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I’ve been a big fan of Kelly Smith since I tried her raw cookie dough bites nearly a year ago. Summer is quickly coming to an end, and that means it’s time to get organized for the back-to-school season, as well as all of the activities that come along with it. Of course, you wouldn’t be here reading this post if planning healthy meals (especially wholesome school lunches) wasn’t part of your back-to-school agenda!
The fact is, meal planning is a wonderful strategy to help families enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals with the awesome added benefits of saving time, money, and stress!
So, by learning how to create a weekly meal plan, you’ll not only ensure that your family eats healthier and saves money, but it will also save you time and stress as well. Shown above is what’s on the menu at The Nourishing Home for our first week back-to-school. So without further ado, here are the top five tips I share at each of my meal planning seminars.
The first step in meal planning is to make a Master List of Meals, which is simply a list of all the meals that you make. As you start trying new recipes, remember to add the ones your family likes to your Master List of Meals. Before you start selecting meals for the week ahead, first take a look at what’s happening each day, and plan your meals accordingly. For extra-busy days, schedule a “leftovers night,” where you can simply warm up a meal from a previous evening. First, check your pantry and frig to see what you already have on hand, and be sure to plan for meals that utilize these ingredients. Even planning a few meals a week, or planning meals for just the busiest days of the week, will go a long way in helping you stay on track with your healthy-eating goals and budget, as well as save you time and stress!
Make your meal plan for the week, and then go through each meal and list out all the ingredients needed to create that meal. Keep a pad of paper on your kitchen counter, and jot down items as you run out of them so they can quickly and easily be added to The List.
Just an hour or two over the weekend can go a long way in making things quicker and easier for you during the week ahead!
Meats: Cut and divide meat into portions based on your meal plan, and freeze (you can even place the meat into a marinade and freeze). Brown extra ground turkey, chicken, or beef, to use in another dish, such as tacos, later in the week. Cook extra chicken breasts, and then cut some up for another meal such as stir-fry or pasta dishes. Cook extra rice, put it into a container, and refrigerate or freeze for use as a quick side dish with a future meal.
For more healthy meal planning strategies, as well as free weekly whole food meal plans, visit The Nourishing Home. Kelly Smith loves the Lord, her family, and sharing her passion for real food cooking and meal planning with others. Ten Healthy Lunch Packing TipsMake school lunches a breeze with these ten healthy lunch packing tips. This is a terrific idea, fits for me because I always have a hard time on preparing meals for my kids.
I love these tips, personally its a nightmare when the kids go back to school so meal planning and using these tips have helped me so much. Before beginning any meal prep, I advise you to have tupperware containers on hand, you’re going to need them! Don’t try new recipes: When starting out with food prep it is best to stick with recipes you already know. My goal is to lose a few extra pounds meal prepping, I guess I need to give all the wine and cocktails up too! March 24, 2011 by Maryea 16 Comments Top basketball coaches would never let their team go into a game blind. I’ve had some readers request that I let you in on the process of my meal-planning madness.
This step also helps me remember certain ingredients I have that I may have forgotten about. During this step, I go to a few different sources to decide what recipes I want to make for the following week.
On average, each week 4 out of the 7 dinner meals are ones we’ve had before (with at least one familiar favorite for my husband) and the remaining 3 are new dishes we are trying. I like using this format because it helps me keep track of the number and variety of vegetables and fruits I am going to offer Meghan over the course of the day. I keep this on the fridge during the week, so I can always glance at it and remember what’s coming up and what preparations I need to make. I could go into so much more depth with meal planning, but this post is already long enough. I was just telling my husband how I need to get a handle on meal planning before I return to work. At first, my sole reason for learning how to meal plan for two weeks at a time was the idea of a second weekend when I wouldn’t have to plan and shop. Creating a meal plan for two weeks gave me a broader view of our diet and encouraged me to included a wider variety of meats and vegetables. If you’re going to meal plan for two weeks, you need to make sure that some of the food you buy will still be good during Week Two. Even if you buy food with a long shelf life, you will probably still need to freeze some of the food that you want to eat during Week Two.
Most fresh fruits will spoil after one week so you will have to find creative ways to include fruit in your family’s diet during Week Two. You don’t want to run out of toilet paper and have to make a second trip to the grocery store.
Trust me, you want to have a back-up if you forget an ingredient, you miscalculate what you need to make a recipe, your dinner plans change, etc. We also made the Crockpot Beef Roast, Ham & Broccoli Calzones, and Chicken Enchiladas from my Freezer Recipes cookbook. I hope I’ve helped you understand how to meal plan for two weeks at a time and given you the tools you need to start saving time and planning healthy, homemade meals for your family.
One of my favorite ministries is serving as the Meal Planning Contributor for The Better Mom, where I share my weekly real food meal plans as a way to help inspire and encourage others. All content (recipes, photos, text, etc.) on this site is the creative property of Kelly Smith of The Nourishing Home.

