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When it comes to reducing body fat, nothing is more effective than a cardiovascular fitness routine utilized in conjunction with the right fat loss diet. Unfortunately, most people have never been taught the most productive way to burn fat with cardiovascular fitness workouts.
Before I move on, it is important to note that no matter how hard you workout at the gym to burn fat, you will not be able to successfully lose significant amounts of body fat without the proper fat loss nutrition plan. If you continue to consume more calories than your body is burning, you will not be able to lose noticeable amounts of body fat, period! I have provided all of the information you will need to follow an effective fat loss diet on another page on my site.
Back to the focus of this page - reducing body fat with a cardiovascular fitness routine -in case you forgot.
Click on the links below to see some great ideas for effective cardiovascular fitness exercises.
The general answer to this question is pretty simple; the more days per week you dedicate to cardiovascular fitness, the more fat you will burn. Those who have the desire to lose a large percentage of body fat will obviously need to perform cardio workouts more frequently than someone with 7% body fat who just wants to maintain their current body fat levels. If you are unsure how many days per week you should be dedicating to fat burning cardio, I have put together a chart below and have provided the number of days that should be dedicated to cardio workouts for several scenarios. All you need to do is identify which scenario best fits your current body type (the top row) and which scenario best matches your goal body type (the left column) to determine how many days per week you should perform cardio workouts.
Keep in mind that this cardiovascular fitness chart is just a general set of guidelines and that each person's body is not the same. Before abandoning this guideline, be sure that you are not setting unrealistic goals for yourself. It is a common misconception that doing hours and hours of calorie burning activities are necessary to lose weight and burn fat. On the contrary, the goal of your aerobic exercise is not to burn calories, but to encourage your body to use its fat storage for energy instead of muscle cells or consumed carbohydrates.
The human body will naturally turn to carbohydrates as its main energy source in order to save your fat storage in case you have to go an extended amount of time without food. Consistent aerobic exercise forces your body to turn to a greater percentage of its fat cells for energy during and in between your workouts. By participating in consistent aerobic activities, your body will gradually increase the amount of fat that it naturally burns. If your cardio workouts are mostly just burning away carbohydrates in your system, you will never see a significant decrease in body fat. Now that I have briefly explained that the goal of aerobic activity is to change your body's natural tendency away from storing fat, and not just to burn calories, I will answer the question of how long your cardio sessions should last.
After 30 minutes of maintaining an increased heart rate, your body will have expended enough consistent energy to encourage an increase in fat burning. Consequently, your cardio workouts should consist of maintaining your heart rate in the desired range for approximately 30 minutes. I will explain what your desired heart rate range should be for your aerobic workouts in section 4 below.
Do not think that you must be on a treadmill for hours every day to burn vast amounts of fat. The great part is that by maintaining consistency in your cardio program, you will increase your metabolism, and your body will more efficiently burn fat even when you aren't working out.
As explained in the section above, the goal of your aerobic workouts is simply to maintain an increased heart rate for 30 minutes.
Some of the most popular aerobic exercise machines are treadmills, elliptical machines, stair steppers, rowing machines, and ski machines.
Any of these methods are perfectly acceptable as long as your heart rate is elevated in the desired range for 30 minutes.
In order to maximize the fat burning potential of your cardiovascular fitness workouts, you should maintain your heart rate at 70-80% of your maximum heart rate for 30 minutes. This heart rate range will ensure that you are burning significant amounts of calories and fat by keeping your body below a more intense activity level that would encourage the use of carbs for energy as opposed to fat. The human body naturally tends to use carbohydrates for energy during intense physical activity. By maintaining your heart rate at 70-80% of its calculated maximum, you are holding to a moderate level of intensity that will ensure that you are burning the most amount of fat possible by forcing your body to use fat as its primary source of energy. To determine your maximum heart rate, you simply take 220 and subtract your age from it.
To determine the lower limit of your heart rate range (70% of the maximum) simply multiply your maximum heart rate by 0.7. So a 20 year old would want to maintain their heart rate in the range of 140-160 beats per minute for 30 minutes during their aerobic workouts. There are several methods which can be used to monitor your heart rate during your aerobic workouts. If you choose to do an exercise that does not utilize a machine with built in sensors, I recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor. I would try to avoid checking your pulse to determine your heart rate whenever possible because it can be inconvenient to stop your exercise and look at the clock while counting your heartbeats before finally returning to your workout.
