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Fight Menopause, Hormone imbalance and Support antiaging, stress-reduction, and wellness in your body with our Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Yoga routines!
Lost weight finally - I am with Amaya Clinic since last 4 weeks and already lost 22 lbs without any appetite suppressant or its side effects. Lose Weight - If you are struggling to loose weight and have tried other diets and failed, you will be very surprised at the quick results. Our weight loss programs utilize customized dietary plans, weight loss medications, hormone therapies, and vitamin supplements prescribed by a physician. This includes, but is not limited to prescriptions of appetite suppressants, hormone therapies, lipo-tropic injections, vitamin B12 injections, and physician grade nutritional supplements.
At Houston Medical HCG Clinic, whichever program you best qualify for, we teach you how to loose the weight and train you to change your lifestyle habits during the diet. Hcg doctors and clinics - hcg injections for weight loss, Hcg doctors directory features hcg doctors and hcg clinics who specialize in physician supervised hcg injections for weight loss and fertility. Sleiman MD, with a focus in the areas of Internal Medicine, Weight Management, Aesthetic & Body Sculpting.
AMAYA - Anti-Aging & Weight Loss, is a complete wellness care clinic with emphasis on prevention as well as treatment. The support and encouragement from the entire staff kept me focused and motivated to succeed with the HCG Diet Program.

Those that have had success with it believe it’s the long-awaited miracle cure for weight loss. Albert Simeons noticed malnourished women could give birth to babies who were not malnourished.
The six week program seemed like it was over in a flash and the results, well they speak for them self.
Special thanks to Dasha for her efforts and being there at whenever I needed help and support.
Simeons reasoned the hormone HCG must be programming the body to mobilize calories from stored fat deposits and deliver it to the fetus.
Whether you're a male dealing with the affects of old age, or a female dealing with the effects of menopause, you can rest assured that you're not alone and our methods will work for you. Every day, men and women come to us stressed by the endless symptoms, frustrated by the sleepless nights, and desperate to regain the balance in their lives they deserve. I have lost 46 pounds in 8 weeks after failing at every other attempt i made nothing worked until i discovered the Amaya Clinic. The doctor then tried low doses of HCG and starvation-style diets to find a combination he claimed did the same thing in non-pregnant people.
He attended the University of Houston where he received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry.

Women often gain weight, lose their sex drive, experience hot flashes, suffer memory loss, become short-tempered, find it difficult to sleep, and so on and so on. He completed his Medical education at the University of Texas Medical School – Houston. Men lose energy and stamina as they age, and they have to live with women going through menopause!
Sleiman received his medical doctorate degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch – Houston. These changes are caused by hormonal imbalances, which can affect our mind, body and spirit. Sleiman is diplomat of the American Board of Family Physicians and diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
Sleiman is committed to providing his patient with an exceptional level of care and attention in delivering, traditional family medicine for the entire family. Sleiman enjoys helping his patients look their best with the latest technology, from body contouring and medical weight loss to anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

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