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Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising frequently and checking your body weight are all proven ways of keeping yourself in good shape. The natural health experts’ blog Neal’s Yard suggests that what you eat may have a direct bearing on your hearing loss. You may have hated eating your greens at school, but as you get older you’ll appreciate the benefits they bring. My name is Sarah-Jean and I'm the fashionable wife to a sexy Molecular Biologist and mother of 3 dragons beautiful kids! If you have noticed that you are having difficulty in detecting certain sounds, it may be time to seek the advice of a specialist. You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive health supplement, simply peel and eat a banana.

In the first instance you’ll have boiled away all the goodness and secondly they taste vile. Of course taste isn’t the main reason why you should try to eat healthily, but it does help. Those who have a history of heart disease in their families should also go regular for health checks.
This mineral will help boost your energy levels, that’s why you often see athletes eating bananas, and helps you maintain strong and healthy bones. Fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, white meat and wholemeal bread are all valuable sources of the essential vitamins and nutrients that everyone needs to keep the body in perfect working order.
If you enjoy a healthy diet you may find that you will be in a far better position to cope with certain health problems and therefore maintain your overall wellbeing.

It is believed that as these groups of foods clog up the arteries with cholesterol so they may also restrict the flow of blood leading to the ears.
A recent study published by the BBC showed that overeating and obesity are connected with the development of ten cancers. Folic acid contains vitamin B, which helps the body regenerate its cells, and also protects you against certain cancers and heart disease. This wonder nutrient also protects you against free radicals that can damage your nerve tissue in the ear.

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