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Today you are yet to discover another unbelievable weight loss plan achievable in just seven days called General Motors Diet.
Thus General Motors Diet are as well used for cleansing and detoxification every once in a while usually once every 6 months. But before you start your weekly plan first, you have to remember some General Motors Diet rules. Flavored Water, Club Soda, Plain Black Coffee without the cream, sugars and sweeteners, Black Tea still without sugar and Fruit juices during the 7th day only before that no juice should be drank. What you only need to remember on the third day is no banana and potato and you can enjoy the remaining fruits and vegetables. Because it’s been 3 days since you’ve eaten your last banana, then you can eat as much of it now to about 8 and pair it with 3 glasses of milk.
At last you can now have beef and tomatoes—two 10 oz lean beef in portions, hamburgers is acceptable plus 6 whole tomatoes. The GM Diet was created with US Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration for General Motors company in the 1980’s. While General Motors denies they ever developed this diet plan, the effectiveness and results seen with the system are real. This is a seven day plan that restricts eating processed and sugary foods and encourages exercise. The General Motors diet allows participants to go through a natural cleanse by focusing on fresh produce. Like other detoxifying diets, the system may result in lightheadedness, spells of dizziness, and pangs of hunger in the early days. This site is designed to give you the most comprehensive information available so that you’ll be successful in your endeavors. The normal GM Diet requires the consumption of meat on several days as part of the regular diet plan.
Like the normal GM Diet, the vegetarian version of the original GM diet has a seven day schedule that you need to follow in order to lose weight. The very goal is weight loss but along with it are benefits of improved self-confidence feeling good inside and looking good outside all contributing for an overall great experience. Instead of the usual focus of less calorie content, General Motors diet deals with the ability to burn more calories.
You can indulge with all your favourite fruits for the first day however melons are greatly suggested because chances are, you’ll get that 3 pounds off your body weight.
Our goal is to provide you the most information available in order to make a well informed decision if the General Motors Diet is for you.

Take a look and understand more about foods with Vitamin A , growing food like cucumbers and where does rice come from. Developed for the exclusive use of General Motor employees, the secret got out and this simple seven day diet plan is now available to the public.
In seven days, it’ll help you lose ten to seventeen pounds, reset your metabolism, and get your body back on track for weight loss. Participants should exercise at least ten minutes a day for the duration of the plan while strictly following the eating guidelines. For those who achieve their goal weight and maintain it with healthy eating, repeating the diet once a season or twice a year may be sufficient to cleanse the body and reset healthy eating habits.
Processed foods, sugars, and oils are purged from your body during the seven days and this allows the body to recalibrate itself for weight loss and reduce unhealthy food cravings.
While it is not intended for long term use, losing ten to seventeen pounds in a single week can help dieters gain the motivation to continue their long term weight loss goals. As with all diets, those who are pregnant or suffer from health problems should avoid this program. Even those not looking to lose weight can benefit from the cleansing nature of the seven day diet. It involves the regular and daily consumption of specified fruits and vegetables, starch and meat. This is similar to the normal GM diet only fruits are allowed to be eaten by you on the first day.
These fruits and vegetables could be eaten throughout the day, whenever you are hungry, and this includes midday snacks.
Banana milkshake or some variation of bananas and milk are allowed to be consumed throughout the day. Since this is a vegetarian diet, you cannot eat meat on this day so you are given brown rice as a substitute.
For this, you can boil one cup of brown rice and consume it with eight to ten tomatoes throughout the day. What’s more is this diet is actually developed by a particular company, General Motors Inc to address the weight issues of the employees and their families. But if talking about complex carbohydrate, go for a breakfast large baked potato and can be topped with one pat of butter. While hard alcohol is not allowed, beer, wine, and champagne are allowed after the initial week. For those who use the plan to jumpstart significant weight loss, repeating the diet once a month can be beneficial for eating habits and shedding pounds.

Not only will this keep you accountable but it will encourage and motivate you to finish the full seven days. While the menu is highly restricted, the simplicity of the rules for each day make following the diet simple for participants. After completion of the diet, participants should crave sweets and processed food less and naturally gravitate to fresh fruits and vegetables for sustenance.
By cutting out processed foods and sugars, the body can re-acclimate to the healthy foods it should be eating. We hope that you enjoyed the site and please stop back and share you’re success story with us.
Although it has grown popular over the years mostly as a diet fad, the GM diet has, at the same time, benefited various types of people, from health buffs to fitness enthusiasts, as well as pure vegans and vegetarians. This diet is therefore a modified version of the regular one- it is a purely vegetarian version of the original GM Diet. We provide articles, reviews and videos as well as day to day charts of fruits and vegetables that can be used as a part of the General Motors Diet. For dressing, malt, white, and cider vinegar or vinaigrette are allowed as well as lemon and lime. Vegetables are good for this option, as this provides the body with a lot of energy to function.
Your daily water intake should normally be around 10 or 12 glasses throughout the whole day. It’s a unique diet plan to help reduce your weight in 7 days, and to cleanse and detoxify your body. This plan is designed to be used for one week at a time and not prolonged use.It is something you could easily implement once a month to keep the kilos at bay. No matter what you do including eating carefully and exercising, it’s all in vain if your Leptin is out of balance! They have no long term gain and whilst they are good for a kick start they are not sustainable.

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