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And with the start of school comes the start of packing lunches, one of my least favourite tasks of the day. One snack that my kids love, and that I feel pretty good about giving to them, are these little gummy fruit snacks from Trader Joe’s.
The ones in the starfish molds were a big ol’ pain in the you-know-what to get out in one piece. Pour into 8 x 8 inch glass or ceramic baking dish (or into molds, if you want to go that route). My kids are older and on their own but I think they would still love these…I hated those packages of fruit snacks they seemed to love and would have made these in a heartbeat!
I love that you made these yourself, such a great idea since it is what your kids will be eating. That said, I eventually gave up fruit snacks because it’s pretty much impossible to find them without corn syrup and crazy additives!
For my fruit snacks, I used the organic grapefruit, organic spicy lemonade, organic strawberry lemonade and cold-pressed smooth greens. I experimented with pouring the mixture into bread pans as well as silicone chocolate molds and either works just fine!
Yields 4-5Healthy Fruit SnacksGet fancy with this recipe for healthy fruit snacks with natural juice! You know those packaged “Fruit Snacks” from the grocery store and vending machines?
These Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks are sweet, soft, chewy and packed with fresh strawberry flavor.
In my 1st trial (and probably the worst trial of them all), the fruit snacks were a complete disaster. In my 4th trial, I got the perfect amount of strawberry flavor and a really good texture…  like in between Pate de Fruit and Gummy Bears.
I’ve tried using a fine mesh coffee filter (thoroughly cleaned, of course) but it took about 30 minutes to stir it and pack it all down. I haven’t tried using bottled lemon juice but I’m sure it will work just as well! I just made these with mango (since I have a tons of mangoes right now) and they turned out great!
I posted a photo on your Facebook page but decided to post here for your readers too – to see its possible and SUPER easy!
I definitely want to try a sour lemon or lime flavor sometime soon, a lot of people LOVE those flavors! 2) I wouldn’t recommend adding vitamins to these because they will add a gritty texture and a bad taste. No one wants to see the same lunch you packed come home squished at the bottom of a backpack after school, right?
Be sure to pack a lunch that will help give your child that boost of energy he needs throughout the school day and not sugary snacks that will leave him tired. Do you pack carrot sticks in your child’s lunch but then find them buried at the bottom of their lunch kit at the end of the day? Mott’s Fruistations are healthy fruit snacks because they include vegetables and fruit, they are only 80 calories per pouch and they are naturally flavoured. We can’t leave the house without a few bags of healthy fruit snacks packed in my purse. Disclosure – I am participating in the Mott’s Fruitsations & Veggie fruit snacks Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada.
Now add these butterfly snack packs to your kid’s lunch box and turn their midday meal into something special. Totally doing this as a brownie project in conjunction with discussion about healthy foods. Peanut butter and banana pinwheels look good, filling and nutritious, but I though peanut butter was virtually banned from schools these days.

