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Often referred as maintenance phase, dieter is suggested to give up HCG doses but stick to low calorie diet for first few days.
This phase is about building up fat content in the body to survive the upcoming low calorie diet plan. The calorie intake is reduced to a lower level during this phase that continues for few weeks. Gradually, dietary intake is increased and is restricted to a certain level where your diet can meet your bodily requirements.
The hCG diet is a very effective method to do away with obesity and can produce better results, in a relatively short period of time.The term hCg is short for Human Choriogonadotropin. HCG weight loss protocol is safe and effective way to get rid of extra body fats in less time.

You will notice your urge to take food declining to incredible rates and body coming in shape. During this phase the individual is required to take a regular note on his weight to assure he is not gaining back the lost fat. A pregnant woman’s metabolism is controlled to a great extent by the hCG and ensures that the person does not get obese during the pregnancy period. When males or women who are not pregnant consume hCG, the drug increases the overall metabolism in the body and releases fat stores. As a result, the person loses weight much faster than conventional weight loss methods.Usually, hCG is administered in the form of injections. This puts some serious restrictions on what you can eat and cannot.For breakfast, you can have a lot of tea and coffee – but with no sugar.

Kindly note that you should not eat more than one apple or orange as the high sugar content in such fruits can easily spoil the diet.The only beverages allowed are tea and coffee. Water consumption should be more than two liters per day.The DangersThe hCG diet has drawn flak from many doctors and the FDA had long questioned its claim. Some doctors believe that the resultant weight loss is not due to hCG intake but is rather a result induced by the placebo effect and intense food control. Another danger is that if the body is denied proteins for a long time, it can scavenge internal organs, including the heart, for the required nutrients.

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