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Don’t do it, do not start your New Year exercise journey with an excuse for skipping a workout session.
Kayla has completely re-shaped the strength training game, and has built a cult following for her high-energy, inspiring moves.
Broad Jump: In squat position (heels outside of shoulders and toes slightly pointed outward) lower down until your knees are almost at 90 degrees. From the bottom, power up using your legs and propel yourself into a forward jump off of both feet, as far as possible. Burpee: In your landing position from the broad jump, bend your hips and knees while leaning forward until your hands touch the ground.
Just as your hands make contact with the ground, jump both feet backwards away from your hands into push-up position. From push-up position, reverse the process you just went through, jumping your feet back in towards your hands.
As your feet land, lift your hands off the ground moving back into squat position to start again. Landing with your left leg forward in lunge position, lower almost all the way to the ground and power back up into the air. Jump up out of the squat and in mid air move into the opposite lunge position with your right leg forward. Landing in lunge position with your right leg forward lower almost to the floor, then power back up into the air. Lower down into a squat, keeping your chest up, back straight and your knees pointing out toward your toes.
When you’ve reached the bottom of the squat (knees at 90 degrees or just below) raise up half way, then drop back down to the bottom of the squat, this is the “pulse”. Land again in squat position focusing on keeping your legs relaxed during the landing, not locked, and repeat. Start at the bottom of lunge position with your right leg forward and your back knee almost on the ground. While in the air switch your legs, ready to land in lunge position again but with the opposite leg. The long weekend is coming to a close, which means it’s time to shake off those Easter indulgences and get moving girl! As featured in our Active Living Magazine, Personal Trainer Kayla Itsines is back with this high intensity circuit workout. Kayla has gained a cult following on social media for her unique training style and intense workouts and is a favourite here at MNB. And now, her two-circuit session is sure to make you sweat and give you the energy boost you need to get through your day! Come on girls, get your trainers on and prepare for an endorphin high in no time! You can’t turn on the TV now-a-days without seeing a fitness infomercial touting its “system” to be the end all be all magic pill for life long happiness and quick weight loss. In between the celebrations, Easter is the perfect time to get your heart racing and your body moving. The BBG Nutrition Plan (which is called the Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan aka HELP…so clever!) is one of the things I was most excited about when I decided to try out the 12-week BBG plan. You’ll notice that some of the serving amounts seem pretty large (6 servings of grains!) but the portion sizes are actually really small, so it balances out.
Not much has changed with my snacks; I still eat an apple almost every day and depending on whether I have any servings of healthy fats left I will also eat some almonds or peanut butter on the side (just 1 tsp. Here is a tilapia filet with Thai curry sauce that I pulled out of the freezer from the Saucy Fish Co., some broccoli rice, and sweet potato wedges (that recipe is also from Carrots ‘N Cake!
Unfortunately (for me) Desserts and Alcohol pretty much have no place in the nutrition plan. I know. I think the reason I’ve been taking the LISS workouts so easy is because the circuits are so tough!!
I am usually dripping in sweat after each and every workout and feel sore in some spots the next day.
Not sure I could only have two portions of fruit a day… on a work day I have three apples, a banana and a fruit salad after lunch.

