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Because cucumbers are very low-calorie foods, eating many of them -- especially in place of higher-calorie alternatives -- generally won't cause weight gain. Although cucumbers are low-calorie foods, eating too many of them -- in addition to your usual calorie intake -- can cause you to gain weight if you’re eating more calories than you burn off.
Eating too many cucumbers fills you up, making it difficult to get all the essential nutrients from a variety of different foods. The amount of cucumbers, or a variety of other vegetables, you should eat daily is based on your weight-maintenance, or weight-loss, calorie needs. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in dietetics and has extensive experience working as a health writer and health educator. However, eating too many cucumbers means you could be lacking other essential nutrients your body requires daily to function properly.

For example, if your usual calorie intake is 2,000 calories daily and you add five cucumbers, containing a total of 225 calories, you may start to notice slow, gradual weight gain.
Although cucumbers contain water, carbohydrates, fiber and potassium -- and high amounts of vitamin K -- they contain only trace amounts of protein, dietary fat and several essential vitamins and minerals. To help avoid nutrient deficiencies and maintain a healthy body weight, know your daily calorie needs and follow a healthy, balanced meal plan. The USDA also notes that 1 cup of sliced cucumbers with the skin contains just 16 calories. However, if you replace high-calorie alternatives, such as sweets, fried foods and other added sugars with cucumbers, you’ll reduce your overall calorie intake. Although the Institute of Medicine has not established a tolerable upper intake level for vitamin K, Colorado State University Extension reports that consuming too much vitamin K can be toxic and alter your blood's ability to clot properly. notes you can eat 2 cups of leafy green vegetables in place of 1 cup of other raw or cooked veggies.
However, although cucumbers are so low in calories, they contain about 1 gram of fiber per cup and generous amounts of water, which help fill you up.

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