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Previously, nutritionists thought that a grape juice diet and weight loss is not compatible concepts.
Lately scientists have concluded that regular consumption of fresh grape juice leads to an overall weight loss.
Grape juice has an effect not only on weight loss, but also the condition of the whole organism. This beverage contains a wealth of valuable nutrients and vitamins (carotene, B1, B2, B3, ascorbic acid), minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt), organic acids (malic, tartaric, citric acid), and sugars (glucose, fructose), cellulose, amino acids.
Nutritional value largely depends on the kind of berries, some varieties contain more acids and sugars, and others are richer in amino acids and vitamins. Grape juice is a wonderful nutritional tool that is used at avitaminosises, during rehabilitation after surgery and severe illnesses. Glucose from grape juice immediately acquired by an organism, it is very useful to stimulate the brain, but not useful for those who have problems with the pancreas and production of insulin (diabetes). Pectin and fiber help cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances (poisons, radionuclides). By the beneficial properties of grape juice can also be attributed prevention of cancer diseases.

High iron content in easily digestible form enhances hemoglobin and improving the supply cells with oxygen. Grape juice also has diuretic properties, is used to eliminate constipation, edema, for removing excess fluid from the body.
However, there are several contraindications to the consumption of grape juice diet and weight loss nutrition.
Because of the high acid content cannot drink it with gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. The science behind it says that the antioxidants in the grapes will help detoxify your body, while increasing your metabolism.
Grapes are known to have a slight laxative effect, which may be another one of the reasons you lose weight on the diet. When choosing between red or green grapes, it is found that red grapes contain more nutritional value than green grapes; however, both can be used for the grape diet. Both red and green grapes contain antioxidants and nutrients good for your body, although the deep red skin on red and purple grapes has a higher percentage. The grape diet is great for quick weight loss results only if you plan on doing it for four days.

The only unpleasant side effect that may come up after this diet is that after eating nothing but grapes you may feel overwhelmed at the sight of them. This effect is achieved primarily through the unique chemical and biological composition of grapes.
Scientists have shown that regular consumption of grape juice dark varieties prevents the growth of cancerous tumors. Simply put, you eat grapes and nothing else except for water for four days and you will lose weight. There are claims that the grape diet helps lower high blood pressure as well as other ailments. Any span longer than that may lead to malnourishment and may cause unhealthy side effects toward your body.
These elements are deducing from organism dense cholesterol forming plaque on the walls of blood vessels and causing atherosclerosis.

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