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The event began in 2013 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Title IX Gender Equity Act.
The race was centered around Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids for its first two years, but will be transitioning to the larger Calder Plaza area for the 2015 race reason. I am extremely strict with my schedule and make it a top priority to get my long runs in every weekend. Mon: Whole eggs, tuna, salad, baked chicken, protein shake, high-protein, low-carbohydrate dinner. Tues: Whole eggs, tuna, salad, baked chicken, protein shake, high-protein, low-carbohydrate dinner. Wed: Eggs whites, tuna, salad, baked chicken, protein shake, high-protein, medium-carbohydrate dinner. Thurs: Whole eggs, tuna, salad, baked chicken, protein shake, high-protein, low-carbohydrate dinner.
Fri: Whole eggs, tuna, salad, baked chicken, protein shake, high-protein, low-carbohydrate dinner. 3) Increase the lean protein in your diet: your body will be constantly repairing itself and needs protein to do so. 5) Utilize the treadmill and the gym during the colder winter months of Michigan wonderland bliss! Looking to add an extra sprinkle of pixie dust to the upcoming Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend, runDisney’s new official nutritionist Tara Gidus will help host a meet-up focused on fueling up for the big race.
Planned for Friday, January 18 at the Disneyland Resort, the early morning running event will also feature fitness star Ali Vincent, Jeff Galloway and other running personalities.
Admittance to the event is non-transferable and limited to the selected applicant; no additional guests please.
Because this is a running-oriented event, we require that applicants be experienced runners, able to maintain a 12-minute per mile pace (qualified). Selected applicants attending the meet-up are not required to purchase Theme Park admission.
We will send an email to selected applicants who sent their valid RSVP via email before we reached capacity to confirm their attendance for Friday. Our weekly newsletter provides additional tips, tricks, and discounts not shared on the blog. I decided that I would definitely be running the Leeds Half Marathon to raise money for Mind – the mental health charity. So, for my training programme I have been loosely following the BUPA Intermediate Half Marathon Programme but I have changed around when my rest days are and I have taken a more primal stance on cross training by implementing some good old fashioned kettlebell training. My tempo run sessions consist of a 5 minute warm up and cool down, and then just a 20 minute block of running inbetween wherein I run a little bit faster than my anticipated race pace. This is something that I will only touch on lightly this fortnight as my training is still in its early stages and I haven’t really needed to change much at all. A section that you probably weren’t even expecting to find but I have been putting some amazing new products to the test recently.
My second favourite has to be my BetterYou Magnesium Spray that I spray into my sore and aching muscles which helps to alleviate any tension and stress within my body.

So come back every fortnightly Saturday and you’ll find something new and exciting to read!
Greens of the Stone Age encourages modern men and women to take a more holistic approach to their lifestyle, ditching their old toxic ways.
To successfully and optimally complete your half-marathon, attention to your diet needs to begin the week before the race. Once the race has started you only have two concerns pertaining to nutrition: water and sugar. Have you ever had one of those days when you really just need to devour something quickly for a little burst of much needed energy but really can’t be bothered making anything? These Chocolate Orange Paleo Energy Bon Bons are bite sized energy bursts of toffee, chocolate, orange, and spirulina. I’ve called these bon bons because the texture reminds me of a traditional bon bon, ever so slightly softer but still harder than a raw brownie.
Although these can be eaten at any time in the process they are best served after being refrigerated (or even frozen) as they are a lot tougher in texture – much like a traditional toffee bon bon.
I had the privilege to run the 5k for both the 2013 inaugural race and last year; but this will be my first year running the ? marathon.
The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon connects women through movement, achievement, celebration, friendship and fun. I made a resolution to train through the winter season while having this race in the back of my mind as a motivator.
If you can view food as fuel for energy as opposed to a social event, your nutrition will begin to better fuel your training.
In this series of posts I’ll be taking a look at my training programme, how I fuel my runs, what gear I use, and my overall emotional journey. I have also been doing about 30 minutes of calisthenics daily wherein I complete 3 sets of 10 reps press-ups, 3 sets of as many pull-ups I feel comfortable with, a little bit of monkeying around, and using my parallel bars. My first 2 weeks I was ill with some evil virus and so I dropped my speed runs for an extra rest day. The speed running sessions have been quite fun but are definitely the ones that leave me wanting to puke – I run pretty fast for 3 minutes and then jog for 3 minutes and alternate until my time is up and then head back home. I know that sounds a little bit silly considering the title of this post but it’s true. Over the next few weeks I am going to be talking about recovering with salt baths, and of course the importance of foot care!
It is pretty much every athletes wonder product and you should all have this in your cupboards!
I'm Georgie, freelance writer and founder and editor of Primal Eye Magazine - the UK's 1st online Paleo magazine. I'm Georgie, a health and wellness freelance writer, fitness fanatic, recipe developer, and founder and editor of Primal Eye Magazine - the UK's 1st online Paleo magazine. Most of your pre-race week is focused on preventing the common causes of GI distress.The week leading up to the race it is important that you do not make drastic changes to what you have been eating and drinking. These Chocolate Orange Paleo Energy Bon Bons are totally the answer – you just whiz a huge batch up in minutes and refrigerate until solid.

