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3.) Avocado grilled sandwich with basil, feta, spinach and balsamic vinegar – find the recipe right here!
7.) Noodle stir fry with sugar snap peas, edamame and cashews – find the recipe right here!
8.) Salad with spicy sweet potato, spicy falafels and guacamole – find the recipe right here! Whether you follow the "vegan before 6pm" routine, you're taking a Beyonce-like vegan challenge, or you're animal-free through and through, it seems like more and more of us have tried a vegan diet. Make a hearty split pea soup sans the ham using this vegan split pea soup recipe, or go for a raw cold pea soup that you can whip up in your blender.
This spicy sweet potato salad is meant to be a side, but it works well on its own as a hearty lunch. If you've got a slow cooker, making this vegan butternut squash lentil soupwill be a breeze. A filling lunch that's perfect for warmer weather: open-faced avocado and "goat cheese" sandwiches, topped with greens.
Even if a barbecue isn't in your near future, you'll want to whip up a batch of this veggie pasta salad. You'll want to make a big batch of this soba noodle salad with ginger peanut dressing for dinner; the leftovers will make an even tastier lunch!

Give your regular quinoa salad routine a spicy makeover with this cumin-spiced lentil and quinoa stew. An avocado-topped colorful veggie salad will be something to look forward to when it's time for lunch. L?s indl?gChristine BondeMed en faglig baggrund inden for ern?ring og sundhed og en stor interesse for mad, bev?gelse og velv?re deler jeg ud af tips og tricks, masser af opskrifter samt undren og egne erfaringer pa omradet. It is time for another of my little recipe roundup posts and this week it is all about lunch!
While going vegan may take a bit more thought and effort than an unrestricted diet, with a little pre-planning — like checking ingredients in store-bought breads and stocking up on vegan pantry essentials — you can still enjoy delicious, exciting meals no matter what time of day.
High-fibre sweet potatoes and a spicy red-pepper dressing (plus an extra jalepeno kick) mean this vegan recipe is anything but boring.
It's lower in fat and higher in nutrients than regular pasta salad, which makes it a good and good-for-you lunch that you'll look forward to. Creamy, tangy, and with a kick, this will become one of your favourite vegan lunch options. This detox cabbage and carrot salad comes with a tangy tahini dressing that will satisfy taste buds. This paleo-friendly cauliflower "rice" stir-fry" recipe satisfies your greasiest cravings with fresh produce atop "rice" made from cauliflower.

Spread hummus on pita bread and top with slices of your favorite veggies, like bell pepper, red onion, zucchini, and tomato; then season to taste. Jeg br?nder for okologi, b?redygtighed, madlavning med masser af velv?re- og helbredsfordele, at leve minimalistisk, yoga og alsidig bev?gelse. I have collected a bunch of my favourite healthy lunch recipes for you and as always there should be something for everyone. To keep you going this week, we've found over 20 tasty and creative vegan lunches that are perfect for brown bagging to work.
Du kan finde opskrifter pa alt fra salater, smoothies og juices til sunde burgere, pizzaer og desserter.
Kig forbi og bliv inspireret til en sundere, mere farverig hverdag, som er nem at ga til – ogsa for dem der ikke er sa erfarne i kokkenet.

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