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Downing chocolate milk after a tough workout can help replenish exhausted muscles and significantly aid exerciseIs This the New Celebrity Diet?. Stager tested out chocolate milk’s performance as a workout recovery drink on nine cyclists.
This entry was posted in Coaching, Diet Tips, Fitness Advice, Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss and tagged Chocolate milk, Health Benefits of Chocolate milk, Post workout, Post Workout Drink, Protein. There are those who eat to live, and those who live to eat, and I am definitely of the latter. Many of these 15 workout snacks have killer sweet and salty components, along with protein and fiber, sating all of your body’s pre- and post-exercise needs. I can’t thank you enough for sharing these very delicious and at the same time healthy snacks. It’s important to remember that you sweat out sodium and potassium during a robust routine, Hendel says. A recent study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that watermelon juice helped athletes’ muscle recovery.
Muscle fiber is damaged during vigorous daily exercise, says Jeanine Barone, Sports Medicine and Nutrition Editor of the University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter. These are simple ideas and may leave you smacking your head and asking why you hadn’t thought of that before. I know what I will be doing here in a bit, cooking and eating are one of my favorite past-times.

For more healthy recipes that are all gluten free, check out the Naturally Sweet Treats eBook button over there on the side bar. For a high-endurance athlete, Stager’s team sees it as a catch-all workout recovery drink.
How long do I have to run on the treadmill so I can have a cupcake later?  I not only live to eat, I exercise to eat (well, and to be healthy of course). From recovery smoothies that will trick your brain into thinking you’re sipping a milkshake, to some incredibly satisfying, guilt-free protein cookies (who would have thunk those words could coexist?), these recipes should totally be in your snack rotation to get you ready for a workout and energize you afterwards. I thought being healthy is an effort, especially when it comes to snacks, but these recipes are absolutely perfect.
The amino acids of protein help with muscle repair and aid in building new muscle tissue, says HealthCentral obesity expert and certified personal trainer Amy Hendel. Try whole grain pita with hummus to get all the post-exercise nutrient necessities: sodium, potassium, carbs, and protein. Cindy Haines, HealthCentral’s fitness expert, advises people to have a snack with protein and carbohydrates about 30 minutes after vigorous exercise, and then a complete meal within two hours.
Okay, so this isn’t a food, but drinking plenty of liquids is crucial to avoid dehydration. The amino acid L-citrulline, naturally found in watermelon, increased levels of arginine and ornithine, which contribute to muscle growth.
Free radicals can also form during exercise, so Barone recommends consuming foods with antioxidant phytochemicals, along with protein and carbs.

But of course it cannot be that good for you if it’s full of msg, and refined sugars. Compared to plain milk, water, or most sports drinks, it has double the carbohydrate and proteinSports Nutrition - Protein Needs for Athletes.
One of Barone’s favorite post-exercise snacks is yogurt parfait topped with honey and nuts. What will I make for dinner? When can I make that insanely delicious looking recipe I saw on Instagram? You know how some people will say they forgot to eat?
Remember to drink water throughout your exercise session, even if you’re not thirsty and especially on a hot day. Physiologist Joel Stager, director of the Human Performance laboratory at Indiana University, has even one more potential workout recovery drink to add to the list: chocolate milk.
His research team concluded that the athletes who consumed chocolate milk performed just as well or better as those who drank the other beverages. No matter how hectic my life gets, I always remember to stop and eat, for my brain and stomach are excellent communicators.

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