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In Australia on average from the ages of 2-16 one in four children are currently overweight or obese, which will continue through to adulthood and by 2025 two thirds of Australian adults will be overweight, and a third will develop type 2 diabetes  during their lifetime. Pupils will become familiar with how to plant seeds and how to maintain them during growth, they will even have a seedling to take home and nurture. Pupils will become familiar with the food systems and how we are damaging our environment by producing unsustainable foods such as red meat. Pupil will become familiar with the process of recycling and learn which house hold items can be recycled and which foods can be put to compost.
Pupils will learn about where veggies come from and how to introduce them into their daily diet. 6 months after the workshop is the option to run a cooking course with a nutritionist and use the produce grown by the class in the school garden. Educates pupils about healthy food choices and how good nutrition helps our muscles and bones.
Helps pupils to identify government recommendations for daily fruit and vegetables intake, portion sizes.
Educates pupils on a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and how food helps our muscles and bones. Pupils are encouraged to taste test foods from each food group to reinforce the foods included in each group.
Empowers the pupils to recognise the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet & introduce new ideas to their families on ways to consume fruit and vegetables.

Pupils are encouraged to taste test foods from each food group to reinforce the foods involved in each group. Teaches pupils about possible risk factors and consequences of having a long term poor diet and how to make healthy choices from an early age. Empowers the pupils to recognise the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet for themselves and also their families.
Cooking4health is a 4 week cooking course designed to introduce students to healthy cooking topics and methods. We can run a 30mins talk and a 30min cooking demo to reinforce key messages about how easy it is to cook healthy meals.
The workshops empower parents to find healthy choices in supermarkets for their children and recognise the importance of eating a healthy balanced for themselves and their families.
We offer 1 hour cooking demo’s with recipes such as our Thai Chicken Curry Dish which is a hit with everyone that tries it. Pupils will make a peddled powered smoothie choosing from a range healthy recipes supplied by Bike n Blend and also learn about the benefits of  physical activity. Daley Nutrition will offer nutrition activities and games to reinforce a healthy diet and lifestyle, complementing the advise Bike n Blend offer about physical activity. Our School Incursions & Workshops are also available for Melbourne after school clubs, weekend groups and other children's social groups. Whether you are training for a marathon, swimming competition or training to improve fitness and muscle mass, getting the right sports nutrition is essential to fuel your body before, during and after exercise as well as reducing your risk of injury.

Our sports nutrition workshop is designed for gyms, leisure centres, sports clubs and exercise groups to interactively educate participants on the principles of sports nutrition, involving 1 of 5 healthy dinner recipes as a cooking demo to fuel yourself post exercise. 30 mins sports nutrition motivational talk – involving interactive teaching tools, FAQs answered and a motivational talk. We bring all the food and equipment (you supply the room, chairs, table and electric point). Luke Daley Registered Nutritionist will run the workshop using his extensive knowledge of sports nutrition from England and Australia. Suggested nutrition goals to introduce into your lifestyle to improve exercise performance and recovery.
Then contact your members to advertise the course and charge $10 for attending the sports nutrition workshop.
Each workshop last for 1 hour and is based on a different nutrition topic each week (sugar, fat, salt, fibre).

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