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Admittedly, the report does not find that the healthier eating habits significantly reduced overweight rates or participants’ average BMIs.
Still, the funding element is key, as the study found that higher rebate levels were required to change the eating habits of people who were entrenched in subpar diets. Examine methods for evaluating qualities of art, such as product versus process, the difference between craft and fine art, must art be archival, and what is an aesthetic reaction. While I believe that both Blake Gopnik and Elizabeth Telfer make accurate and intelligent arguments for why they believe food is art, I buy into Telfer’s aesthetic argument more.  This is because as I cook food myself, it only become a piece of art work to me if it appeals to my senses.
This artifact really provided me with tools needed to compare and contrast different views on whether people consider food as art or not.  After reading Elizabeth Telfer’s article I was able to compare it to the arguments created in an article written by Blake Gopnik.
Khloe Kardashian, 29, looks better than ever and she’s not afraid to show off her hot body!

Unlike Kim who is on a low-carb Atkins diet, Khloe says she works out so she can eat what she wants.
However, it does see a statistically significant correlation between higher discount rates and lower obesity, suggesting that the right amount of financial motivation can spur enough eating habit changes to make a dent in obesity rates on the macro level. She posed in a super sexy bikini while in Thailand on March 31, and showed off white skinny jeans when she landed back in Los Angeles on April 3.
Gunnar has also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry and countless more A-listers. Together with Gunnar, she does boxing circuits and weight training with medicine balls. But South Africa’s example suggests that, given sufficient financial backing, cash for carrots could be a worthwhile undertaking throughout America.

We do a lot of workouts together, my sisters and I, and we go on a lot of hikes and walks outside. If the findings track South Africa’s, then it could be a game changer for low-income communities often beset by unhealthy food habits and high obesity rates. And incentivizing healthy eating with rebates could be a more effective policy than more blunt and restrictive initiatives, like South Carolina Gov.

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