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Breakfast: I’m a very picky eater and hate legumes which is the vegetarian alternative to beef.
Dinner: By now I was tired of the eggs so I opted for moong dal sprouts which we lightly heated in a microwave. I did not have adequate water today as something or the other kept happening throughout the day and I was just so tensed.
Also, for my diet I rely on GM Diet Works and I’ve noticed that they have updated the diet since the last time I tried it. Lunch: I cannot have milk without bournvita or sugar and the diet suggested that milk can be substituted with buttermilk or curd. Dinner: For dinner, I had banana milkshake (with no sugar) which tasted quite good as the banana’s natural sugar made it taste well.
Like always, I managed to have 3lts of water but skipped working out today as I did not feel like it.
Luckily I like eggs hence I had an omelette of 2 eggs with veggies like tomatoes and onions.

Let me know if you have any tips to keep the weight I shed at bay so that I don’t end up gaining it all back. And I know I mentioned that I will not weight myself until Day 7 but I just couldn’t resist. However, this time things are different and my will power to complete the diet keeps increasing day by day. Make sure you use good fat like olive oil or ghee to cook it and vegetable oil should be avoided.
The diet recommends you have the egg yolk as well since it is rich in nutrients and good fat. I didn’t feel light headed or any weakness today and the GM Diet Plan recommends increasing your workout by Day 5. However, this time around I feel at a much better place and on Day 4 of the GM Diet ie the milk and banana day, everything went smoothly. However, if you would like to have the clear soup then strain the water, add salt, herbs and other seasoning.

I’m so happy to update you guys that I’ve already lost 2kgs and reduced an inch from the waist ?? This has boosted my confidence and I’m sure the remaining 3 days will pass like a breeze. If you do not eat eggs you can have legumes, a bowl of brown rice (throughout the day) or sprouts.
I added some salt and lemon to the soup to make it taste better though it still wasn’t that appetizing. The GM plan diet suggests eating beef with 5-6 tomatoes however there are always vegetarian alternatives. Do check out my post on GM Diet Plan & Chart to know how this diet works and its meals.

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