Meal planning is the best way to ensure your family is eating nutritious quality food.  It is important to make purposeful decisions about the food you bring into your home and serve to your family, but life can definitely get hectic and makes this a lot harder.  If you feel overwhelmed with meal planning on your own, we have done all of the work for you!  Our meal planning site it complete with pictures of every recipe, shopping list, and nutrition info! There are a lot of different methods to meal planning.  These are the methods we have found to be the most successful.
Choose meals for each day of the week and make a shopping list that reflects the ingredients needed to to make these meals.
The next week, go through the same routine, plan out your shopping for what you plan to make that week, and so on. Begin by taking an inventory of the staples in your pantry and freezer foods that you have.  You will do a large shopping trip at the beginning of the month. For the first week of the month, plan meals for for that week and make a shopping list that coincides with the meals you planned and what you already have. When you go to the store, buy what is on your list, but also look for deals.  If something is on sale, stock up to use that item later in the month. Start the month with a large shopping trip, buying anything that won’t go bad and perishables to last for 1-2 weeks. Eating a complete and balanced diet food meals will surely bring you to best life you can ever had . I would love to plan a whole months worth of meals, but I’ve got to get more organized.
Yes meal planning is very important in our family to ensure that we are consistently eating healthy food.
There are the odd times we indulge in the junky food but most times we stick to the good, wholesome and nutritious choices.
I absolutely love the idea of a meal plan, I’ve never thought of that before but this really seems like a great way to get more nutritious meals and eliminate stress!
I used to be terrible at this, but after trial and error I’m getting much better at the weekly plan. How would this work if I am working full-time and my nanny prepares the food for the kids 5 days a week. Healthy meal planning ideas…made all of this last night and everything turned out amazing. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account.
Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. Now, you can definitely get the same effect with a different brand container, but after a lot of research (#majordorkmoment – who researches plastic containers??) I decided these were by far my favorite.
Getting started with meal prepping can seem crazy overwhelming at first (lil panda bear containers or not…).
I am new to all of this but have a question, o you have to freeze the meals or do you just refrigerate them.
So that’s where MOMables and I come in: We want to show you how easy and beneficial it is to incorporate meal planning into your weekly routine. Meals prepared at home generally contain a greater variety of nutrient-rich foods compared with those found at typical restaurants. That’s because once you make your meal plan and purchase the ingredients needed for each of the meals outlined, you can then go on auto-pilot. Simply execute the meal plan day-by-day without having to stress over what’s for dinner and without having to make multiple trips to the market. You can find each of the recipes listed (as well as my free meal planning template) by visiting Healthy Back-to-School Menu. You can also find this information in more detail, as well as my popular “Cook Once, East Twice or More” tips, over at Mastering Meal Planning. Taking time to really think through this first step will save you a ton of time in the long run; no more racking your brain to try to think of what you should make for the week.
Use ground meat to mix and form into meatballs and burgers that can be frozen for later use. For example, I find it super-helpful to pre-chop, rinse, and store lettuce for salads for the week ahead. Grate cheese, make salad dressings or sauces, etc., and store them in the fridge or freezer. When making out your meal plan, consider which dinners lend themselves to also being a great lunch. Children need a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and fats for sustained energy and optimal learning. She is the author and creator of The Nourishing Home—a blog dedicated to sharing delicious whole food recipes, cooking tips and techniques, and overall encouragement to help others in their quest to live a more nourished life. Start small, getting into a new routine of prepping all your meals ahead can take time to take some getting used to. This way you are confident in the outcome of the recipe and the only thing you need to focus on is preparing it ahead of time.
Sometimes her dinner will look a little different, but it’s definitely all the same ingredients.
I keep a recipe folder on my computer and I rip pages from magazine and put them in a book too! Now that I’m actually writing a blog my organization has hit an all time low if you can believe it. I really have wanted and needed to try meal planning for a week or two, and after I read your post about planning I now have an idea of where to even begin. Each meal plan includes what’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as links to more than 40 of the delicious real food recipes featured. My heart in creating this blog is to help you by sharing helpful meal planning strategies and nourishing GF recipes that are healthy, easy and delicious with thanksgiving to God! You are welcome to share a photo via social media, as long as it contains a link back to the corresponding recipe from this site. Instead, take a careful inventory of what you already have that needs to be used up and plan your week of meals around those foods only. You can add in a new recipe or make something twice if your family really loves it, but generally you stick to your tried and true 30 recipes. Join our meal planning site to get our weekly meal plans with the recipes, shopping list, and pictures of every meal, 4 meals per day, 7 days per week!
In order to achieve a complete and balanced diet, in every meal, there must be a serving of fruits, meat, rice, vegetables and a glass of milk. It is my goal after having had gastric bypass to stay healthy and prevent my children from the fate as me. My biggest problem is needing something I can pack in a box and heat and eat or have cold and eat.

