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Ok so I will admit that this one right here is right at the edge of what could really be considered a “healthy” snack.
Now I am doing you chocoholics a huge favor here by including a somewhat healthy way to cure your chocolate cravings. The thought of changing eating habits to a vegan diet, a diet that foregoes meat, milk, eggs, cheese, honey—anything that comes from an animal—can seem impossible to many.
The fact is, there are many products on the market today that make a plant-based lifestyle tasty, easier to manage, and in some cases, lower in fat. Here are some of the products that you can use as a substitution in your cooking, many with low fat results. Milk – Soymilk (Earth Balance or Silk are flavorful options), rice milk, coconut milk or almond milk are all alternatives to consider.
Butter – There are many vegan margarines on the market, and Earth Balance tastes identical to market margarines.
Mayonnaise – Sure, you can make mayo from scratch with perfect results, but why spend the time when you can buy Veganaise at a health food store? Honey – Agave syrup is an easy to find option, usually located next to honey and peanut butter in your grocery store aisle. Meat – Tofu, seitan, tempeh, lentils and other types of beans can serve as your protein substitute.
Cream cheese – Tofutti brand brags that it’s cream cheese is “Better Than Cream Cheese,” which is also the name of the product.
Sour cream – Tofutti wins again with plain, guacamole or non-hydrogenated sour cream options. It is observed that many people think twice while eating healthy food, the reason is money. Buy food items at the grocery store with planned list-If you have not decided what to buy, when you go to grocery shop, then you will end up buying things which would not required by you. Buy food that lasts for a long time-You should buy the food such as vegetables and fruits, which remain fresh for a long time, for example, apples, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes.

Plan the meal according to ingredients available at home-When you plan a meal, then check out if you have any leftover ingredients from previous meals. Finish the groceries before you buy it again-Use all the groceries available at home and then only go to grocery shop to buy. Was my response when this was suggested to me as a “tasty” healthy snack, but boy was I wrong.
But this is a snack that you could treat your self with say once a week and still feel like you are getting a nice sweat reward.
Hey we all get chocolate cravings, but with these chocolate strawberries you are getting some healthy fruit and a little chocolate magic as well.
If you have a natural foods co-op in your community, you can find most substitutes in those stores. There are also several preferred brands listed that this author has found to be personal favorites. Remember that soymilk comes in flavors, and original soymilk will taste better with cereal than vanilla soymilk, but vanilla soymilk might taste better in coffee than original because it adds that extra sweetness. It’s similar in texture to chocolate although not as sweet, due to the fact that added sugars haven’t been added during the manufacturing process.
Sometimes it happens that we have some stock of any particular food item, but we just forget and buy it again. That one ice cream sandwich that I want as a treat can quickly turn into a junk food binge!!!!!
Bananas are already delicious on their own, but when you add some all natural almond butter to the mix you are in for a real treat.
Now make sure its natural peanut butter as this greatly reduces all the unhealthy stuff that is in there. But even big box retailers like Super Target and Walmart are offering plant-based substitutions for individuals that suffer from gluten allergies or adhere to an alternative diet.
Eating healthy is not expensive, if you decide in advance, how much you can spend on grocery per week or per month.

Also, cooking at home has a benefit of leftover food, which you can eat the next day for breakfast or lunch. But there are more than a few great and tasty snacks that you can have which will cure your sweet or savory tooth and not have you piling on the pounds! You can get almond butter in handy little packets, but if you just buy a jar and use two tablespoons of almond butter you are doing good without eating a ton of calories.
What is really cool about this snack is that as well as being healthy, you have a few options of how to have this. So, next time when you go out, choose the food items which would not spoil quickly, so that you can use it after long time also.
If you do not like the leftovers, then make sure you should cook the amount which is actually you and your family can finish. If you already like bananas then I guarantee once you have tried this you will be hooked and this will be your snack of choice! Now add some delicious fresh fruit (whatever your favorite is) to the Greek yogurt and you are on to an absolute winner with this snack. You can make these mini sandwich type snacks where you have two pieces of cucumber with some low fat cheese in between.
You can either just drip it over the strawberries which I find makes the chocolate go further. Before you buy, compare the rates of branded foods with local foods which may be less expensive, but have good quality. Now this is not something you would want to have multiple times a week, but as a special treat its great!

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