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There are some guidelines to follow of course, which we’ll talk about, but let me just quote Dr. In a nutshell, if you have found the right dose ofA human chorionic gonadotropinA for you, where you are seriously not hungry most of the day, you will find that if you let hunger be your guide to eating while on the protocol, some days you simply may not feel the need for all 500 calories.
The important thing to be aware of if you are eating less than 500 calories on hCG is the reason behind it.A  I think you know what I mean.
If you’re truly not hungry and you find yourself eating very little, in my experience, that is okay- this will most likely NOT be all the time- but more just a sometimes thing. If you need 500-600 calories a day to feel satisfied hunger-wise, then that is normal as well. Not only does 500 calories sound dangerously low to the outsider who hasn’t fully researched or tried the weight loss protocol, 300 calories sounds pretty crazy even to those of us seasoned hCGers. But after being through this enough times, and having my hydrostatic body fat testing done before and after my rounds ofA HCG Injections in order to know my ratio of muscle and fat loss on this protocol, I am personally perfectly comfortable only eating 300-350 calories some days on the diet, as long as I’m truly not hungry.
Good afternoon everyone, so I’ve been on the hcg diet for a little over a month now and have lost quite a bit of weight but have noticed lately a fiew stalls. For you, doing this protocol the regular way, including those 2 fruits of strawberries, grapefruits, orange or apple may be completely fine.  In fact, one of my rounds using these fruits went perfectly well and I have no complaints about it.
I learned the hard way that sugar was my worst enemy and that to get through Phase 2 reliably, removing it was the best answer.

However, when it comes to cravings for carbs and sugar, and especially on this diet, filling those cravings for sugar or carbs by eating, from my experience, only fuels them further, causing more cravings, longer lasting cravings, etc. Sometimes if you haven’t had a chance to clear your body of carbs prior to starting hCG, you might experience some cravings for a couple of days while on the protocol when trying to remove the fruits, but usually after that, if you are like me, you will notice a very distinct difference if what your body is hankering after (or basically, all of a sudden NOT hankering after). What this means then is that sometimes your body will end up in Ketosis, which is actually a state that creates a natural hunger suppression in you – this too can aid in the diet feeling easier to stick to. I was more generous with my veggies, and I decided to include a greater variety of vegetables on my final round as well.  I felt that most likely this would work out okay because since I had removed so many of the carbs and sugars by removing the fruits and melba, that I had a little more leeway with my veggies.
This may or may not work for you, but I was very pleased with my results doing this, and it made the diet more easily done and completed by me. And I’d like to add, the feeling of not needing to eat much and eating less than 500 calories happens a lot more when the fruits are out of the picture, again, because those cravings aren’t there messing things up for me! I only use vinegars or steam for vegetable and I eat as much as I want of allowable vegetables per the protocol. Im goin to start my loading phase this weekend, & so on Monday i will be strictly on the diet, but im not sure exactly wt to eat & exactly how mch to inject????, also i ordered hcg protein drink, has anyone ever tried it???? My biggest problem is that I have to drink coffee in the morning or I get withrawl symptoms (headaches, etc). I realized that when I didn’t drink my daily requirement of water I was so thirsty that my body craved carbs and sugars.

So I am not counting calories on the 500 calories I am micro managing my portion of protein, and sticking to what is a very strict elimination diet.
I love seeing the changes that people experience not just in weight but everything else as well as you mentioned here. Biggest thing is don’t worry- you are doing great, it’s just a small blip, time to move onwards and upwards!
It’s much less likely you will cheat or give out too soon on this protocol if you can get your body to on board with you and eliminate at least the majority of those cravings to eat. In the past 270 days I have kept my diet clean, organic grass fed not grain finished air dried pastured raised did the cheese come from a cow that ate grass and was pastured raised plus lots of time at the farmers market. Simeons would allow vegans to eat low fat cottage cheese and was hoping that if I used only one tablespoon per cup I would be OK. I am enjoying buying directly from farmers at the farmers markets and splurging at the fancy gourmet store for my p2 proteins, where.
I happen to be a person that is capable of skipping meals , but also want to exercise and have a goal weight of 103 lbs.

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