’ll learn the nine daily success habits I learned interviewing people that lost 100+ pounds and kept it off in a healthy way – by changing their habits.
My entire approach to health is this: once you understand the power of your own mind and psychology, and once you get the power of tiny daily habits (rather than willpower and discipline) success is a piece of cake.
Her lipstick became more red, and even her eye brows got some retouching to look more done up. It’s this insidious parasite that has been put in our brain by not only the media and major industries, but often by our friends and family. Honestly, it’s like it doesn’t even matter what size the woman – or man – is before hand – you can make them look like whatever you want. If you really believe that you always fail, what’s the incentive to even try when you know it’s just going to mean suffering later? And because he’s still insecure, it still pisses off his girlfriend, and they break up. That’s why I feel like once you get this, you really understand what it takes to not only achieve weight loss goals, but any life goal. Like I talked about in the last article here on how much to eat, figuring out what you eat is important because it determines almost everything else.
We just deny deny deny, and choose to become less conscious, until we’re forced to listen.
I’ve been following modern health monk since December, and I look and feel better than ever. Whelp, as you’ll see, yes, she is indeed human and photo altering does a great job of covering up her skin blemishes. The Jones family across the street hasgreener grass, so you better hire an entire landscaping team for $300 a month to make sure you beat them and become the envy of the block.
Too bad in the spring catalog Coach is going to tell you that it’s out of style and you need the new one (but don’t worry – in case you’re not cool, we’ll have a cool new one next year too). You take her eye bags, because she’s a human and doesn’t sleep well some nights, and you remove those. After brainstorming more solutions with her she realized that by adding some protein to her snack or turning it into a mini meal that includes cheese and fruit or veggies, she could easily control her portions and not have to give up this food completely and she now has 3 ways to deal with this behavior!
They also made her breastbone protrude less, to give the illusion of her having a larger bust with a little more meat on her bones.
I have all these responsibilities, and I don’t have the time or energy to take care of myself.
I’ve been living unconsciously for decades, but your videos and blog are helping me get back on track slowly but surely.
But I feel powerful for making that low carb and vegetable laden lunch while everyone else will soon get a food coma and hit the coffee after lunch while I have steady energy. But it can become a tragic excuse over time for not doing something important to you (hint: like dreams).

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