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When the weather is hot, and you feel like eating something more light and refreshing, it’s always a great time to eat clean and healthier. So last Fitness Friday I announced my plans to tackle this here crazy diet called, aptly, The 7 Day Diet. Per instructions from Hot Patrick, I skip breakfast and have a large lunch so it wasn't an issue for me.
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I'm Cris Stone and I live in San Antonio, Texas (by way of Salcha, Alaska) with my husband, daughter, baby on the way, and cat.
Also, for my diet I rely on GM Diet Works and I’ve noticed that they have updated the diet since the last time I tried it.
Lunch: I cannot have milk without bournvita or sugar and the diet suggested that milk can be substituted with buttermilk or curd. Dinner: For dinner, I had banana milkshake (with no sugar) which tasted quite good as the banana’s natural sugar made it taste well. Like always, I managed to have 3lts of water but skipped working out today as I did not feel like it. A new dietary guidelines for Indians have suggested that those who regularly consume one peg of whisky should not be discouraged in their ?intake of small quality of alcohol? besides advising the Indians to double their water intake.

Villagers move to safe place in a boat from the flooded Panikhiti area in Kamrup district of Assam..
The GM Diet Challenge is good way to help get back on track and fit in your jeans better, so join me in this seven day challenge. And I know I mentioned that I will not weight myself until Day 7 but I just couldn’t resist. Regular excessive intake of alcohol is harmful.  Till more data are available for Asian Indians, non-consumers of alcohol should not have alcohol. I’ll be starting the diet with my friends on 1 June 2013 and would love all of the Cindiddy readers to join!
However, this time around I feel at a much better place and on Day 4 of the GM Diet ie the milk and banana day, everything went smoothly. However, if you would like to have the clear soup then strain the water, add salt, herbs and other seasoning. I’m so happy to update you guys that I’ve already lost 2kgs and reduced an inch from the waist ?? This has boosted my confidence and I’m sure the remaining 3 days will pass like a breeze.
I added some salt and lemon to the soup to make it taste better though it still wasn’t that appetizing. Bug me on Twitter, Facebook, check out my Fitness board on Pinterest, and be my friend on My Fitness Pal (I’m akbuilt – invite me to be your friend and I’ll add you to my group!).

In fact, I think my last thought when I went to bed last night was "I cannot WAIT to wake up tomoorw because I get to eat chicken.
And please, please keep those practical fitness tips and nutritional suggestions coming – they are REALLY helpful to me. I eat a diet pretty heavy in fruits and veggies anyway so sticking only to one or the other all day hasn't been a big deal.
What has been frustrating is that I usually eat my vegetables with some peanut butter or hummus or a pieces of chicken or some tuna. As their energy expenditure has reduced, the carbohydrate budget should also be lowered,” Sesikeran said. The increase in protein content would help in muscle building, Gulati said. On how to choose healthy snack options, it says smaller portion sizes should be preferred over larger and aerated drinks and high calorie drinks should be avoided. Instead one should opt for butter milk, coconut water and, fresh lime with water.Since total dietary fibre should be 25 to 40 gm per day, high fibre food articles which necessitated regular consumption of fruits like guava, amla, apple, pomegranate, peaches as well as whole wheat flour have been suggested.

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