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To help you create your vegetarian meal plans, check out the International Vegetarian Union for many great recipes! This entry was posted in Family & Relationships and tagged menu, Menu Plan, vegetarian meal plans on 2010-02-08 by Christine. If you enjoyed today's post and want to get the latest updates from the Money Funk personal finance blog, please subscribe to the RSS feed or by email.
Being a veggie family we have not only realised that shopping is a lot cheaper, but that we have also become MUCH more creative in the kitchen… and of course there is the added bonus that no animals have died for your meal ?? Loving the vegetarian meal plan!!!!!
I need to agree that is one of my favorite things about a vegetarian diet – the creativity. I really wish my daughter loved her veggies, but she has opted with my carnivorous husband. Research shows that low carbohydrate diets are very effective for short term weight loss – a diet of grilled fish or meat together with lots of leafy vegetables can very quickly ‘melt’ away surplus kilos.  What happens, though, if you are a vegetarian?  Is it still possible to follow a low carb diet plan for vegetarian while respecting the principles of a vegetarian diet?

Protein shakes are an obvious choice for breakfast  and delicious protein rich smoothies can be made by blending protein powder, milk, frozen fruit and nut butters.   Lunch and supper can be based around vegetables supplemented with a variety of vegetable proteins, while aiming to keep the carbohydrate content as low as possible. Charlotte Debeugny is a bilingual UK Registered Nutritionist and published author working in medical centres in and around Paris.
I’m still thinking of becoming a vegetarian, even though I’m not eating meat so often its still a hard decision to say NO forever! If a recipe calls for tofu in the stir fry, but have a zucchini that needs to be used up – then go for it!
Remember, even if a vegetarian meal calls for expensive ingredients there is always a frugal alternative. I never realized how many ultra cool dishes that can be made with a little thought and a lot of color. We eat leftover dinner items for lunches then alternate a hot and cold cereals for breakfast.

Research shows that you can have a healthy vegetarian pregnancy or even a healthy vegan pregnancy.
In contrast, an average serving of 100g cooked lentils contains 20g of carbohydrate and if you add in a serving of rice, you can easily consume 50g of carbohydrate during one meal!
Be sure your plate has lots of colors (green spinach, red bell pepper, purple eggplant) and you’ll be sure that you are getting your much needed nutrients. Basically if you eat a nice healthy mix of low-fat yogurt, some soy items, eggs, peanut butter, and other veggie protein foods you'll be fine. Note, once your baby is born, breast milk is the most nutritious food for him, then formula.

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