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Simply put, a juice cleanse is where you consume nothing but fresh juices made from vegetables and fruit for some specific period of time.
The detox reaction occurs because your body releases a massive amount of toxins into your bloodstream. You can make several juices at once and can safely store juices for up to 72 hours in your refrigerator.
Exercise is a great way to stimulate your lymphatic system and release toxins from your body. Juicing is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to give our bodies the nutrition we need to live a healthy active life. Whether you’re looking to safely lose weight, clean your digestive system or simply ensure you give your body what it needs for optimal health, juicing provides a safe and effective option. Are those very same treadmills still booked up a few months later or on any Friday for that matter? As we all know most diets hardly last 2-3 weeks before the stress of work, family or some other life challenge makes us revert back to our old eating habits.
How is it then, that so many people are experiencing incredible health and weight loss benefits with something that sounds so simple?
Projecting this image onto our digestive system: the body is designed to transport food which has a high water content swiftly through the pipes (our digestive system). When our digestive system has blockages caused by bad food choices, the colon begins and continues to get blocked up and retain waste, causing the body to continually re-absorb poisonous toxins back into the blood – toxins which would otherwise have passed through our system.
According to Beryn, a Raw Food Chef and author of Rawlicious, our taste buds won’t go unsatisfied either as most juices are both healthy and delicious. Have you ever noticed how when you a hamburger or fast food, you’re still hungry afterwards?
Your body is still giving you hunger signals because it hasn’t found enough vitamins and minerals in the food that has just been eaten.
You’ll want to look for a masticating juicer that can juice your green leaves and is super easy to clean. Once you’ve gotten use to this mild Green Juice, you can begin to add some dark green leaves (See Step 2). Adding a wedge of lemon or lime or both to your juice makes it very refreshing and hides the taste of the stronger leaves. That said, when I decided to embark on my first 92-day juice fast I felt that I needed an upgrade because making large quantities of juice with the Omega (I needed to make a couple gallons a day) was just too time consuming. For my second 92-juice fast, I felt that I needed to amp up my green juice intake and that is when I was faced with the realization that the Hurom and high fiber vegetables (especially those wonderful leafy greens) do not mesh well.

But if you want to give juicing a try, yet aren’t ready to invest into heavy duty juicers, I would recommend starting out with a series of short orange-juice fasts. A juice cleanse is a great way to shed a few extra pounds and release toxins from the body.
You are cleansing your internal organs and nourishing every one of your trillions of cells with fresh juices. If you’re making your own juices with a juicer (read our juicer reviews), make sure you have enough fresh vegetables and fruits to last you 36 hours. If you always have a fresh juice waiting for you, you are far less likely to cheat on your juice cleanse.
If you don’t have junk food readily available, you are far less likely to eat it when you get hungry. Jumping jacks and jumping rope are great ways to break a sweat and stimulate the lymphatic system.
The juice of fresh fruits and vegetables is a simple and concentrated way to obtain the vitamins, minerals and enzymes required for glowing health, providing our body with the necessary nutrition to look and feel amazing.
It cuts meal preparation time in half, it cleanses the digestive system (where 70% of our immune system is situated) and it puts one firmly on the road to glowing health. If we put too much of the wrong stuff in the top end through our mouths- processed or artificial foods, deep fried oily posers for meat or mucus-forming milk products- we end up with the inevitable: a blocked system. When we have a green juice first, our body’s search for minerals is satisfied and so our hunger is satisfied.
This may sound challenging, but if you’re up for the challenge of cleanliness and better health, Give yourself 30 days – You’ll be Amazed.
You can get fibre by eating whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains and legumes.
Whether you’re looking to lose weight, cleanse and detox your body or simply look and feel great, juicing is a simple, healthy and natural way to get there. One of my New Year resolutions is to take, from time to time, an hour or two out of my 18-hour days to start answering the gazillion requests I’m receiving on a daily basis and start updating my juicing page. A dependable, high performing juicer is the building block of a successful juice fast but researching juicers can easily become a full time job!
I knew about juicing and its health benefits but no one so far as I knew, had taken such a quasi scientific approach to it. With the Omega, the produce has to be chopped really small (the mouth is tiny) and it juices slowly.
But I have to say that adding the Breville to my juicing team has been a decision I haven’t regretted for an instant.

That said, if you feel like the majority of your juice intake will be derived from fruits, I would say go with the Hurom. It’s an amazing way to get a feel for juicing (and get tons of benefits), and that can be done on a very inexpensive citrus juicer. Although it’s not ideal, in a pinch you can use store bought juices like low-sodium V8 (available for sale here) and bottled organic carrot juice. Your sink is designed to carry away mostly water and some small food scraps through the pipes. By simply ADDING IN the foods the body was designed to eat, the foods that have been missing, the body does the rest for us. When these are ingested by juicing, the goodness is easily absorbed into the body and also utilised for cleaning house. Apples and carrots are great antioxidants, strengthen your immune system and are good for the heart. There are some juicers that are better for only fruits, but some juicers that do not juice leafy greens very well.
I did a lot of research myself before zeroing on the two juicers that have been my steadfast companions on the extended juice fasts I’ve undertaken. In his book, Walker stresses the important of the right kind of extraction in order to maximize on the benefits derived from the fruits and veggies.
Let’s face it, living on juices for three months is a commitment, so I wanted to make it as painless as possible. So while the Hurom is absolutely fantastic with most fruits, it’s unfortunately way less impressive with leafy greens.
I was sold but frankly I felt that buying a $2000 Norwalk Juicer was a bit overkill (hello?
For my first 92-day juice fast, I was really drawn to fruit juices, I did a little green juice at the beginning but I ended up flying with the melons (especially watermelon juice!) and I could literally make a couple gallons in fifteen minutes.
I can get a killer pair of thigh-high suede Nicholas Kirkwood boots for that!) so instead I zeroed in on an Omega masticating juicer, and I’ve been pleased with it for years. This alone has made a huge difference in me sticking to my gallon-a-day green juice commitment.

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