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Sandwiches, scones, cakes, all washed down with a cup of creamy Assam in a sumptuous setting. From the super-tasty sarnies packed with Brit filling duos like ham and mustard and cucumber and cream cheese, to the warm buttery scones and pockets of sweet heaven they call petit fours, arvo tea is a marathon of decadence. Sadly, it hasn't remained untouched by the clean eating trend, and healthy versions are popping up all over the place. This tea kicks off with a delicious rum cocktail, which serves as a hint of how luxurious this apparently guilt-free experience will be. It's just as well RAW describe their tea as a 'quintessentially contemporary vegan alternative' to the traditional afternoon tea, otherwise we'd have been disappointed the moment we walked in. Queen Victoria used to take tea in The English Tea Room, so we feel pretty snazzy just walking into the newly-renovated place. It sounds like an opening scene of Downton, and us plebs have been paying a tidy sum for the privilege of chowing down on plush tea snacks for years. Not least because it's served in its entirety, so you can start salivating over the cakes before you've taken the first bite of a sandwich.
We're not talking a couple of tweaks for those suffering from nut allergies – these are teas transformed for foodies who like their mouthful free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.
The three-tiered stand is delivered full, with the bottom and middle layer stacked with sandwiches, as our waitress confirms the scones will be served warm when we want them. The restaurant itself is black and minimal, as far away from an elegant tea room as you could get, so there isn't really the opportunity to snuggle down in lavish chairs as you would do at The Ritz.

Best to be honest though, traditionalists won't be having any of this tea, on the basis that they've sacked off the scones.
All Instagramâ„¢ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram. Perhaps in the knowledge that gluten-free bread is never as fluffy as refined white, only one sandwich is served finger style. Another twist is that each course is served separately and the sandwiches are served on individual slate slabs, so there's no intimate sharing.
The rest are open sandwiches, kind of like a hybrid of a crustini and blini, and the smoked aubergine and roasted pepper is amazing. Again, to cut the calorie content Brown's have decided to go with open sarnies but it's a good move because they don't skimp on the toppings. As promised, warm wholemeal scones follow, with crème fraiche that fills a clotted cream-shaped gap surprisingly well. The scrambled tofu and mustard cress sandwich was tasty with a kick, and the grilled aubergine was served with a killer coleslaw.
There's poached salmon and dill crème fraiche on rye bread as a healthy alternative to the usual cream cheese efforts, and what about their smoked mackerel and soft-boiled quail's egg?
The stars of the show are the petit fours though, created with agave syrup rather than refined sugar.
Their homemade scones were warm and nice enough, but top them with fresh strawberries and RAW's coconut cream and they were a definite competitor for the old favourite.

The blueberry and yoghurt chiffon cake is as delightfully light and fluffy as the flourless choc mint cake is rich and dense. The medium tier was filled with fresh fruit skewers served with yoghurt and honey, which despite giving us a little food envy of other tables tucking into warm scones, made us feel pretty smug. And then there's the giant red velvet cake ball in the centre of the tea plate, filled with cream cheese.
A chocolate brownie was rich and gooey sans dairy, and the raw coconut and raspberry cheesecake was just the right balance of fresh and indulgent. It's also worth noting that your waiter is more than happy (and will likely offer) to refresh the two bottom tiers if you're not ready to move on to the top tier just yet.
If you're anything like us, the teacups will rattle while you fight over which is the biggest half. They're actually pretty sizeable, and big on taste too, especially the orange cake with yoghurt topping and flourless chocolate cake. A tip: add a glass of tea-tox champagne, which is low calorie, to make sure you definitely don't suffer tea-related FOMO.

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