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The basic thing that need to be understand is the meaning of healthy hcg diet plan and to follow the key way that definitely helps you for the desire results.
Before closing any food list diet menu the thing that need to be find or deduct that, why to take a certain type of diet plan and the second one is the main thing or ingredients from those a diet plan is conducting or have produced. The hcg diet is not a low (LCD)calories diet plan but it is a diet plan that will ensure your eating habits to make possible weight lose. Here is the HCG food plan that will definitely helps you to make a visual weight loss in less time. The second and final phase of hcg is generally called as the low calories food phase in this phase you have to take diet with prescribe chart as.
In breakfast: the breakfast must start with tea, coffee, lemon coffee and other morning drinks that should hot and low sugar. In dinner: for the dinner you have to take food that contain protein, have food that contain enzymes and vegetable salad is necessary, a teaspoon of coconut oil, take apple cider vinegar. So these were the importance and brief description of hcg diet plan Food list that is essential to those that are ambitious to lose weight in small time.
Check the following excerpts from the US National Institute of Health…the place where the doctors get their information regarding health research. HCG diet is considered as the best weight loss strategy by various people across the world as it has helped many people in losing extra pounds quickly. Except the loading phase, a dieter needs to take 500 calorie diet along with 10 to 15 diet drops three times a day. HCG diet plan for weight loss is safe to discard abnormal fat localized in chin, abdomen, hips, buttock, thighs and arms. The HCG hormone should be coupled with a very low calorie diet to trigger metabolism and release 1400 to 4000 calories internally. Loading phases demands consumption of high calorie food such as hotdogs, sandwiches, chocolates, pudding, meatballs, pizza, pastries, eggs, sweets, muffins, beef, chicken etc. The final 2 phases are based on daily diet of total 500 calories and 10 to 15 drops three times a day. If you too have made your mind to undergo this weight loss plan, then stat with homeopathic sublingual diet drops.
A hassle free administration of drops under the tongue with calibrated dropper made it more popular than other counterparts. The Military DietThe Military Diet help you lose up to 10 pounds per week without strenuous exercise or prescriptions. I am a huge supporter of all-natural weight loss products that actually promote health and are GOOD for your body. Which is why I wanted to do this review on hcg drops which is another popular diet and weight loss remedy for those who are looking for a weight loss solution but unable to use skinny fiber.
The purpose of HCG during pregnancy is to help break down fat to use for nutrients for the fetus and baby as it grows. The program is quite simple and works incredibly well if you follow it exactly as laid out.
If you follow these three steps, you will be amazed at your results. Some customers have submitted testimonials with weight loss results of over a pound of fat a day. The difference between HCG drops and other weight loss supplements is that you must combine these drops with a very strict diet for maximum weight loss. The original hcg diet recommended consuming only 500 calories a day, but doctors believe this may be harmful for prolonged periods. Personally, I don’t recommend EVER going under 1200 calories for longer than a 7 day period.  I would stick to the 1200 calorie option during this diet. If following the 800 Calorie Diet Plan – you must have three small meals per day (plus one snack), just as you would with the 500 calorie diet. If following the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan (which is the most safe option), you must eat 5 small meals each day and 2 snacks.