Totally going to do this for my day of providing snacks in my Kindergartener’s class. Thank you so much for getting right into the breakdown of cost and for this better than great picture tutorial! I too think when school goes back the summer is gone, shut down like a taco stand at the beach getting ready for winter.
So glad I found this so I can start practicing how to make these to use in his lunch, or as a fun at home snack. I made fruit leather at home and it felt good knowing that only fruit and water went into it! I know what you mean about making school lunches and snacks – it takes some thinking to come up with healthy choices, especially for multiple kids.
Seriously, even when I was still a kid and it was normal to like fruit snacks, I still managed to take it to an extreme level.
I chose California-based Evolution Fresh juices as the star of recipe, but you can use any natural juice without added high fructose corn syrup. The final product is delicious, healthy, great on the go and most importantly – satisfies my bulk-fruit snack buying much younger self.
I’m always trying to cut out processed foods and additives but you have to allow yourself a splurge here and there!
These are a bit firmer than jello, more of an in between to corn syrupy fruit snacks and jello.
Costco sells these huge bottles of organic lemon juice and I would rather use that than have to buy a ton of lemons.
We let it set overnight in the fridge and in the morning my fiance and I excitedly starting taking them out of the moulds. You could just use knee highs, stretch them over a jar, with the hose inside, pour the mixture in, then strain. A backpack of school books is heavy enough without loading in some ice packs to keep a lunch cool.
Be sure to pack a few small snacks that kids can easily gobble up between classes or a recess.
They are packed full of flavour and are so soft and easy to chew that they make an excellent snack for my toddler.
My son has a peanut and tree nut allergy so we always have to keep a few snacks on hand because we worry about a lot of the foods served at bakeries and restaurants. Head on over to the Life Made Delicious Facebook page for a $0.50 off coupon while supplies last. Be sure to visit the Life Made Delicious Facebook page to enter their contest for a chance to win one of three $500 prepaid cash cards. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. I must admit that these little single servings of fruits and veggies were pretty darn cute, and shockingly expensive.
But buying fruit, vegetables, cereal, nuts, or whatever in bulk is at least 50% cheaper than paying for pre-packaged portions. However, I am probably (one of) the first to price out these insect clips and suggest them as an alternative to pricey snack packs.
It’s my daughter’s week to bring healthy snacks to her Montessori class and your butterfly snack packs were a hit and no brainer choice for my little girl! Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun. I sometimes help at school lunchtime and looking at the school meals provided makes me a little sad.
I had a favorite brand at the grocery store and I would make my parents buy literally every box the store had in stock when we went shopping. Look for a juice that is cold-pressed to keep in the nutrients and make sure you read nutrition labels to make sure your juice doesn’t have too much added sugar.

Given how well the fruit snacks made in silicone molds turned out, I think the next time I make these I might add a little booze and serve them as a pretty, colorful appetizer for a party! Heat the mixture over medium heat until the gelatin is completely dissolved - do not let boil!
If not using molds, use a knife to loosen one edge of the set mixture and gently peel it out of your container. They don’t need to be refrigerated, but definitely taste different based on where you store them. I didn’t have any stevia left so I used agave and when I tasted it it seemed sweet enough but the finished product could definitely have been sweeter.
Not only do you have to start buying school supplies and shopping for the latest trends in cool new outfits but you also have to start thinking about packing lunches again. Also, a variety of small quantities is better than one large container of last night’s leftovers. While passing by the bagged salads, fresh fruit cups, and tubed yogurts I couldn’t help but notice an entire section devoted to individual packages of carrots, snap peas, and apple slices. A single 65g snack pack of carrots costs $0.99, while a 5-pack of apple slices whacked my wallet for nearly $5. Ok, a very silly way to encourage the kiddlets to eat healthy snacks while cutting daily lunch box food costs. Even including the cost for the craft, you’re saving money in your food budget while getting your kids involved in a fun weekend project.
Add in the cost of food, and you’re still spending about 50% less than pre-packaged snack pack portions.
We’ll link to your page here when we make them and blog about it on her site this week. You will know it is done when the mixture no longer has a gritty texture between your fingers. I only had 30 g of gelatin which seemed to work fine and they weren’t like fruit pate. I used a strainer w success, my blender did a fine job, the bottled lemon juice and regular sugar, just because I didn’t want to wait, I skipped the food coloring and still love the color.
Be sure to check the ingredients in your favourite snack foods to make sure they are allowed at school. Why not make your own single serving snack packs and craft them into butterflies, monsters, or funny faces? At least I'm garaunteed a few laughs as I watch some of the kids eat their meals backwards starting with the treat and eventually ending with the sandwich or veggies. I usually make Miranda's lunch in front of her before she goes to bed and that way theres no surprises when she opens it. I would say it made about 36 and then I just stored them in a container in the fridge for snacks! Or do you rush to slap something together as you send your children out the door in the morning? I think she likes to be part of the choosing process also.I like the new blog style also!Thanks for sharing and good luck with 1st grade, thats where we are headed too. Here are some easy ideas for packing a lunch that your child will enjoy including some healthy fruit snacks with hidden veggies (brilliant, right?). I also have a BIG contest to tell you about where 3 lucky people will win $500 gift cards for groceries!

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