I’ve used spirulina for a little B-vitamin, mineral, chlorophyll, and calcium boost, chia seeds for omega-3s and 6s, and maca powder for extra energy. Runners are the most supportive and encouraging people you will ever meet, and being a part of the only all women race in my hometown is an honor.
Within the past 5 weeks I have lost 10 pounds, changed my diet, and I stick to a weekly training schedule. Only a limited number of qualified runners will be selected to participate, so be one of the first to apply. PT today, and we will also post a link on the Disney Parks Blog that will include a list of names of all selected applicants.
This is mainly because I don’t want to lose out on all of my hard earned calisthenics skills but also because it aids in superb running.
My last long run I switched from the suggest 6 miles on the BUPA programme to 7 as I felt like it would be easy enough to increase. That is until I reach around 4 miles where she starts to relax a little more and not chase every little living thing in the park. You can buy 100ml for around ?12+ and it’s just so easy to use, you might feel a little bit of stinging on your skin at first so just try a little skin patch test before going the whole hog!
The great thing about these is that they are also portable, bite-sized snacks so if you’re on the way to the gym, work, or your little one needs a tasty little treat in their lunchbox you can just grab and go! You can’t taste the spirulina in these at all but rather a toffee and chocolate orange flavour that will transport you to heaven. There is no better feeling than other women pushing you to do your best and lifting your spirits. I try to place top in my age group, so sticking to a schedule is key: especially with me transitioning from the 5k to the ? marathon. If you do not receive an email from us confirming your reservation and your name does not appear on the list of selected applicants, your RSVP was not selected. It also logs your sleep, tracks various activities, is waterproof, and has a GPS function so you can see where you’ve been running when you get home. I just whack my headphones on and zone out for 40-50 minutes and complete a variety of kettlebell exercises including; one arm swings (bell at chest level), Russian swings (bell at chest level), American swings (bell overhead), snatches (pull and punch weight overhead with one arm), kettlebell clean and press, double strict press (press overhead without using your legs), and double front squats.
If you are a heavy sweater, you may need to consider an electrolyte replacement drink.30-35 minutes into your race is when you should take your first nutrition supplement like GU or PowerGel "gel packs". It gives me enough fuel to go the distance but it also helps to prevent my muscles from cramping, along with lactic acid build up. They allow you to supplement your energy needs and help to off-set your slower energy production when your body starts to burn more fat for energy. These "gel packs" are specifically formulated to replace what you burn while you are running.
Post run I have been eating my gorgeous Orange and Cayenne Chocolate Avocado Mousse and some Chocolate Orange Cricket Flour Brownies.

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