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Meat lovers are used to the fact that their favorite food does not get positive coverage, but the latest issue of the scientific Journal Cell Metabolism contains some upsetting news also for those who crave for cheese, milk or fish, as two new studies published on it found evidence that a high-protein diet can shorten lifespan. Surprisingly enough, the research showed that older adults aged 65 or over benefit from a diet moderately rich in proteins, on grounds of the lower propensity to process proteins typical of older individuals. Previous researches found it was important to reduce the consumption of red meat, fat, sugar and salt in order to avoid illnesses. Over the last decades there has been a proliferation of diets prescribing the increase of proteins and the reduction of carbohydrates as an infallible solution to lose weight. South California University’s research found that people aged 50 or over consuming food high in protein are four times more likely to die before the age of 70 because the amino acids that compose proteins weaken the cells and contribute to mutate their DNA, exposing them to the risk of cancer, diabetes and other illnesses. Analyzing the effect of different diets on mice, the researchers from Sydney observed that the longest-living mice were those fed with a high amount of carbohydrates and a low amount of proteins. While it might be wrong and dangerous to compare the effects of smoking with those of eating meat and cheese, as the nutrition scientist Gunter Kuhnle put it, the results found by the two universities present very convincing links between a high-protein diet and a shortened life expectancy. The Proteins We Should Eat: A list of High Protein Foods Most health problems we have today can be traced back to the foods we eat and choose not to eat. Valter Longo of the University of Southern California and by Stephen Simpson from the University of Sydney respectively and showed similar conclusions, although their researches were carried out independently. Longo, an expert in longevity and cell biology, found that the insurgence of cancer, diabetes and other illnesses, that are common causes of death among middle-aged adults, is closely linked to a high consumption of proteins, especially of animal ones.
However, in both cases the negative effects are much lower if the proteins originate from plants and vegetables. Simpson’s research was conducted on mice and came to similar conclusions, showing that a diet poor in proteins and rich in carbohydrates accounts for a longer lifespan.
Nevertheless, the new findings unearthed more comprehensive evidence that other type of foods such as cheese, fish and pulses can also shorten life, as their consumption contributes to create a high-protein diet. The loss of weight has been often regarded as sign of a healthy diet, though the new studies show that the quick reduction of fat following a higher intake of proteins results in deleterious long-term effects as negative as those produced by smoking as much as 20 cigarettes per day.
They also found that a high intake of calories and the presence of body fat are not necessarily life-reducing factors. Longo thinks that one of the most important findings is that calories have very different quality and different effects on the body, depending on which food they stem from and the way they interact.
The amount of protein required daily depends on your calorie intake and your activity level. For this reason we need quality protein sources and enough from it to build quality muscle. It is advisable to check with your doctor to know exactly how much protein your body needs for maintaining strong and healthy muscles. Since your body depends on the nutrients in the foods you consume to correct muscle and ligament, refusing to eat muscle mass building foods can directly effect your bodies capability to build muscle tissues, and get over stressful weight lifting workouts.

However, there are actually a large number of foods to select from, you will find merely a number of muscle mass building foods which are full of protein worth consumption through the bodybuilder.The muscles that are contained in the body are mainly made up of proteins and water.
Proteins would be the foundation of protein, that is an extremely important component that’s responsible within the recovery and building of muscle groups. Foods which have high protein content include venison, eggs, coffee, milk along with other milk products, meat and fruits.The very best food to construct muscle includes some quantity of fats. If you’re going to achieve your ultimate goal then attempt to develop self-discipline and control. Which means you need to think of a plan that will meet your needs after considering your weaknesses and strengths. Do you know the Best High protein diet foods?The very best high protein diet foods are the ones which are relatively lower in saturated fats, and contain high levels of quality protein.
In accessory for being complete proteins, the very best muscle mass building foods have a superior biological value (BV) rating, and therefore the protein they contain could be easier employed by your body because of the configuration from the proteins.Some bodybuilding experts recommend ingesting over a gram of protein for each pound of the body weight every day. Protein can be found in various kinds of foods, and bodybuilders sometimes use special protein-rich dietary supplements.EggsEggs are among the most often used foods for muscle mass building. About 73 percent of the egg is protein, as well as an average egg only contains 5 g of fat. You are able to trim the cholesterol within an egg by taking out the yolk.ChickenChicken meat is another solid supply of protein for muscle building. Create a chicken white meat leaner by taking out the skin.Steak and FishSteak and fish are generally sufficient protein sources.
Fish also includes high levels of protein and relatively low-fat content.Lean cuts of steak really are a terrific high protein food. You do not have to stay with beef alone, as buffalo and venison will also be excellent choices. Fish contains high levels of quality protein, without any carbohydrates, and little saturated fats. Perhaps the most effective fish to consume are the ones from the cold water variety for example salmon, trout and sardines. Yogurt provides the additional advantage of live bacterial cultures, that are excellent for the digestive tract.So long as you have no allergies to milk products, they must be including in what you eat. Consume organic diary products whenever you can.Kidney BeansWhile not commonly regarded as a higher protein food, beans really are a delicious highly nutritious food that demand attention from anyone who is attempting to construct muscle. They are loaded with top quality protein, and in contrast to other muscle mass building foods, contain high levels of fiber. Manufacture of hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals essential for survival also require protein.
An essential building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood is that this very nutrient.

Moreover, skimmed and soy milk, are fantastic sources of calcium, protein, vitamins and good fat. Hence, the body is full of energy and you are prepared to hit the gym and exercise without feeling exhausted. OystersOysters are lower in fat and calories, good sources of minerals and vitamins, and are a decent source of protein. The friendly bacteria within this food enhances intestinal health, helping in the prevention and management of various digestive problems. More importantly, yogurt is a great choice for those who have an intolerance towards most milk products. Also, it is a good supply of calcium, helps in lowering cholesterol, and prevents diseases for example yeast infections.Beans and SproutsYes, beans, of any type are magical foods rich in protein.
You are able to stir fry beans with carrots and noodles to create a tasty and filling snack. There are also many interesting and low calorie beans and sprouts recipes online to create quick and healthy meals every single day.Nuts are Easy to Digest SoybeanYou can eat a handful of nuts for the snack time between meals. If you are searching for high magnesium, potassium, e vitamin and fiber, nuts are healthy choices. You can even then add nuts to your salads, pasta or make protein bars with nuts in your own home.Easy to Digest and High Protein FoodSoy MilkLiquids digest more easily than solid foods. Soy milk comes complete with protein, as is hemp milk, plus they minimize the amount of energy expended on digestion. Other soy products, for example soy beans and veggie burgers, pack exactly the same protein punch.Cottage CheeseCottage type cheese is a source of easily digestible pure whey protein. Products produced from cow’s milk all contain pure whey protein, but cottage cheese is one of the highest sources. The issue with natural sources of pure whey protein is that they are frequently high in saturated fats.
Pure whey protein is also sold as a powder in lots of health food stores.Soy ProductsThe protein produced from animal sources is known as a complete protein because it contains all the eight essential proteins required for various bodily functions. But soy is a plant product that is similar to protein, and that is the reason, vegans ought to include this in their diet for his or her required supply of protein. Almost all soy products are easy to digest, as well as an important benefit that they provide is cholesterol-reducing levels.Easy High Protein Diets to lose weightYour high protein diet regime will work best if you reduce the carbohydrates within the meals. Keep browsing various dieters websites and channels to understand more about a healthy and easy to prepare protein diet.

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