While performing your cardio workouts at any time is certainly better than not doing them at all, there are certain times throughout the day at which your body will be much more efficient at burning fat. As I mentioned above, the body is most efficient at burning fat when it has to rely on it as its main source of energy. The best times to perform your 30 minute cardiovascular fitness exercise is when there are the least amount of carbohydrates present in your body. Because of this principle, the optimum time to perform your cardio exercise is in the morning just after waking up - before eating anything.
The next best time to perform your cardio workout will be immediately after your weight training session.
You will use up the majority of the carbohydrates present in your body during your weight training session which will force your body to turn to fat cells for fuel when your aerobic exercise is performed immediately following a weight training session. The third best time to perform your cardio exercises will be at least 2 hours after you have eaten. By waiting at least 2 hours after eating, you are ensuring that your body has used most of the carbohydrates you consumed during your last meal and will maximize the amount of fat that will be burned while performing the aerobic activity of your choice. By utilizing the 5 principles explained above, you will be able to effectively use cardiovascular fitness workouts to lose significant amounts of body fat.

What I want to do with this post is provide you with a comprehensive picture gallery of various body fat percentages in men and women. Put simply, the measure of body fat percentage is assessing what percentage of your body is made up of fat. Of all these tests, it is a general consensus the DEXA scan (pic 1) provides the most accurate results you can achieve beyond doing an autopsy.
When we look at the error factors of these methods, we see pictures can be used as much as anything else.
As I discussed, the level of accuracy on body fat levels is difficult even with machine use. Looking at the diagram above for the male, we see clearly defined chest striations (1), serratus anterior (2), upper abdominal (3), and quadriceps (4). These pictures give you a more accurate look at varying body fat levels and percentages in females. There are also other variables and factors to take into consideration when looking at body composition. Update: This post has been so popular I decided to create a report going into even more detail than this post does.
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I like it in that it gives folks a good visual reference for estimating body fat percentage without going through the process of calipers or underwater weighing (or even using a calculator). I very much enjoyed the addition of explaining the difference between 10% of skinny and 10% of a conditioned body. EXCUSE ME, but I have a problem with the picture of these women… how come you have put the obese women dressed like hookers?? I don’t think it is ridiculous, I think the lady has a point, a set of pictures like this tend suggest a diminishing value of women with more than 20% Fat. You say that women in your yoga practice of different shapes and sizes do not prance around in booty shorts and crop tops.
Obviously the author of this article was not going to pick a photo of a women covering up her body to illustrate the concept of body fat percentage. I am assuming that on an everyday basis the photos of the women at 11% and 15% aren’t representing outfits and women at this weight would usually wear. I was trying to determine a goal bodyfat, so this article and the photos are very much appreciated. This is bookmarked and will be used as a reference to so so so many people who have no idea body fat percentege means.
Then a few weeks ago on my postgrad we did skinfold again 19%, the tester was reasonably inexperienced so i took it with a pinch of salt but bioelectirical impedance measured me as 24%.
I say 70lbs is what you are looking at, from there adjust depending on goals (if abdominal showing is even a goal.).
Thanks, great to have the “condensed” version (but I do like the video!) to refer to!
No, the purpose of this post is the discussion and use of body fat estimations by pictures. Actually I am working on a terminology and formula for these things to help for the Make My body Release. Erik I have to agree with CanneW and also state this professional trainers can be very wrong about body fat estimations. If there is one thing I like more than traveling it is meeting new people with the same values and mindsets I have. It was that day that I looked in the mirror and decided that I was going to do whatever it took to get myself back into shape. I went from weighing 204 pounds to 167 pounds of lean muscle and lost a total of 37 pounds of fat within 12 weeks. To change my body I had to invest in and apply literally hundreds of different fat loss techniques and programs on myself.
It was a long road but I went from being an overweight, self conscious person to owning a Markham Boot Camp, to traveling all over North America and working with the very same Fitness Experts I idolize and still learn from to this day. There was actually one program I used during my fat loss journey that I refer to as: THE BEST FAT LOSS PROGRAM EVERRRR. We call it the Quickfast workout system because the workouts are quick and you get results…SUPER FAST.
We do our complexes in a specific way in boot camp to make sure we take full advantage of the metabolic disturbance in creates in our bodies. Here are 15 stars who have lost weight, who look better and more importantly, healthier, than ever. American Idol star and well-known Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson, has lost more than 80 lbs. Having lost nearly 70 lbs., Raven-Symone, the little girl who came into the spotlight as Olivia on The Cosby Show, is now slimmer than ever and looks amazing! After losing 50 lbs., Kelly Osbourne has regained her confidence and now makes red carpet appearances that are nothing short of beautiful. Star Jones determined that the best method for her to lose weight was to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Throughout an abuse-ridden childhood, a failed marriage, pregnancies, and unhealthy relationships, weight has always been an issue for Ricki Lake. Standing as the ultimate rags to riches story, Oprah has experienced a lot of loss in her life, including weight loss!