Now that you have finished the first two phases, you have to stop taking the drops (on the 22nd day).  Even though you have to stop taking the drops, this doesn’t mean you can stop your diet! Continue to eat foods from the chart above and for three weeks after finishing the hcg diet drops, don’t have sugar and starches.  Only have dairy products in small quantities. Throughout the phase you should be slowly increasing your calories.  When you reach day 35, you should be consuming between 1200 and 1400 calories each day. As you can see, the hcg diet plan can work wonders if you follow the plan precisely and are committed to the process. This website has been started as a resource site for you to find some great 3 day diet plans.
There are a lots of people whom have to suffer with these kind of issues that they are not having or find those desired results that a diet plan menu should give. In the hcg diet plan there are two major factors that lead to take this diet for weight lose.
The benefit of anecdotal is that it helps to make the stomach hunger down which is the key tool in every healthy easy recipes for pregnancy.
Low calories food such as 500 calories diet plans have some effects on your over weight but they can never do as well as HCG diet plan, because in low calories food plan you have to work or push yourself a lot to reject foods and you are not going to have or find any help from the food that will not going to give you any benefit to reduce your weight. We have divided this diet plan into two phases, the first one is initial phase and the second is final phase. It was a scam from the get go and doesn’t work any more than the other junk on the market like acai or green tea. And, if you can’t bring yourself to believe the science, visit your physician and find out for yourself.
This diet plan was discovered by Dr Simeons in 1950 and the complete HCG diet protocol has been described in his book “Pounds and Inches” that covers all the three phases of diet plan which are loading, maintenance and stabilization phase respectively.
During the diet, your calorie intake will be restricted and it is essential that you follow the diet precisely as laid out. If you need to lose over 20 pounds, you will have to go on the 64-day diet and will need 2 bottles. Again, increase your calories consistently for each meal to meet your caloric needs for the day.
You must continue the same caloric consumption as in Phase Two (500, 800, or 1200 calories) and allow the leftover HCG in your body to process. They have varied food combinations allowing for each person to best choose an option that suits them. So the rule that should be apply in choosing any diet plan is also applied on the hcg food list , which is why to take hcg food plan. The word healthy doesn’t mean that you are calling every fat body is an healthy body, but the ideal body that is not much fat or nor less is termed as healthy and fit body. The food may include bacon, fish, cheese, burger, ice cream and other tings that has to be stop in any ordinary diet restricted mechanism. Even if you manage to lose some weight from the diet alone you will only gain rebound fat because you’ve done nothing to change your eating habits.
You’ll be wise to ignore the random strangers of unknown credibility with no references or citations who are simply credulous believers incapable of recognizing their own placebo effect. There are no side effects of HCG drops as these are homeopathic in nature and are manufactured in FDA approved labs after the series of rigorous dilution.
1-2 oz ampoules of homeopathic HCG diet drops are found online and over the counter pharmacies.
You can order them online with authorized dealer which has authentic HCG drops which can help in losing weight quickly.
But be CONSISTENT each day with the amount of calories, and do not go over 100 calories above or below your consistent caloric choice. It requires a lot of patience, endurance and strength as the diet is severely restricted and over a long period of time.

The whole point to these diets is to have a low fat, low calorie diet which allows for fast weight loss. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, or supplementation program, before taking any medication, before starting any treatment program or if you have or suspect you have a health problem. Out of these, HCG oral drops are safe and easy to administer under the tongue without any pain or side effects. The diluted HCG oral drops are considered to be the effective weight loss supplement as they dissolve quickly than shots and pills.
But if you are looking for a fool-proof way to lose weight and a system that is proven to work if you are dedicated enough to follow through with the process, this is an excellent weight loss aid.
Some information, products and claims on this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
So, you may as well make that commitment now and establish proper eating habits instead of trying an easy way that doesn’t work.
The purpose of this is to “load” your body with enough fat that your body can use during the more difficult phases. Let me introduce you to the 800 Calorie HCG diet.The 800 Calorie HCG Diet is all about losing weight quickly in the safest way possible. This means no strain on the body, no hunger or cravings, and perhaps more importantly, your metabolism will not slow down – which means you will lose weight almost constantly while on the diet.
The HCG is taken along with an 800 calorie food plan for optimum weight loss.The hormone HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is the basis of the diet. HCG normally works in pregnant women to metabolize fat and use it as energy for both mother and fetus. It has been used in many forms by millions of people all over the world with no safety issues reported. Since the HCG diet contains moderate protein and almost no sugar or fat, it’s safe for diabetics and people with hypertension, thyroid problems and controlled heart disease.The side effects are almost non-existent and not much different than any other low calorie diet (especially when the HCG diet protocols are followed properly).
They include episodes of weakness and low blood sugar (often seen when skipping meals), constipation and lack of energy.
All of these feelings are due to the marked reduction in sugar and all are transient, generally subsiding after a week or two. After treating thousands of people, I have seen almost no side effects from my HCG Protocol.
That’s much better than prescription diet medication or even over-the-counter (or internet) diet supplements!HCG can be used in men and women with equal safety and effectiveness.
Men do not gain any female characteristics since HCG is only a pregnancy hormone protecting the baby – it has nothing to do with menstruation, breast or hair development. In fact, men lose weight much faster on HCG than women!800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan – Great Food ChoicesThe 800 Calorie HCG Diet food plan is based on food choices that have been tested in thousands of patients in my private practice in Miami, FL. We carefully evaluate every low-calorie product that has little to no sugar and no fat to see if its HCG friendly.
In doing so, we have added many products that are very low-calorie, have little to no sugar or carbs, and very little fat to Dr.
The tremendous amount of food options make following the food plan and losing weight on my HCG diet a great experience for my patients.Each new food selection follows the principles of Dr. It means that products (assuming calories are appropriate) must have 2 grams of sugar or less and 2 grams of fat or less. Click on the thumbnails below to see some samples of breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink choices.New 800 Calorie HCG Diet Book This modernized HCG plan includes the new food protocol, all required HCG essentials, sample menus, new plateau breaking tips, and modernized, detailed guidelines for all three phases of the HCG plan. Lipman writes, “almost all my patients noted more energy and less cravings with the larger portions and more choices in the new 800 calorie plan.

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