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ShareEver envy how celebrities easily shed their baby pounds just few months their giving birth?
Celebrities like Jessica Alba claimed that she used two corsets to recover her waist before her pregnancy while the most beautiful woman on earth this year, Gwyneth Paltrow used two pair of Spanx to lose her post baby tummy.
Before going through post-baby exercise, you should ask medical clearance from your obstetrician. It may look easy and less challenging but walking is one of the ways as you head towards fitness routine. The workout plans in the Truth About Abs program are the most unique and effective workout procedures just designed to decrease your belly fat without stressing you out for high results.
There is a belt that you can use to reduce your tummy after giving birth; it is called the abdominal binder. I am teaming up with New Balance to promote women who also live the “Always in Beta” Lifestyle. If you download the Blippar App, you can Blipp the page to see awesome content, videos and get to know the NB Women and their stories in a really cool way!
I’m so excited for fall hiking, long walks, trail running and pumpkin lattes and of course, Always Living in Beta. Filed Under: Blogs, Product Reviews Tagged With: always in Beta, Crossfit, danny j, Danny Johnson, fall catalog, fitness, goals, health, hiking, motivation, new balance, personal training, reviews, running, sponsored, sweaty betties, the sweaty betties, training, workoutAre you waiting for a rainy day or planning your SUNNY day? August 19, 2015 By The Sweaty Betties Leave a Comment If you have been with me awhile, you may have ended up on one of my financial webinars, where I shared a pretty personal story from 2011-2012 when my husband and I decided to foreclose on our home in Las Vegas and file bankruptcy, due to the huge down turn in the economy in our area (and most of the country). It was a tough decision and one that left us living with friends, applying for food stamps and re-assessing our financial goals and our future. We had done a lot of home renovations on our home before losing it, and it was money we had at the time, so quite the bummer to think that we lost it all!
The whole experience was a HUGE wake up call on how we lived and how we looked at our finances.
I realized that our thoughts around money can shape our lives in ways that affect our confidence and ultimately our relationships and more!
We decided, that we were no longer going to live how we lived before and we were going to put away money for emergencies but also save for the things we WANTED because you never know when things can change.
I just came across Sun Trust Banks Resource Center, and I love it because it walks you through and helps you set up different accounts and gives you ideas on what is possible.
I wish I had a road map or just an easier way to look at things when we were struggling and Sun Trust has really made this possible! Subscribe to the Shine newsletter and receive inspiration and advice twice a month to help you live for a sunny day. Our most advanced tracker yet, the Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker (HJ-327T) is petite yet powerful. Omron is encouraging women like us to #walkoutwednesdays where we schedule a walk with a friend and get out there on Wednesdays! Many studies have shown that working out with a partner or group of people encourages you to stay on track and motivated. I am excited to see how I can increase my daily activity and also reconnect with a friend or my husband once a week, just getting outside. However, I now have realized, the hard way, that too much pushing, not enough ALLOWING can pretty much, well, get your panties in a bunch! Ultimately, just staying active has helped me maintain my physique, my relationships and my sanity! I’m excited to team up with Stayfree® to share how I am able to stay calm, cool, and collected while staying active. Opposite Day Workout – sometimes, we have SO much stress in our lives- work, kids, traffic, etc. Use your breaks wisely– if there is little time between leaving work, picking up one child, dropping off another, etc.
PLAY – My newest, most fun way to get some activity in, is to blast Pandora and dance!!

