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Here are some tantalizing ways to work protein into your meals and snacks no matter what time of day you exercise.
Also known as the Primal diet, Caveman diet, Stone Age diet, or Hunter-gatherer diet, the Paleo diet includes fresh vegetables & roots, tart fruits, nuts, wild fish, free-range poultry, grass-fed meats, olive and coconut oils.
Recently, the Paleo diet has surged in popularity, perhaps as a reaction to refined food and the modern diseases that go along with it.
Fruits – especially tart fruits, such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, tart apples and berries. Paleo foods contain no refined or processed ingredients, no gluten, grains, dairy, or sugars.  It excludes agricultural ingredients and any foods that did not exist during Paleolithic times.
Processed and refined foods, such as: Alcoholic beverages, Soft drinks, Artificial sweeteners, Potato chips, Bread, etc. The Paleo Diet is highly beneficial as it eliminates many of the common allergens and problem foods in our diet.
Wild Salmon Cakes with Paleo Sour CreamWhenever I find good quality wild salmon, I make these delectable cakes! Raw Superfood Milkshakes in 14 FlavorsOK, I confess, I’ve been doing raw milkshakes every day for several months, and guess what?
Chocolate Banana Nut Pile-UpThis healthy breakfast-in-a-glass consists of bananas and nuts piled up together with an easy chocolate ganache. A serving of protein along with healthy carbs after a workout is a must to help tired muscles recover. A high protein diet plan is one of the most popular diet plans and it has been for some time. It excludes all processed and refined foods, sugars, sweet fruits, grains, beans, GMO foods, seed oils, and dairy products.  The modern Paleo diet is part of a whole food lifestyle with exercise, and it has many interpretations. We can look for inspiration to our ancestors, who were were physically strong, fit, and active.
Loren Cordain, one of the world’s leading experts on the Paleolithic diet, and author of the best-selling book The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat. Basically Paleo foods contain 100% whole ingredients that you could find in the wild before the time of agriculture or domesticated animals.  Paleo foods are as close to their original state as possible. When we remove refined and inflammatory foods from our diet, we reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, and cancer.
They’re easy to prepare and super-tasty for breakfast, lunch or dinner, loaded with protein and omega-3 nutrition. My aches and pains are gone, I feel more energy, my skin spots have vanished, I sleep better.

My Udder Surprise!You might wonder – what’s a Paleo enthusiast doing with milk? High Protein DietThere are a number of specific plans available on the market, and while they are all a little different, they’ve the same basic tenants and also the same basic results. They had to walk many miles to gather food, migrate to distant areas, and outrun wild animals. Cordain studied human diets during the Paleolithic period spanning 2.5 million years, gleaning evidence from microscopic scratches and wear patterns on teeth.
Most people on the Paleo Diet report that they lose weight and experience higher energy levels. As a firm dairy-free advocate, I’ve been reading studies about the immune boosting properties of raw milk. I have done low carb and paleo much of my life but just discovered the debilitation of nightshades.
Based on what the goal of the diet is, you will find different approaches you can take.How much protein do we need? Just two hundred years ago, Lewis and Clark crossed the Pacific Northwest wilderness on foot with a company of soldiers, walking as far as 50 to 75 miles per day. Cordain researched the evolution of human diet and the links between modern diets and disease. Smooth, creamy, sweet, life-giving, deeply nutritious, and satisfying – subtly different from pasteurized milk.
Cordain, our ancestors were omnivores, eating a hunt-and-gather diet of fresh wild fruits, vegetables, and animals, depending upon the climate in which they lived. The recommended dietary allowance for men is 56 grams per day and 46 grams for women, values that almost all Americans already exceed.
The major difference between their diet and our modern diet is the development of agriculture about ten thousand years ago, which brought us grains and legumes (beans).
For weight loss benefit however, it’s thought that around 120g of protein ought to be eaten daily. More recent changes to grain cultivation and processing methods came around 120 years ago with the advent of refined flour.
For best results, meet with a health professional as to your individual needs and how protein suits your daily energy requirements.What is considered a healthy high protein diet?High protein, low carbohydrate diets are the rage at the moment, with many different diets promoting this concept. In the last sixty years, industrial farming techniques, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, and longer shelf lives have brought major changes to our tables. However, there’s a huge amount of variation within the amounts of protein, carbs and other foods included from diet to diet, with a few recommending high protein meal replacements, others excluding all types of carbs including fruit and some that recommend certain mixtures of carbs and protein.

The Paleo Diet attempts to return to the fresh living foods that humans were genetically designed to eat. However, go easy around the meat products as they contain a large amount of saturated fats.
You may also have oatmeal as long as it’s unsweetened, to ensure that you maintain a low-carb diet. You may also add in a protein shake for your breakfast menu.LunchTuna, turkey, chicken, roast beef, along with other lean meat varieties make a perfect high protein lunch. Soups containing lentils, beans, and low-fat dairy products, for example cottage cheese, can be added to recption menus plan to boost your protein intake.DinnerBeef, turkey, chicken, pork, and fish make good inclusions in a high protein dinner.
Add in an environmentally friendly, leafy salad to the meal plus some rice or potatoes, but restrict carbs and ensure proteins cover two-thirds of your meal.Protein Diet Meal PlanAtkins DietThe Atkins Diet is a well-liked weight-loss choice for a high protein diet menu including lean meats, dairy products, eggs, lentils, along with other high protein foods.
Weight loss through protein diets focus on ketosis, which involves burning fat as a main fuel for energy. High protein diets and low-carb diets can provide risk to complications, such as dehydration and elevate the crystals levels in the body. Therefore, a high protein diet menu must only be relied on for a specific period of time like a prolonged diet may lead to a number of risks. Whether your particular goal is weight reduction, building muscle, maintaining muscle while losing weight, or just recovering better out of your workouts, the high protein diet is definitely well suited for you.High Protein Diet FoodsThe healthy high protein foods, for any high protein diet, includes all the healthy protein rich foods high in protein content. This healthy protein rich foods list, including carbs, calories, fat and protein content, can assist you to feel great, lose weight, build and keep muscle, stay fit, trim and super healthy and appear your absolute best.
EggsEggs are another rich supply of protein and if one is worried about fat intake, the yolk could be discarded in favor of the white, that is pure protein.
However egg yolk contains vitamins A, D and E.ChickenChicken is high in protein and lower in fat, making it a healthier choice than red meat. Chicken white meat is lower in fat than chicken thighs or wings, and roasted chicken white meat is healthier than fried.Red meatRed meat, for example beef and pork, is high in protein but additionally relatively high in saturated fats.
Fish will also be an excellent source of B vitamins.Diet FoodsMilkMilk is really a protein-rich drink that is additionally a major source of calcium in many Western diets. Skimmed and semi-skimmed milk retain the same amounts of protein and calcium as dairy, but with less fat.Protein Bars and ShakesThe main reason protein bars and shakes are listed last is they are not actually a food but a health supplement.

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