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January 3, 2014 By Mike Cernovich 29 Comments The discussion of going from fit to big left out the prequel.
How did I lose over 80 pounds of fat (going from a high of 260 pounds to a low of 180) without the use of any drugs other than caffeine and OTC thermogenics? I admire your work, and came across the blog a while ago and think you are a straight shooter and a have a no b.s attitude. Looking forward to having another website besides Bold and Determined to get quality content from.
Should I cut down to say 15% bodyfat so I’m quite a bit leaner than I am now, and then slow bulk to where I’ve got enough mass that I could cut to 10% and still be somewhat large? Or am I being a pussy and should I just bite the bullet, cut down t0 10%, and slowly work my way up to looking big at a lean weight? If you did a cut, you’d look great with your shirt off and really small with your clothes on.
Good work on the blog and your posts by the way, I especially like your post on cooking for men.

From what I’ve absorbed from the podcasts, anyone else reading this should know that under 2,000 a day for someone at 200 pounds is way too low and a recipe for metabolic disaster.
Mike and Jay advocate eating around 13-14 calories per pound of body weight — all body weight for weight loss, and around 15-16 for maintenance. I know this is an old question but I was eating around 2,000 a day when I was as high as 280 and it was not at all sustainable or pleasant in the slightest.
The weight training is just as much for mental focus and development as anything else, but I think the goal at this point is to keep my muscle mass around as much as possible and to enable me to eat a more rational diet, less carb restriction etc. Now I have lost almost 60 pounds, have gone from a size 16 to a size 4, and feel better than I ever!
He’s trying to build a greater reader base and you come off with a pussy-boy, know it all, head-up-your-ass remark. Lazy in modern parlance means you don’t work like a slave for no reason, like a good little work horse. I am naturally a bit knock kneed, but my back squat always fuck up when I start putting weight on it.

Just make sure that you tie the knot tight so that the knot doesn’t come undone during your set.
Of course also activation exercises, maybe as part of a warm-up or just all the time at home.
I prefer to do ATG olympic squats, because of mobility and quads and I know that there is nothing wrong with my hips since my deadlift is almost double bodyweight (I am still quite the rookie trainee). I will probably also do some squat mobilty exercises, like squat2stands with overhead reach. Should I change to front squat so it’s harder to cheat on the lift or is there some magical way to cure my knee-problem?

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