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The primary responsibility of the body after childbirth is to produce high quality milk for the baby.
The recommended daily calorie intake for a nursing woman is 1800 -2000 calories or 500 calories more than your regular consumption.
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A new mom has to take special care and precautions because for the first few months the baby depends on her entirely for its food and nourishment. It continues to fulfill its responsibility even in the absence of a proper diet by using the mother’s energy reserves. You should get active and incorporate moderate, low intensity exercises in your daily routine.
Besides, there’s a secret we would like to disclose- breastfeeding helps to promote weight loss.

Regular exercise helps to gradually tone, firm and strengthen the different muscle groups that were stretched during pregnancy. Delivery is a physically exhausting and traumatic event and the body requires proper nutrition to recover. Yoga, mild aerobic exercises and Kegel exercises are ideal for women who want to lose weight while breastfeeding.

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