I think it’s up to you- I feel like I usually do a good job with eating healthfully but lately was slipping up a little too much. I like the idea behind the nutrition book with the number of servings of each food group for every day but some things seem to be a bit too simple. Just wondering, did you come across this problem and did you find a solution or do you just not eat things that aren’t mentioned in her guide for 12 weeks? Your food looks delicious ?? Have you tried making green smoothies to get your 5 servings of veggies in? Hi Joe- yes, they are two eBooks but you can buy them together as a package to get a discount.
Sorry, I do not feel comfortable selling the eBook due to the Copyright policy listed in the book.
If you are willing to pay a stranger for the ebook, just go pay kayla directly and get the ebook honestly. By starting the move towards a fitter, more stronger you today, we promise that bit by bit you will build up more strength and courage to tackle those harder workouts both in and outside the gym. This means your heels are at shoulder width and your turns are turned outward just a little bit. Checkout her website to learn more about her Bikini Body Guide and Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan. The common thread in most of the current infomercials hitting it big right now is how hard they all are. Two weeks ago I told you about how I purchased the Bikini Body Guide eBooks from Kayla Itsines (affiliate link, FYI), and you guys seemed really interested in them! I’ve lost about 5 pounds in two weeks, although I have to say most of that was probably bloating from all the junk I ate and drank right before I started. As I have explained before, it’s basically like following the old food pyramid recommendations we all grew up with.
One slice of bread, for example, counts as one serving, so a sandwich would be two servings. The picture below includes one container of blueberry Chobani, a sliced banana, and organic coconut granola. Carrots and hummus still make a perfect snack (I usually count hummus as one of my healthy fats though, so I have to be careful how much I have). I am trying to include more lean meats and lots of veggies, but that has always been a priority for me. However, since the BBG plan is a 12-week program, I’m trying to be realistic about things. I’m on week 3 right now, and for weeks 1-4 you complete 3 resistance training workouts (circuits) and 2-3 low intensity steady state (LISS) workouts like a light jog or power walk.
Sometimes I add mustard, honey, or lime juice depending on what flavors I’m going for. I’ve used it for years, but the problem with me lately is that I will get super motivated to track on MFP for like 3 days, then I get lazy and fall off the wagon. I finished but I am restarting it again – I saw a lot of toning up but not the fat loss I wanted. I definitely think following the HELP plan is important…experts say results are made 90% in the kitchen and only 10% in the gym! I make one as a mid-morning and afternoon snack and it helps a lot and it’s super delicious! PB2 and PB are both healthy fats, for example, and almond milk and regular milk are both dairy products. Repeat this pattern in a controlled motion with good technique progressively getting faster as your confidence builds. I got a lot of comments, emails, and tweets with your questions, so I thought today would be a good time for an update. I grew up not understanding healthy food AT ALL and was basically (unknowingly) addicted to junk food.

Especially with summer right around the corner and some fun plans on the agenda which involve being in a bathing suit. I thought I was really good at eating a lot of veggies before, but it turns out I was no where close to getting six servings (it was more like 3-4). Being on the nutrition plan does help keep me from ordering out too often, and it also encourages me to steer clear of unnecessary alcohol with dinner, but I’ll get to more on that in a minute. Knowing myself, my social life, and my sweet tooth, there is just no way I won’t eat any sweets or alcohol for twelve weeks. I want this plan to be something I feel comfortable following well beyond the 12 weeks, and omitting drinks and sweets all together just won’t work for me.
I probably should be taking the LISS workouts more seriously, but I walk a lot every day anyway to and from the metro plus when walking Jack, so I like to think if I just take Jack a little further than usual or go for a quick run that counts. As I explained before, you have 7 minutes to run through the circuit as many times as you can (usually 2 for me) and then one minute of rest before moving on to circuit #2. I was thinking of maybe following the HELP guide, but I calculated the calories for the sample days she has in the guide and the calories seem pretty low.
So far I have not had any problems with her calorie counts and I usually find that I don’t even eat as much as she recommends (for example, I usually only eat about 4 servings of grains out of the recommended 6). Obviously you can eat whichever one you want (and pay attention to the calories if you choose) but either way you should only be eating 2 servings of healthy fats per day, and 2.5 servings of dairy per day.
I don’t usually wind up eating all 6 servings of grains, but I get a lot closer than I thought I would. FYI, this would count as one serving of dairy, 1 serving of fruit, and 1 serving of grains). I have been trying to squeeze them in wherever I can, which means replacing my beloved turkey and cheese sandwiches with giant veggie-packed salads. I usually have a banana with breakfast and an apple as my snack, and then that’s that. Also, I continue to look at the Kayla Itsines transformations on her website to keep my motivation up.
My biggest problem is also healthy fats – I have a peanut butter problem like no one’s business! If I get hungry I ALWAYS eat (otherwise I get hangry) but following her plan helps guide me so I know what to eat. Those are just examples of what kind of meals you can eat, and I don’t think she intends for anyone to follow it exactly.
When I started using the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) eBooks, I was at the heavier end of my usual range. I also run out of dairy and healthy fat servings before I even make it to dinner time, so that’s been a bit of a change.
These usually include mixed greens, baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and feta cheese. But what I love about plans like these is how much they can make you aware of things you didn’t realize were an issue! For example if I’m low on the servings of grains I can snack on a piece of toast or an English muffin, or if I need some more veggies I will snack on baby carrots. I am now one pound less than my typical low weight range, so take that as you will (1 pound loss or 5). Other add-ins include any leftovers we might have laying around like chicken, roasted veggies, quinoa, or rice. I may purchase it to have a peak but i feel my diet is pretty on point so im not sure however i may learn something new from purchasing it.
I also have to be careful to avoid processed foods, since they aren’t recommended on the meal plan.

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