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There were other controversies about Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif having a rift, with the latter being upset that her ex-boyfriend Salman Khan was heavily promoting Sonakshi.
It is also said that Sonakshi Sinha prefers to act with older men like Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan possibly due to their high popularity and status. A year ago, Sonakshi Sinha's bikini pics were doing the rounds saying that ahe had done a two piece for a popular magazine.
Sonakshi Sinha fat pics, before weight loss Here are Sonakshi Sinha fat photos before weight loss. Hollywood Celebrities, famous athletes, singers weight loss secrets, diet and workout routines. Sonakshi Sinha’s recently declared herself a dashing cat woman because she got a lot of appreciations during her cat walk on Lakme fashion week which was held in Mumbai last month.
You may also surprise to see her before and after weight loss pictures, in this share we also add Sonakshi Sinha fat to slim photos, and these pictures are a clear proof of her amazing weight loss.
She does not like to eat any thing from outside even during her film shootings, she like to eat few of dry fruits like peanuts, kaju, almonds, etc with a lot of fresh water and some time she like to drink lime soda. Sonakshi like to take dinner with her family members and she also like her mother made foods, she avoids the high saturated and rich carbohydrates foods such as French fries, chicken, etc.

She likes to join her gym twice in a day, mostly early in the morning and after taking her dinner.
Such is the phenomenon that even though she had no release for the year, she got enough exposure, coverage thanks to her appearance in TV commercials, interviews, and magazine covers.
Sources say that her getting close with Ranveer led to his breakup with girlfriend Anushka Sharma. The Dabangg girl said that she had tried to clarify Katrina Kaif but she hadn’t picked up the call. This was evident by Sonakshi SInha forehead jokes which had become a rage on Twitter but the girl took it in right spirit and found it funny. These include movies like Rowdy Rathore opposite Akshay kumar, Joker opposite Akshay, Son of Sardar opposite Ajay Devgan, Lootera opposite Ranveer Singh and Dabangg 2 opposite Salman Khan.
She is a daughter of Shatru Bollywood film star and due her father influence in Indian film industry in 2009 she decided to adopt fashion and acting as a profession but her weight in 2009 was around 90 kg and she was not suitable person at that time to give entry in Bollywood film industry, but now she s a successful fashion model girl and young girls in India are mad to copy her styles and way of walking. She just loss 30 kg weight in the period of 8 months and now her slim body is a role model for all overweight and fat women who want to loss weight seriously. Sonakshi says that she is not interested in donning the bikini or doing hot scenes unless it is extremely important for the film.

Her love for food and sedentary lifestyle was excused by all in her family but one, her mother Poonam Sinha who alike every mother of a young girl was worried of her daughter's ignorance towards herself. Secondly, Sonakshi had been open in her admiration for Ranveer saying that she found him quite hot. Sonakshi Sinha said that Vidya Balan was the actress who is as powerful as the hero and a lot of actresses need to learn something fro her.
My brothers were in boarding so they did not put on much weight but I have grown eating healthy food at home.
During the filming of Dabangg Salman use to push me to go to gym, as he did not want me to get lazy after pack-up.

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