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Research shows that low carbohydrate diets are very effective for short term weight loss – a diet of grilled fish or meat together with lots of leafy vegetables can very quickly ‘melt’ away surplus kilos.  What happens, though, if you are a vegetarian?  Is it still possible to follow a low carb diet plan for vegetarian while respecting the principles of a vegetarian diet? Protein shakes are an obvious choice for breakfast  and delicious protein rich smoothies can be made by blending protein powder, milk, frozen fruit and nut butters.   Lunch and supper can be based around vegetables supplemented with a variety of vegetable proteins, while aiming to keep the carbohydrate content as low as possible. Charlotte Debeugny is a bilingual UK Registered Nutritionist and published author working in medical centres in and around Paris. I’m still thinking of becoming a vegetarian, even though I’m not eating meat so often its still a hard decision to say NO forever! I’ve created 5 free “real food” meal plans to help make things a little easier for those busy families who would like to cut out processed food. Complete meals listed each day for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner with leftovers incorporated. Corresponding complete grocery list showing what to buy in order of the store and actual cost for each item (as opposed to the price per serving) with seasonal ingredients highlighted on Meal Plans 3 – 5 so purchases can be made from your local farmers’ market if desired.
Almost every item listed follows our strict 10-day pledge rules, with just a few minor exceptions to keep the plan realistic for those busy working parents. Become an email subscriber by entering your email address in the box below and following the instructions.

Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll receive a welcome email with links to download the meal plans. If you are an existing subscriber and have lost your email with links to the meal plans, first try searching on 100 Days of Real Food in your email client and looking for the first few emails from us (search under ALL MAIL if using Gmail). Due to the new healthy diet plan (more like a healthy lifestyle) I have had to learn a bit about fats. Omega-3 fats are awesome for your heart!  They reduce the clotting of blood inside the arteries, are anti-inflammatory, keep cholesterol from becoming damaged and help prevent irregular heart rhythms. Not only that, omega-3 has also been found to decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and even a few types of cancer! Now don’t stop taking the flaxseed!  The ALA in flaxseed converts to EPA in your body and can provide the results that EPA offers. His conclusion: skewed and faulty data!  Therefore many experts agree that saturated fats are actually good for you!
There are even some doctors that recommend that at least 25 percent of your fat intake be saturated fat!
GOAL:  Work on reducing the bad fat and incorporated healthy fats into your diet every day.

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This topic has been very confusing to me over the years – how can some fat be good and some fat be bad?
You have to take whole bunches of flaxseeds to equal the benefit of a much smaller amount of fish oil.
He explains that the lipid hypothesis was based on data that was not a general population but targeted toward people with a high intake of animal fats and prone to heart disease. These fats are required for hormone production, energy, cellular membranes as well as other biological functions. In contrast, an average serving of 100g cooked lentils contains 20g of carbohydrate and if you add in a serving of rice, you can easily consume 50g of carbohydrate during one meal! Gmail users also check your “Promotions” tab and search for “100 Days” under “All Mail” if you can’t find it.

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