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Under Aging and Activity, diabetes, Diets, Extreme Weight Loss, fad doets, family obesity, fast and easy weight loss, Fast Food Nation, Forks Over Knives, healthy eating, Make you thin, Motivation, Nutrition, Nutrition for Health vs. Over the last few years, I have become more and more interested in nutrition, how what we eat affects our body as well as our environment. As my interest in nutrition has grown, so has the way I fuel my body.  And the funny thing is I find myself changing and becoming more and more interested in listening to and trusting what my body needs to perform optimally. I believe it’s time to walk away from the world of diets that does nothing to encourage healthy eating options, simply calorie focus. I was also in school 30 years ago (graduated high school in 1981.) Can you honestly say you did not know kids with any of these issues?
There have been major advancements and changes in how these things have been diagnosed and identified. Having two nephews with Aspergers, I do believe the ability to diagnose is part of the reason for the increase. If there’s one thing I believe you and I agree with, is the growth in Type II diabetes and childhood and adult obesity. I should state that I do think way too many kids are medicated for things that should be left alone. There are kids diagnosed with ADD or ADHD now and put on meds way too early that probably shouldn’t be on them. So yes the solution to kids not being developmentally ready to learn to read has sometimes been dealt with by throwing a med at them.
I think we also have to think about the major changes in prenatal and postnatal medicine too.
I just wanted to basically say there is far more than just diet related to all of these things. Much hue and cry is there about the eating habits of children where as importance is not given for eating a healthy and balanced diet for elderly people.
When people get older the need of calories also decline at the same time the elderly still needs sufficient nutrients and vitamins. They should eat bread, pasta, cereals, rice and potatoes which are starch and fiber rich foods.  These are having low contents of fat and there are other sources of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins.
Green vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, fruits containing citrus are the good source of vitamin C. To maintain good health in old age folic acid is required which is available in green vegetables and brown ice, bread and cereals. Your dietary intake and eating habits offers one of the most influential means of determining how you feel and perform on a daily basis. By following some basic dietary principles, not only can you feel and function better, but you can also significantly increase your ability to fight and resist disease.
A good balance between exercise and food intake is important; this helps to maintain a healthy body weight. Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day, 3 days per week, will make a huge difference to your energy levels and all the body’s functions.

The way I eat is not designed to help me become thin, not skinny but healthy.  Diets that I have reviewed over the years have one goal, to cause weight loss and longevity is irrelevant. It’s time to realize that if diets were great, obesity and disease would decline, not the case. They were the ones always in trouble with my teachers for not sitting still, talking too much, and not doing their work. Yes there is an increase in diagnoses of these things, but there is a dispute in educational and medical circles as to whether the incidence has actually increased, or whether they are just better diagnosed. Part of the problem with this is the expectations of what they should be accomplishing at younger and younger ages.
I do think that the diagnoses for ADD and ADHD have gone up as a result of this change in education. There are far more kids born today and in our education system that would not have survived 40 years ago.
But I still feel that the quality of mother’s during pregnancy, and what is fed to her children post=pregnancy is a substantial piece of the puzzle. Eating fiber rich food helps to prevent constipation and it also reduces some of the intestine disorders. When the density of the bones reduces, the fracture risk increases.  Calcium rich foods are dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc. Oddly enough, instead of our country creating amazing, healthy foods to make us smarter and leading edge, we’ve excelled in fast-food restaurants and processed food leaving us all unhealthy and overweight.
Not only am I believer, I am gradually changing my lifestyle to accommodate more of a plant based diet, not weight loss, health based. Getting back to basics with a focus on plant based nutrition, locally grown produce, small farms we can support,  we will not only find a wonderful difference in the health of our body, we will discover a great way to positively impact our environment. They drove my teachers nuts and spent a lot of time out in the hallway or in the corner of the classroom so as not to distract the rest of us.
I remember this because I loved strawberries and could not imagine going through life not being able to eat them.
When we were growing up, the kids who were diagnosed with autism were not in the regular schools.
And in my nephews’ cases, my sister would not have bothered with the diagnosis had it not been for the education system that started to fail them when they reached high school. The quality of the foods we are eating today is significantly different than the quality of the foods my grandparents ate. Eating good food makes older people more enjoyable as well as it keep them to stay healthy and active. Elderly people should be provided healthy foods as well as they need support for eating it. Some of the other sources of fiber are oats, beans, peas, lentils, vegetables and fruits and these are to be added in the list of diet. Calcium which is found in canned fish with bones is also advisable to eat in sufficient quantity.

Overeating can slow you down, make you feel drowsy and force your body to stack on unnecessary weight. For the first time in years, I abstained from eating fast food, started moving more and ate fruits and vegetables every day. We see high numbers of obesity, schools cutting out physical education and more and more kids being diagnosed with things never heard of 30 years ago.
They were in special schools or often institutionalized, so no they did not sit in class with us like they do today. So yes, there were kids that went undiagnosed with these conditions, but again I had never heard the term, ADD, or ADHD. After sending my 4 kids through the school system, I have seen incredible growth in these diagnosis and some I’m not so sure about. And parents have an issue in this too – there are so many who want their kids to be the best. Our best advice is to sustain balanced nutrition on a long term basis, incorporating sensible principles as endorsed by the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Since that time, weight loss strategies and the ridiculous number of fast-n-easy diets has dramatically changed people’s relationship with food. They saw their doctor for their annual checkup, and then if they ran an unusually high temperature, vomited for more than a day, had ear pain, or a had sore throat last longer than a week.
Instead of discovering how food can work with their body, many people are fighting weight loss and food has become their weapon of choice. The truth is that not everyone is meant to be skinny, and I mean skinny, not thin, Hollywood, Angelina Jolie thigh skinny.
So, they jump on the latest diet that promises to slim your thighs, harden your abs, whittle your waist and remove cellulite.  And because of the pressure to meet the expectations of an unrealistic culture, we diet, over and over and over again all in an effort to be- skinny. In my kindergarten class, we even had a nap time for about 15 minutes halfway through the morning.
Both are far healthier than any of the kids of my friends who went to the doc for everything. If they were allowed to be kids just a bit longer, more would be ready for the things that are thrown at them. If you think about our generation, there was never that concern that we were behind other nations in education, and we really weren’t. We were allowed a chance to be kids and were developmentally ready for the things presented to us and picked things up better as a result. Since the education has started to throw things at kids at younger ages, we have started to fall behind.

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