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Matt Jager, True Wellth co-founder and a health expert, revealed to his viewers on Max Dubowy's show, Your Success Launch, the tips to eating healthy and making it a lifestyle. Jager says that you don't have to stop eating your refined carbohydrates, high in sugar, cholesterol and unhealthy fat, altogether. You don't have to be a booze hound to enjoy the travel adventures of Jack Maxwell, host of "Booze Traveler" on Travel Channel. Louise Harrison, the elder sister of George Harrison, had a front-row seat to musical history. Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, has released a new album, "Something Real," with his roots rock band Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real.

However, eating healthy is a lifestyle choice, that only people who are serious about their health make.
He offers these three points for people who want to make a natural habit of making healthy food choices automatically and would not require will power to choose a celery over a bar of chocolate as a snack. You just need to add more green veggies in your diet, until it makes your stomach so full that it becomes a part of your regular lifestyle. If you are on the way to a healthy road, then these expert tips will help you make a smooth transition. You must concentrate on the benefits of eating healthy and leading such a lifestyle, which means longer life, free from chronic diseases.

You must eat healthy breakfast and lunch to be allowed to eat whatever you like for dinner.
Jager says that once healthy lifestyle becomes a habit, eating healthy comes almost naturally. If you meet these healthy goals, it will eventually become a part of your lifestyle and would automatically set you into making healthy choices.

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