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The spawning of 4 children combined with too many lazy moments and an overactive food trap left me with a lot of weight to lose.
Clean Eating: Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, water, etc is the way to go. A healthy diet is one of the single most effective ways of preventing and managing diabetes.
Plyometrics, HIIT training, body weight exercises, Yoga and Pilates have done my body transformation fantastic justice.
I keep sweets to a bare, yet enjoyable minimum and steer clear of virtually all white flour products. Relying mostly on package food products and eating way too much take out, carbs and sweets will slow or stall your progress and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. They are an integral part of life bliss, but it’s gotta be regulated with moderation if you want to stay on track. Three Different Kinds of Vegetables- It’s easy to buy tons and tons of vegetables when you are starting out a healthy lifestyle, but we forget how fast they go bad.
Two Kinds of Lean Protein- You want to make sure to have a nice lean protein as a meal choice but it may get boring eating the same chicken dish each night so try to get two kinds like chicken and salmon or shrimp and turkey. Air Popped Popcorn - Air Popped popcorn is very important to keep in the house for the nights when snacking is endless. One Type Reduced Calorie Cheese- Cheese seems healthy but is surprisingly high in fat, sodium and cholesterol. Whole Grain Oatmeal - Oatmeal is the perfect morning meal you can prepare it in so many different ways that it never gets boring. Low Sodium Soup- Soup is perfect before meals to help you stay full and prevent overeating. And, if you'd like some great, healthy recipes to help control and manage diabetes, go on to the next page. And with the recent addition of speed rope and burpees in these past few months, along with tweaks to my eating plan, and I’m seeing leaner results in less time.

I drink it for breakfast with added fruit and it keeps me full until lunchtime with no mid-morning snack required.
If you don’t eat them fast enough you will find yourself throwing too many out each week and wasting a lot of your money. Eating a small salad before your meals can prevent you from overeating and provide your body with fiber.
Sometimes I want to eat for no reason at all so I pop some air popped popcorn and season it a little. It’s healthy and goes perfectly with protein and vegetables, as long as you are eating it in moderation. Instead of eating a bag of chips and salsa, eat baked bell peppers and salsa or celery and salsa. I love boiling the eggs for salads, eating omelets for breakfast or using egg whites for baking.
For those with diabetes, always remembers to discuss specific diet recommendations for preventing diabetes, losing weight, or controlling blood glucose with your doctor. Changing to a healthy diet takes some adjusting too when it comes to the flavor or vegetables.
To save money you can buy your protein portioned from the counter instead of the freezer sections. Each week try to choose a different lettuce and dressing to create new taste and avoid getting sick of the same old salads. The fiber fills me up fast and the lack of sugar and fat will help you fall asleep easier than eating a tub of ice cream or a bag of potato chips.
That could be over 5 servings and over 800 calories after dinner which is not a healthy habit.
Getting used to salads is hard after eating an unhealthy diet so start smal and have little ones as much as you can. Buying microwave bagged popcorn is okay if you are only eating one cup, but who stops at one cup?

Buying single servings is a perfect treat after dinner, as long as you don’t find yourself going back for more. Finding cheese made from skim milk is also a bonus because its much lower in fat but still high in sodium. It’s easy to eat over 500 calories with a simple handful so make sure to portion out any nut products.
Each week try to pick up 2 more seasonings and soon your kitchen will be stocked up without making a large bank dent. Anything more than this and I’m sacrificing fitness results and run the risk of triggering cravings for more sweets.
If you have no problem eating them before they go bad then feel free to add more to the list each week.
Choose it for one of your meals whether its a sandwich for lunch, toast for breakfast or grilled cheese for dinner. If you don’t treat yourself with a small dessert everyday it could lead to a binge caused from depriving yourself.
Choosing low sodium can be hard but it’s important to watch out for the high amounts. Make sure to buy the no sugar added in the tub size to save money and to avoid a sugary breakfast. Choose two grab n go fruits like apples or peaches for the days you are busy and don’t have time to sit down and have a bowl of the container fruits like diced pineapple or watermelon. Don’t eat peanut butter or almonds buy themselves or you might find yourself going back for more. In the summer brewing your own tea out in the sun is also a great idea or a refreshing beverage!

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