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However, you shouldn't fall under the snare of diets as well as specify one day out of the week like a "cheat day". Should you wait and only consume 3 meals daily, your stomach won't process the food as quick as it would if you eaten 6 meals daily. When starting a fat loss diet plan, you will have to find a nutrition level that is sufficient for fat loss without depriving your body of the nutrients it needs for energy, recovery and muscle building. As a starting point for your fat loss diet plan, I recommend consuming the following amounts of carbohydrates and proteins for each of 5 meals to be consumed throughout the day. I have provided nutritional guidelines to follow for 5 meals throughout the day for days that you workout with weights and for days that you do not workout with weights. On the days that you workout with weights, you should consume a meal before and after you workout, a meal before you go to bed and 2 other meals throughout the day. Your pre-workout meal should be consumed about 1 hour before starting your weight workout and your post workout meal should be consumed within 30 minutes of completing your weight workout.
All other meals should be spaced approximately 3 hours apart with your pre-bedtime meal being consumed within 2 hours of going to sleep.
On days that you do not work out with weights, you will simply eat the 5 meals in order as shown in the fat loss diet plan above. If this schedule is not clear to you yet, don't worry, I will give a couple of examples to help make things more clear. If you like to perform your weight workouts first thing in the morning, you will want to eat your pre-workout meal as your first meal of the day - about 1 hour before starting your weight workout. 3 hours after you have eaten your post-workout meal, you will eat one of your "other meals" and will consume the second "other meal" 3 hours after that.
3 hours after eating your second "other meal" you will likely be ready to eat your pre-bedtime meal.
This will allow you to consume the same amount and ratios of carbs and proteins throughout the day while adding another meal or two to ensure that you are able to eat every 3 hours and adhere to the fat loss diet plan guidelines given above. If you prefer weight training in the afternoon, you will start your day by consuming one of your "other meals". If you consume your second "other meal", you will then consume your pre-workout meal 3 hours after that and workout an hour or so later with your post-workout meal to follow within 30 minutes of completing your weight workout.
If you consume your pre-workout meal as your second meal, you would workout an hour after eating the pre-workout meal and then consume the post-workout meal within 30 minutes of completing your weight workout. Please feel free to split one or both of your "other meals" in half if you need to add another meal or two to your fat loss diet plan in order to be able to eat every 3 hours while you are awake. On days that you take a break from weight training, or if you do not work out with weights, you will follow the fat loss diet plan provided for non-weight training days.

This plan is more simple to follow than the weight training days because you will simply consume the five meals in the order they are shown.
You should do your best to space all meals 3 hours apart to help increase your metabolism to burn fat more quickly. Although the non-weight workout fat loss diet plan is fairly simple to follow, I have displayed an example daily schedule just to ensure that there is no confusion on how this meal schedule should be followed. For the non-weight workout days fat loss diet plan, you can split any meals except for the pre-bedtime meal in half in order to give you an extra meal (or more) for the day if you need to fill more time before you plan on going to bed.
You may be wondering how you are to determine that you are eating the indicated amounts of carbohydrates and proteins for a given meal. In order to accurately account for the carbohydrates and proteins in a given meal, you will need to have a digital food scale (available at most department stores) and a calculator. Before I go any further, I want to make sure that you know what types of carbohydrates and proteins should be consumed for each meal as part of your fat loss diet plan. Using the protein and carbohydrate amounts in the fat loss diet plan above, you will determine the number of each nutrient that should be consumed for a given meal based on which meal you are preparing.
Before you can determine how much chicken you need to consume, you have to know the serving size of the chicken and the amount of protein contained in a serving size. If you are eating a food that does not contain a nutrition label, you should refer to the USDA food database to determine the amounts of carbs or protein in a given serving size of food.
Let's say that the nutrition label for the chicken breasts indicates that a serving size is 28 grams and that each serving size contains 7 grams of protein. You will then use your digital food scale to weigh out 140 grams of thawed chicken breasts before seasoning and cooking and you will have your 35 grams of protein for that meal.
Determining the carbohydrates works the same way except you will subtract the dietary fiber from the amount of total carbohydrates indicated on the nutrition label. It was definitely a change for me to start measuring the food that I was eating, but this is the only way to effectively make sure you are accurately following your fat loss diet plan and eating the right amount of nutrients necessary to build and maintain muscle mass, control your blood sugar levels to prevent additional fat accumulations and quickly melt away unwanted body fat. After measuring your portions for a week or two, you will become used to the process and it will just be a natural part of preparing your meals.
Don't let the small amount of additional preparation keep you from starting a fat loss diet plan. May 2, 2013 By: Trisha12 CommentsI wrote this post as part of the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Blogger Program. How I feel after a workout also motivates me! I always feel AMAZING after taking a fitness class or using my gym’s equipment. Another tip to stay motivate, Don’t think you have to totally eliminate your favorite foods!

Together with fat and sugar, additionally, you will require to cut back upon alcohol based drinks as well as coffee simply because they decrease water from the body as well as fuel dehydration.
It doesn't matter if you wish to focus on your abdominal or chest muscles, you should also exercise your leg, back, and shoulder muscles as well.
Take care not to take a lot of supplements before you exercise since they're energy boosters and may end up being harmful for your health. I was nervous about starting Shaklee 180 because I was afraid I would have to stop eating certain foods completely. You are so inspirational and I agree with you about working out…I always feel better! I'm a mom of two, living with my 5-year-old daughter, 1-year-old son and my husband in New Jersey with NYC being just minutes away. Veggies, Fruit, Chicken as well as Fish are recommended as well as meals which are full of fat and sugar ought to be prevented. I’m always feeling confident and accomplished when leaving the gym or doing something as simple as a long walk in the park. I'm a lover of coffee and can barely cook but I'm a self proclaimed master of the slow cooker! The meals you consume prior to weight training may stimulate you and assist construct muscle quicker.
Along with warming up, you will have to do a cool down workout following your primary routines. We all know most children are very impressionable so by taking the lead by eating halthier and being active, I’m encouraging my little one to do the same.
Losing the wight and inches I have so far has boosted my confidence which motivates me to lose even more! My main focus right now is getting my weight down and my long term goal is to get to 140 pounds. For example, instead of a chocolate bar, I substitute would substitute it by eating a yummy Chocolate Chocolate Shaklee 180 snack bar which satifies my craving for chocolate! When not blogging or interacting with my friends and followers on social media, I enjoy hanging out and traveling with my family!

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