Snooki was always one of the thicker girls on the cast of Jersey Shore and even though she’s pregnant with her first son.
Best known for his role on The Drew Carey Show, as well as the new host of The Price Is Right, Drew Carey is another celebrity who has been a heavier since coming into the public eye.
Even though Jordin Sparks came onto the scene as a heavier girl during her debut on American Idol, she claims she lost weight only to live a healthier and more active life. Best known for her ability to reach those high-pitched notes that few singers can hit, Mariah Carey has been up and down the scales. Producer Randy Jackson has always been on the heavier side, especially during the early years of American Idol.
Possibly best known for her role as Carmen Ferrara on Popular, Sara Rue, in her younger days, was a heavier girl.
The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.

While our body fat percentage can provide insights into our health status, simply knowing doesn’t do much to change things. Looking at research though we assume a range of 5% for men and 12% for women is landing in the essential range. Still, there is something to be said for photography hints towards varying body fat levels at lower levels of body fat. If we look at the lean body mass of a muscled skeleton and compare it to a human counterpart, it shows up quickly how close to low body fat level they are. Both are roughly at 10% body fat.  As you can see, there is a noticeable difference in their looks and muscle composition. You can also see training will greatly affect what you look like at various body fat percentages.
If you would like to get more in depth on this topic, you can download this new report now! However, that would take time and money and I am assuming this article is for a blog, not for a book. I don’t know how much time I have to do it right now to people sending them in but perhaps I could work out a follow-up post. You hear people talk about % all the time but it makes heaps more sense when you have visual aids. Again i can live with this for now because i’ve been training for a weightlifting comp so body comp has not been my goal.
Like I said this varies depending on trainees but from what I have seen, this is a good base compass. IN no way is it saying it is a definitive number but it is an educated guess based on the things I demonstrated. I do like this format better than the videos, and will be using the article to help me reach and assess my short-term BF goal of 20%…Great job, as always!
I got my body fat measured by a professional trainer and it said 10% and I don’t have ab definition yet.
Kelly and her brother Jack have both lost weight in recent years, and their shared weight loss goals may have made the journey a bit easier.
She admitted the truth about her weight loss, but  got a lot of heat for originally lying about her choice. However, after her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, she made weight loss a very serious goal, having lost 8.5 inches on the first night of the show. Though her weight is a number that seems to fluctuate, she has admitted throughout the years to dropping pounds through diet and exercise.
After her recently pregnancy with twins, she has slimmed down, losing baby weight and some. However, after several health scares, Randy underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003 and has since lost 114 lbs. Specifically, he stopped eating fast food and instead focused on eating nutritious and balanced meals, think protein, vegetables, and complex carbs.
If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider. For hormonal and reproductive reasons women need to store a higher level of body fat than men.
If you consider the skeleton model to be 0% body fat, then you simply use the male model in this picture and determine how close they are in relation. Again, this isn’t about judging, but simply stating a noticeable physical difference. You may or may not like one or the others appearance, but that isn’t the point of the comparison. If that is roughly in the area of 9-12% depending on LBM for men…start to do the math of where you are at.
However, according to calipers I am far leaner (less than 17% body fat), so perhaps that is the metric you are using?
It seems that the way someone looks is an intersection between how much muscle mass one has and body fat percentage. In any case, since her debut on American Idol and releasing numerous albums, Kelly has lost 30 lbs., due to lots of cardio. She has become a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, a program that she claims helped her lose more than 40 lbs. Water manipulation or advanced super-compensation techniques can have dramatic differences on your appearance.
If you want to know what I think your body fat percentage is, you can join in on the forum discussion in the private forums.
I do not provide medical aid or nutrition for the purpose of health or disease and claim to be a doctor or dietitian.
From this article and a few others I have read, I am able to determine my goal bodyfat is 18%.
Semi-regretting his actions, Seth says that he’s having a hard time keeping the pounds off. A male celebrity has figured out a way to lose a lot of weight without fancy personal trainers, liposuction, gastric bypass surgery, or food delivery service. You will understand why they are at higher body fat levels than you once might have thought.
This post isn’t about judgment, but more so a definition of the difference between the two.
It requires a lot of energy and effort, and to be shed pounds you have to be persistent, willing, and focused. In my personal opinion, I think women should tread lightly trying to maintain body fat levels below 15%. Since celebrities are in a world where they’re meant to be perfect idols, they often hit the gym to achieve their perfect bodies.

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