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Is green tea good for weight loss? According to WebMD, drinking green tea may help you lose weight. Drinking green tea brings a wide range of health benefits, and one of the major benefits is that it can help with weight loss. There are many cases when people start to wonder if green teas and weight loss tea are the same?
However, there are many green tea come from other part of Asia recently, and the different country or region would has a different way to make them.
We all know that in order to lose weight, we need to reduce the energy intake or increase our energy consumption. Even though green tea contains caffeine but there are clinical tests discovered that this caffeine in green tea is consider as the active ingredient, which can only work with the other ingredients in green tea and promote increased metabolism and fat oxidation well. DisclaimerThe results portrayed in the stories, comments and product reviews on this website are illustrative only and may not be the results that you achieve with these products. You may be familiar with the above words.  Green Tea which referred by almost all doctors and dietitians and Weight lossis an important factor of everyone’s life. But do you really know how Green Tea works for our body and ultimately results in weight loss?  It is really interesting to know its benefits.  After a great search on this information and discussion with my dietitian, I got some information which I will love to share with all of you. Many of us face the problem of tooth decay.  This problem now days prevail in every age group. You can keep away a common cold or flu with its help.  Vitamin C in green tea helps a lot as prevention major for all such troubles. Your immune system gets boosted up with its use as it makes you stronger to fight the infections. Green tea helps in preventing high blood pressure and helps in lowering your blood sugar level.
Problem of obesity can be easily avoided with regular exercise and drinking green tea regularly.
Now days doctor recommend people to have a bone density test periodically.  Green tea helps in preserving your bone density. Are you worried about skin aging or wrinkling?  Then just get relaxed.  The harmful effects of free radicals can be avoided with regular use of green tea. The prevention from all the above problems ultimately lead to weight loss with its consumption since Green tea is just perfect for boosting the metabolism rate naturally.
Recent CommentsJohn Shahin on Earth Day 2012: How much Time it takes to Decomposepatricia carmell on Are you really worried about your abs?Preeti on Misal Pav Recipesushrut on How to make Pav Bhaji?aavishkar on How to use Computer tablet? It has been proven that it reduces fat, stimulates metabolism and improves endurance during exercise. We’ve found out at cheaphomemaker some of the recipes that use green tea as one of the main ingredients. In order to answer for this question, we need to go deep into each category in order to reveal the secret. Although, it does not matter where it makes, the main purpose of green tea is to improve your health and detoxicate your body. Therefore, green tea can help you to lose weight good because it not only reduce your appetite and increase the energy we normally consume.

However, if you just consume the same amount of caffeine in green tea is recorded that it is fail in boosting your metabolism.
However, Weight loss tea will contain more of the ingredient that will help you to burn calories than detoxicate your body (even though weight loss tea will detoxicate your body as well).
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We may get a commission if you order something from one of the companies mentioned on this site. There are many scientific and medical studies to determine green tea health benefits within the past few decades. Raising metabolism without exercise is another feature which green tea have, however the rate between green tea and exercise are still too far apart. These test also showed that green tea would boost up 4% in your thermo genesis, which means that you will burn more calories than you normally do. Weight loss tea is green tea with more ingredient boost in helping you to increase metabolism rate, fat oxidation of your body. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) extract is also available as a dietary supplement.Thermogenesis is the process by which the body promotes energy expenditure. Many people take on drinking green tea not knowing if or why it really helps with weight loss. Then, these studies showed that green tea has many properties that are good for your health such as reducing heart diseases, certain cancers, cholesterol… These are some of the reasons green tea benefits weight loss. I love nature, photography, paintings, reading books, cooking, watching movies, being with family and friends, working with devotion, taking care of others and so on. In addition, green tea also known as having thermo genesis, fat oxidation and metabolism boost as well.
Therefore, it is significant that you should pick the right branch of green tea or weight loss tea to support your weight loss.
Therefore, in China, this tea is consumed for thousands of years in order to keep a good a health and longevity.
Picking the right green tea product that benefits your weight loss because this all depends on your diet and exercise plan.
Dietary fat has little thermogenic effect, and carbohydrates have medium thermogenic effect. Overflowing with antioxidants, there are numerous benefits to consuming green tea including how it can help you have a healthy heart and that it has anti-cancer properties.While the natural supply of vitamins and nutrients in Green Tea can help your body to burn calories and fat, the results don’t come about as quickly as some would expect. By increasing thermogenesis, energy expenditure increases and fat cells are then used as energy.Green tea helps with the reduction of fat tissue through the increased fat oxidation and thermogenesis that it promotes. This will improve the ratio of muscle tissue to fat, which in turn promotes an increased metabolism and more burning of fat.Research has proven that green tea possesses thermogenic properties. If you read the ingredients of popular weight loss and diet pills, you’re likely to see some form of green tea listed. It works in terms of supporting health, but it isn’t “the answer” in itself to losing pounds. These thermogenic properties of EGCG provide a small but significant benefit of green tea for weight loss.

Anything worth having requires some effort, a healthy life included.How It WorksGreen tea works to reduce fat and stimulate your metabolism. The fats and sugars that enter the body are synthesized into a substance known as triglycerides. The study showed that green tea helped obese lose weight people due to higher energy output as well as better fat oxidation.Another study divided participants with visceral fat-type obesity into two groups. The catechin group ingested a green tea extract that contained 583 mg of catechins each day. The participants continued to stick to their normal dietary intake as well as usual physical activity.
The problem: You have to drink a significant amount of tea or consume it in a concentrated form to even begin to have any real effect on the body. The group ingesting the green tea extract high in catechins experienced a reduction in body fat. The catch is you need to be a BIG tea drinker to benefit as about 600 to 700 mg of green tea catechins are required to achieve the triglyceride lowering effect (the equivalent of 6 to12 cups per day since the catechin content of tea varies greatly).  Alternately, nutritional supplements are available that provide green tea catechins in a more concentrated form. However, many choose to indulge in a hot cup of green tea because it contains a significantly less amount of caffeine than coffee. You’ll still reap the energy increasing benefits without the hyper-sensitive side effects.Increased MetabolismBurning fat also means an increase in your body’s metabolism.
Recent studies show consuming green tree extract stimulates a process known as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis determines how quickly your food will be burned off and recycled into energy.
It’s possible to experience this fat burning, metabolism increasing benefit by drinking green tea as a beverage or, for added convenience, you can consume it as a dietary supplement.
You’ll see most commercial weight loss supplements include green tea, and all of them suggest a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits for the best results.
Those who take a daily extract supplement burn 17% more fat while exercising than those who don’t (the dosage varies depending on age, weight, etc). Continuous consumption also strengthens the metabolism, creating a constant fat burning routine even after your workout is completed. High in catechins (phytochemicals), green tea along with an active lifestyle has been proven to combat obesity and heart defects. A diet high in calories with mild activity won’t yield the best results regardless of any natural supplements. A moderately monitored diet with equally moderate level of exercise usually shows significant progress around 12 weeks. Those who are increasingly active and consume a weight-friendly diet can expect to see results much sooner.The results may seem to straddle the fence a bit in terms of weight loss, but the overall health benefits outweigh its ineffectiveness when it comes to dropping pounds.
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