For a limited time, received a free 30 day online subscription to My Yoga on Gaiam TV with any Stayfree purchase! Here’s the thing – the first hour of your day sets the tone for how your entire day will go! Filed Under: Blogs, Featured, Motivation, Real Talk Tagged With: challenges, coffee, danny j, expert personal trainer, fitness, goals, inspiration, mornings, real talk, the sweaty betties, toning, weight-loss, weightlossPremier Protein Giveaway!! Premier Protein saw this and saw that a lot of you wanted to check these out too, so I hooked up a SWEET GIVEAWAY!! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN MY NEWSLETTER (make sure you’re subscribed) ON TUESDAY JULY 15TH!! I don’t know about you, but whenever I have a new outfit, workout shoes or gadget, I’m FIRED UP again!! April 17, 2014 By The Sweaty Betties 7 Comments Need a delicious and healthy Breakfast or Snack Idea?
All the ingredients you can get from the grocery, amazon pantry (with amazon prime), or make your own flours. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together  flours, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, and protein powder.
February 8, 2014 By The Sweaty Betties 1 Comment Foam Rollers are a great form of Self-Myofascial Release.
Foam rolling helps relieve muscle soreness and tension, loosens knots, allivates IT Band syndrome and helps with full range of motion and increasing mobility. Here are a few techniques I use and teach my clients for IT band, inner thighs, upper back, traps, lats and even feet for plantar fascitis. January 13, 2014 By The Sweaty Betties 2 Comments The one thing I said I’d NEVER do. I recall, growing up, my aunt and uncle having my parents go to presentations for different businesses they wanted to get involved in.
As I have become more and more successful with my personal training business and my online presence, I started to get approached pretty regularly by distributors or brand partners for various companies: Visalus, Beach Body, Vemma, Monavie, Isagenix, Juice Plus, just to name some of the most popular ones. I admittedly thought that I was “too good” for that, and I even felt offended that people would see my fans and just want to make money off of me and not provide them with a real service or something of value! Long story short, I was approached last March by a company that seemed to really offer something I was looking for. It was a product that contained the herbs and formulas that I used to heal my metabolic damage from extreme dieting.
I was very excited about it and I started to see why Network Marketing was such a great model; I was able to see how I could build an excited and supportive team that helped others and also created an income for people. I had just paid off all my student-loan debt, was riding on the high of being DEBT FREE and now I had a vehicle to share with others to do the same thing as me…. I was struggling with wondering if I made a mistake and if I should just give up on the idea of this business for good.
I started listening to a few of my mentors, like Dani Johnson, Guy Kawasaki, and other financial experts. I was fighting with the thought that I should try again, but remembering that I already failed.
My beautiful sister-in-law started it over a year ago, but I stubbornly refused to even look at the product, which I was SURE was a gimmick.
So much so, that my husband and I decided to become Bigs with Big Brothers Big Sisters when Nerium partnered  with them as a sponsor.
Isn’t it so annoying how their figures are red-carpet ready not long after they gave birth?
If you plan to redeem your enviable figure or if you wanted to make a “risk reduction” towards your figure, then you should start doing a move.
If you cannot find time to sweat those “baby fats” off, then you can use post baby belly wraps. Once after giving birth both the doctor and the hospital staff advised me that it’ is not efficient to use the belt, the only effective way you are able to contract your stomach is through exercise and diet.

One of my first and favorite books I ever read was called, “Don’t You Dare Give Up,” a book about a gymnast who was paralyzed doing the sport she loved, but out of her tragedy she reinvented herself, and continued to inspire and work in other ways. The new Fall Catalog is packed with awesome new gear, but also lots of women’s stories that will inspire you, push you, and motivate you! Let’s get real here, sports bras are my best friend, but I don’t always like how they can smash everything and make me look like I wasted $4000 on a boob job (hahaha) The “Tenderly Obsessive” bra is seriously genius. New Balance nailed it with the Heat En Route Jacket; it’s gorgeous, comfy, has the fun thumbholes that I love and feels so soft! When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you. It allows you to transfer your fitness data wirelessly to your smartphone with our free Omron Fitness App.
I wanted to see how this baby worked and I ripped it open and went straight for the instructions…. I don’t always leave much time for myself and I forget how good FRESH AIR and a quick walk feels. There are all kinds of fitness and all kinds of food and ways to eat and stay healthy and active. I was worried about what people would think of me and especially the people on my team that may have felt that I dragged them into a failing company.
Take for example how Megan Fox was so ready to strut her stuff just few months after she gave birth.
Latin American used fajas to wrap their tummy while Japanese women wear sarashi to wrap their belly.
This workout involves contracting and holding the muscles that is responsible to the urine flow. Losing that baby belly is hard especially if you don’t have the motivation and discipline to do so. Just think of someone as your fitspiration and imagine how great it would be to regain your pre-pregnancy baby. However the saree thing actually attains a difference, Infect, most of our elderly women in Indian culture advice to tie a saree across your tummy. I am constantly looking to improve my lifestyle in so many ways, and always looking for something that can make just that 1% change.
Welcome to NB WOMEN where every tight fits right, every layer works hard, and every shoes lets you moved with perfect freedom.
I started doing a lot more from home– climbing the stairs to my apartments 25 times and then some push-ups on the counter– a little goes a long way!
Let us not forget how Miranda Kerr was swimsuit ready, two months after giving birth to Flynn. They also redefine the waistline and reduce the bloat that is caused by the water retention in the midriff part. He’s helped teach thousands of people world-wide how to get six pack abs using incredible body-shaping tricks and techniques. You ought to tie the saree day in and day out and also continue lying down flat most of the time for at least 1 month after delivery to have good results. Mostly because I was too worried about things being squeezed and creating more bulges and bumps than necessary.
Need we mention how Gisele Bundchen look as though she never gave with her post pregnancy figure? The post baby belly wrap called Taut helps shrinks the uterus while reducing the water retention. The Premium Performance Hot Shorts are so flattering, with the wide waistband, great coverage, and they stay put when running or stretching.
On the other hand, if you are ready to work out, then you can use the Baboosh Body that is an exercise band.

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