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Bob Barker may have dissed the host of "The Price is Right" but in the Showcase Showdown, Drew Carey is the winner! Drew Carey has lost 80 pounds since January with a diet that has no carbs and 45 minutes of cardio a day, 6 days a week.
The thing I am most proud of for Drew?  He had diabetes type II and with the weight loss no longer needs the medicine to fight it.
Hmm.  I drink loads of water and green tea.  I do have a few Diet sodas in the morning as I don't drink coffee and need that caffeine fix man!
As a diabetic myself, I am happy for Drew and hope to hear he will be doing something for the cause to bring it to the masses attention. We’ve all seen her endorse the popular Weight Watcher’s program, but how did she look before? If it wasn’t for the before and after pictures to compare, we would have never known it was him! Kelly has dropped a total of 50 pounds and went to as far as wearing a size two on the cover of Shape magazine in December 2010.

Jared Leto was told to gain weight for the role of John Lennon’s killer in the movie Chapter 27.
Jones Reynolds confessed that she went through gastric bypass after having difficulty losing weight.
Also known as the weather anchor from the Today Show’s,Al was at his heaviest at 340 pounds.
Kirstie Alley once lost 60 pounds when she was under the management of Jenny Craigh, a weight loss program. He lost over 100 pounds and is committed on eating healthier while hitting the gym more often. The Jessica Simpson weight loss journey resulted in her losing a miraculous 60 pounds of fat! Although her thinnest was at 160 pounds, she told the media that she will never diet again. He went through gastric bypass surgery and lost 140 pounds, although he still continues to lose weight today.

He struggled to keep his diabetes under control and decided to proceed using gastric bypass surgery in 2003. He lost 63 pounds from his original weight in order to play a role in the movie The Machinst. Since then, he has lost over 80 pounds by sticking to a diet with veggies, fruits, high protein food, and hitting the gym.
In order to lose the weight she did the Weight Watchers program and used celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak.
Also, she started eating a healthy and balanced diet which doesn't include random splurges of unhealthy food.

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