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WordpressWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. MelAus PartnersFITNESS TRAINING PROGRAMStrength training, weight loss programs injuryfitness. Open spam free community for the first steps toward fitness trainingProgramme begins with just walking for the fitness.

The most well-known vinyasa sequence is the sun salutation, a flowing series of lunging, bending, and stretching asanas. After a spring with a rather high activity level for me with training for and completing the Brolopp in June and lot’s of roller skating with Friday Night Skate during the summer, some of my joints (not the smoking type) have been a little bit congested. This week is being consumed with Series 6 studying.  I have 3 pretty slow days at work this week so I’m using that time to study.
This new trainer provides both video and audio coaching to quickly get a person into beach body shape so they can look their best when showing the most.

The plan is to do this program, that I got from a instructor at Novo Nordisk, 2 times a week.

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