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If this is your first time loading on the hCG Diet, you may find that your loading gain is minimal, usually in the 1-4lb range.
Well, as you’ll soon see my hCG friend, 4 lbs is nothing to the hCG hormone and this protocol- if you gain 4 lbs loading, you will most likely lose most, if not all of that, after your very 1st or 2nd VLCD (very low calorie day). I have also noticed that a large percentage of people who load for the hCG diet (the traditional way with starches and sugars included- more on that in a minute) on subsequent rounds seem to gain more- sometimes quite a bit more. Additionally it’s possible the hCG hormone itself is more easily recognized by a person’s body after the first round and perhaps get’s “into their system” more quickly than before. These are just my ideas- not fact by any means, but the truth is, traditional loading (loading with sugar and carbs included) does cause larger loading gains on future rounds from what I’ve seen. But basically, this means loading on only high fat, high protein foods and leaving carbs and sugar out of the picture entirely. I ate 4000 calories and 300 grams of fat EACH day while loading, but did it “clean” and only gained a net of 1.6lbs loading (and this was at my current weight then of 132 pounds). This is the traditional way to load, where you just eat whatever you want while you load the 2 days, just in larger amounts than usual, but still with a focus on making sure the food items are high in fat. How much weight I gained loading on each hCG Round and how much weight I lost the first two days of the diet.
I should mention: for those loading on their 2nd, 3rd rounds and beyond, sometimes individuals seem to gain more weight than usual when they load the normal way (with starches and sugars as part of it), and at times I’ve seen it take quite some time to get this load weight off- like 6-12 days! As you can see I gained very little my first round, at my highest weight of 172lbs (at 5’1” tall) and this was with eating tons of ice-cream and cake that particular load. Some have suggested that loading with sugar and carbs is necessary in order to lose the proper amount of fat or in order to maintain the weight loss. So the majority do gain weight loading or gorging in the 2 days before starting the VLCD on hCG, but some, including myself, have lost weight on at least 1 of the loading days. First of all, let me say that having your weight fluctuate at the start of Phase 3 is normal. Your weight on the scale the first day of Phase 3 is NOT the weight you are attempting to stabilize. Your LDW (or LIW) – which stands for Last Day Weight or Last Injection Weight, is your weight on the scale the morning OF your last dose of hCG.
While you MAY find it easy to stabilize under your LDW, this is not the norm, so I guess my advice here is not to focus on trying to do that.

I had my last drops last night and weighed first thing yesterday morning so is that the weight I have to try and stabalise?
The classical hCG diet restricted to be 500 calories per day while the newest theories have proved that there’s no obvious difference between taking 800 calories a day or 500 calories a day.
Energy restriction, most of the hCG diet has set up the strict calories limitation to only 500 calories a day.
The hCG diet has always proved to be effective but controversial opinions aroused among many reputable doctors at the same time, as there seems to be no proof to find the real reason of the weight loss caused by low calories taken or by hCG injection?
It’s recommended that you should always ask your doctor for recommendation before taking hCG diet. A couple reasons this could be is that loading weight is typically at least partially water retention. I can’t be sure of the reason for this, but one of my guesses is that those who are loading for 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds, etc.
Thankfully this is not what normally happens, but for me this is all the more reason to load what I call “clean” or low carb. The 2nd round I loaded for 3 days instead of 2 (which in general I don’t think is necessary) and still only gained 3.6 lbs- again this was with eating plenty of dessert type foods. Most people lose more weight during this time, so that by the time they are starting P3, they are actually under their LDW by 1-3lbs. If it happens naturally, great, but you can find yourself in a difficult battle with a ton of steak days and discouragement if you mistakenly think that you must stabilize the weight you were on the first day of P3, when just a couple pounds higher it could have been super easy to stabilize and maintain. It’s always so fun for me to find out that something I publish was timely to someone. The classical hCG diet developed by Dr Simeons includes 500 calories per day with  just 200 grams of protein that are taken from lunch and dinner. It seems like first time loaders usually gain somewhere between 1-4 lbs loading (sometimes called gorging) for hCG. Simeons did make it clear however that the purpose of loading is to get a high amount of fats into your system, but he made no restriction as to how the fats were taken in and even mentioned some of the aforementioned foods himself as possible options. In general though, you can usually expect to lose all the weight you gain from loading on hCG within 2-3 days of starting the VLCD (very low calorie days) of the diet. I load without starches and sugars, and my loading gains are always minimal when done this way and always come off in 1-2 days.

But I warn you again- while it may not getcha the first round, future rounds of loading this way can cause significant loading weight to pile on- to me it’s not really worth it. My first round last month, I used homeopathic drops and they had other ingredients in them, so I don’t think they were pure HCG. But there will also be times when you have to be reasonable with yourself and realize that stabilizing within that window is just not for you.
And remember there ARE actually times when you need to actually just ignore this 2 lb rule altogether. During the next 72 hours of very low calorie diet though, as the hCG is leaving your system, you likely will lose more weight and end up at say, 148lbs, by day 1 of Phase 3. Thus the sudden enormous increase in carbs and sugar while loading causes a fair amount of water retention, inflating their loading weight (ie.
You can, and many do, load for the hCG Diet, this way, and if that is what you want to do, do not attach any guilt to it.
During the first couple days of Phase 3, your weight might shoot back up to 150 lbs or 151 lbs right away, even if you feel you are doing everything right – that is normal.
Again, this isn’t what normally happens, but I have seen it and I don’t know why it occurs.
The fear is that your weight will continue just shooting up like that till your back where you’re started, but that’s really not what happens. If you load “clean” (low carb with just high fats and proteins and no sugars or starches) you will most likely lose all your load weight in 1 day. That said, you will experience the most loading gain, especially on subsequent rounds, when you load this way. I feel so much better physically so I’m happy with my results (25 lbs lost) even though I still have quite a ways to go.

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