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The rule number 1, when start eating healthy, is to avoid processed food, and choose unrefined, non-processed, whole food. For example, choose brown rice instead of white, fruits instead of juices, and whole wheat flour instead of white flour. Don’t cut out wheat completely from your diet, but try to limit it to one meal a day or a few meals a week. Even if you don’t add salt to your food, remember that there is a plenty salt in the food you buy. To get clean and soft skin, balanced diet is equally important as applying of homemade cosmetics to your skin. 1) Omelet made from the mixed bend of white color pigment of egg and vegetables fried in mustard, olive or ground nut oil. 3) Eat low fat curd mixed salad which must contain papaya, banana because it contains abundant Vitamin B. 1) Eat makrel curry, brown rice, mixed vegetables with a small bowl full of melon or papaya.
2) Eat makrel curry, brown rice, mixed vegetables with a small bowl full of melon or papaya. 3) Grilled prone marinated with garlic and soya sauce, green vegetables salad with cucumber and carrot in it and 2 chapattis.

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People who eat healthy foods also feel more energetic and live longer than people who don't. You can get all the vitamins you need from the foods you eat, but taking a multi-vitamin once a day is a good idea.
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Here is the list of 10 simple food rules to follow and not just for one month, but for life. It’s highly recommended to eat at least 5 portions of different types of fruits and vegetables a day. Make some greens, veggies and fruits in magical drinks.
Now, there are a plenty of good alternatives to wheat products, mainly pasta, such as pasta made from quinoa, rice and chickpea flour or spelt pasta.
It means that you’ll get a wide mix of vitamins and minerals, rather than potentially getting more than you need of certain food and none of many others. It is very important to bring one step closer to the food you cook, and find out more for every ingredient you are using.

Smoothies and salads help you to consume real, fresh fruits and vegetables, essential for your health. You can also include at least one portion of oily fish, such as salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, fresh tuna, and pilchards.
For others, the sensitivity to wheat isn’t so severe, which is not recognized as a health problem, but it may negatively affect their energy levels. Make the smoothie and salad your daily meals, at least two healthy meals a day, and you will definitely start to forget about junk food. Try walking or riding a bicycle for a start, or you can find the best exercises for you on a daily basis. These health problems associated with gluten can occur even with 100% whole wheat products, not just processed wheat flour. Being physically active can help lessen the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.
Healthy skin balance the moisture content in the body and remove out toxic substance and bacteria from the body.

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