As soon as you get home from an exhausting day the last thing you want to do is plan a meal. That’s why I wanted to take a couple of minutes to go over a few strategies and some super easy recipes. Start searching on Pinterest (and Googling other sites) for healthy recipes that you’ll actually eat.
I refrigerate the meals featured in this post, but you can also freeze different types of meals furtherin advance if necessary. Kelly is a master meal planner, and today she shows us how to incorporate some of our recipes into a weekly plan.
Yet, with this same amount of money, you can actually feed your family three highly nutritious whole food meals, plus healthy snacks! Instead, start with planning just a few meals each week, or planning meals only on the busiest days of the week. I also like to precook and freeze ground meat for use in meals such as tacos, chili, soups, etc. And rather than just serving the same thing for lunch, think of ways to repurpose your leftovers, such as turning leftover grilled chicken breasts into Greek salad wraps. Foods such as whole grains, brown rice, fruits, and veggies provide a good source of healthy carbohydrates, while Greek yogurt, cheese, eggs, meats, and beans provide much-needed protein. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone; there are lots of helpful resources out there for breaking free from the same-old, same-old lunches. But, I had to face the hard facts that I had to start meal prepping to stay on a healthy regimine and to cut down on my weekly cooking time. Healthy eating is possible—even for the time-crunched and cash-strapped. Roast chicken, skin side down, in an oiled roasting pan, 20 to 25 minutes; flip and roast 10 more minutes.
Ali in the Valley is a lifestyle blog about healthy delicious food and simple lifestyle tips on how to be a great host or hostess all on a budget. It does help some, however, if you could do a post strictly on how you pick out what your daughter gets for the day that would be great!
I also add cheese and fruit to most dinners for Mehgan but don’t add that to the meal plan. I think you’ll find that it isn’t as hard and you think and saves you lots of time and stress! In order to keep you and your fit and healthy, balanced diet and regular visit to your doctor is necessary. Get more photo about Food & Drink related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. Do you just store the things that need to be kept cold in the easy lunch boxes in the fridge, and then when you are ready to go just add the popcorn?
You have inspired me to start my own meal planning process and I had a question regarding the green and blue silicon cups, if that’s what they are. However, I recommend separating each type of food into a separate container when freezing :) Hope this helps!
And once you see how easy and beneficial meal planning truly is, you’ll most certainly be inspired to add even more meals to your weekly meal plan! And, the healthy fats found in nuts, meats, avocados, and whole-milk dairy products help satisfy and maintain stamina. Take a few minutes each week to go online with your kids and seek out some new ideas to make lunch not only healthy, but fun! And congrats on being a MOMables subscriber – Laura provides a wealth of recipes and ideas that I know will really be a blessing to you as well.
Making a whole week of meals is a lot of work and messy so start small until you get into the groove. I took recipes that I had made often, like baked chicken and brussel sprouts and prepared them ahead of time and then stored in the refrigerator and sometimes freezer. Do you eat the same things as her at breakfast, lunch and dinner or do you eat other things? For breakfast my husband has the same thing everyday (a smoothie) so I don’t bother adding that to the plan. Meal planning gets into my conversation at least once a day a work, I guess I just think everyone should be trying this time saving idea ?? thanks again for blogging about this!! Additionally, please refrain from adapting recipes without properly linking back to the original recipe, and keep in mind that simple substitutions do not constitute an adapted or original recipe. I also try to organize my non-frig items (like brown rice) in a simple, easy-to-reach place so I don’t have to spend too much time or effort thinking about what else I need to add. That’s why providing children a balance and variety of these foods will help ensure that they’re well-nourished and energized to learn. I’ve been working out 5 days a week for years, but deep down I knew that I had to change my food in-take, which is extremely difficult for me since I absolutely love cooking and love experiencing restaurants and their great chefs. I cook almost every day and It’s alot for me to meal prep in one day for the whole week! The first week prep 1 or 2 recipes ahead of time and as you get comfortable with the process you can prep more. I was able to focus on what worked, what didn’t, and most importantly it allowed me to experience the benefits of having food ready. I also look over the course of the week to ensure she is getting a variety of colors throughout the week.
I want to do this with my toddler’s lunches but just wondered what your system was with the stuff that stays in the pantry. If I really wanted to see results from all my hardwork working out at Shift, Cardio Barre, Barry’s Bootcamp and Core Power Yoga then I had to make big changes in my food consumption. I just make sure I plan her breakfast so I have what I need and then if I want something different it’s no big deal. My daughter tends to eat B,L and D but has a snack between B and L and L and D and sometimes even after D so she sleeps better at night and doesn’t wake as early out of hunger. If you look on the meal plan, if there are two things listed for lunch, then Meghan is having something different. I popped mine into the freezer for a few minutes to set them so they wouldn't want to break apart when I took them out of the pan.

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